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Where Can I Sell My Used Laptop For Cash

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You Can Buy Any Laptop

Can You Make Money Buying and Selling Used PC Parts

Don’t need your laptop anymore? Have you recently upgraded to a newer model? If you don’t need your old laptop or you want to sell an unwanted gift, special trade service provides a fair, competitive price for it. You can sell any laptop, even laptops in poor or non-working condition. Fill in the quote form online using the Get A Quote link above to find out how much you can earn by selling your laptop. The experienced team will completely check and test your machine as soon as it arrives. You will be paid within 48 hours by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer, or other payment method that you have chosen before.

Another Option: Check With Local Computer Stores

If you arent getting the price you want with the places listed above, then theres always another option: selling locally.

Many local computer stores will probably be open to buying your used laptop if its in good condition.

If it works and there arent any notable damages to it, then you can probably find a home.

And you might even make a little more money than you would using a buyback site, especially because you wont need to purchase any packaging materials using this method.

Then, bring it in, have them check it over, and you should be able to get paid on the spot.

Some may offer you a store credit rather than cash, so be sure to ask about the form of payment on the phone.

Sell Your Laptop For Cash Here

Do you need to sell your used, old or broken laptop. Do you have any old, not used iPad, or iPhone? and don’t you want to use money from selling your laptop to purchase of new one? If the answers is yes, then SellLaptopBack is here to help you.

Looking to sell your laptop, cell phone, iPhone or tablet online? Would you like to get additional cash for buying brand new top of the notch laptop or iPhone? SellLaptoBack can help you turn your devices into cash for the least amount of effort and ensures that you will receive professional service and consecutive support through every step of the process. And all the process done online. We buy any laptop that falls under the categories of old, used, or broken and even without battery or charger. Our company provides fast and convenient laptop buyback service and makes sure you to get the best customer experience. Just contact us if you having difficulties filling out our online quote form.

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Take Photos Of It On And Off

If the site youre selling to wants you to take photos of your laptop as part of its quote process, be sure to take photos with it both off and running.

Picture of it off can help others see if there are any cracks in the screen and how the laptop looks regularly.

Powering it on and snapping some photos lets them see the clarity of the screen and that the laptop does, indeed, power on and run.

Its always best to have several photos from different angles instead of just one or two pictures that dont let buyers get a good feel for your laptop.

How To Sell Your Laptop Phone Or Tablet For Top Dollar

Sell Used or Broken Laptops Online for Cash!

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So, youve decided to turn those old electronics into cash. But if youre trying to turn a retired phone or laptop into big bucks, youre going to have to put in some elbow grease.

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Discounted Used Laptops For Sale

Looking for a great gently used laptop bundled with a solid warranty? Weve got you covered. Save big and shop with one of our stores today.

  • We offer a wide variety of new and used laptops for every need.

  • All of our used laptops for sale undergo full testing, cleaning, stressing and refurbishing.

  • Purchase a used laptop with confidence, all of our laptops come with industry leading warranties and a full money back guarantee.

Take Good Detailed Photos

If youre listing your old phone or tablet on a website like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or LetGo, youll want to put up some good pictures. This may be the most dreaded step in the selling process, but its the most important. Buyers look at pictures before they look at descriptions, and people will pay top dollar for a product thats listed professionally.

You dont need a fancy camera to take good pictures your phone will work fine. Just try to take pictures on a clean surface with a lot of light. Ideally, your product listing will look like its done by a business, not by some weirdo in a dirty kitchen.

You dont need to take a million different pictures just make sure that all of your bases are covered. Turn the devices display on and get a good mix of wide shots and close-ups. Take pictures of any areas that are scuffed or damaged, and be sure that the product isnt obscured by anything like a phone case. Remember, potential buyers shouldnt have to ask you any questions.

If anything extra is included with the phone, tablet, or laptop that youre listing, then you want to show it in the pictures. These extra items will always add some value to whatever youre selling, and buyers need to see what theyre buying. If cables are included, show the cables. If the retail packaging is included, show the packaging.

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How Do I Sell Used Laptop

Selling your laptop is simple. First, fill in your laptop’s details using special online form to receive a quote in minutes. As far as you’ve received a quote, enter your personal details and select your payment method. It is important. If your laptop’s specific brand and model isn’t listed on the website, just contact the company manager by phone or e-mail and they will provide a personalized quote. The companies buy any laptop, even gadgets in poor or non-working condition. The company will e-mail you within four hours. Once you receive the e-mail, securely and carefully package your laptop and drop it at the post office whenever it is convenient for you. You will receive your payment within 48 hours after your machine will be delivered.

Make Your Product Look As New As Possible


Nobody wants to pay top dollar for electronics that look used, so take a minute to clean your old phone or laptop before you sell it. A little isopropyl alcohol can go a long way . Even if that old iPhone still works like new, appearance is everything.

Be sure to take any stickers off of the device, and clean the residue with alcohol. It can be tempting to use a knife to remove stickers, but try to do it with your hands first, so it doesnt get scratched up.

After thats done, clean the details, like the buttons and creases. With laptops, you might want to take a minute to clean the keyboard. Theres probably a few years worth of soda, Cheeto dust, and dead skin stuck in there. We arent going to pretend that keyboard cleaning is fun, but hey, would you buy a laptop thats full of petrified food and biological dust? Didnt think so.

If youre trying to sell electronics that are damaged, then it can be tempting to skip the cleaning phase. Dont skip it. People that buy broken electronics arent dirty sewer-creatures , and theyll pay more for a device that looks clean.

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Sell Your Laptop With Mazuma

Sell your laptop with Mazuma to get cash in your pocket. Well take your old laptop off your hands and recycle it so you dont have to worry about disposing of it safely. You can even sell your broken laptop to us too.

We can buy most major laptop brands from you. We understand that technology is updating fast and you may find that your old laptop just isnt keeping pace with your needs, so with that in mind were happy to buy your old Asus, Dell, Acer, HP or Lenovo laptop from you for cash.

For a full list of the laptops you can sell to Mazuma, check out the manufacturer pages:

You can also sell your Mac and other Apple products too.

Mazuma specialises in disposing of laptops in a responsible way. We promise that when you sell your laptop to us that it wont end up in a landfill. For more on our environmental promise, check out our guide.

Why Sell Your Used Laptop

You can use your laptop to get some cash instead of leaving it to collect dust. You may also be in need of quick cash and have run out of options. Dont stress yourself out if you have a laptop bring it to us. We will make sure you get top dollar for your item. We are a legitimate company and have been operating since 1995. You can be sure you are dealing with a reliable and reputable company.

New laptop models are being produced constantly, and you probably want to upgrade to a new or a better model. Bring us your used laptop and get the cash to use on your next upgrade.

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Whats The Top Way To Sell Your Used Laptop For The Most Money

So, whats the best site for selling your used laptop?

My personal preference is eBay.

Not only have I personally had a lot of positive experience selling my laptops here, but Ive heard from others that theyve gotten the highest amount back for laptops on eBay.

On eBay, you can either sell your computer in an auction or create a fixed buy-it-now price you feel is fair.

You can even open up your listing to allow others to offer their best prices for it.

You have the right to deny or accept any offer you choose.

If you decide to have an auction, you can set a reserve price, which ensures that your computer doesnt sell for anything lower than a price you determine.

Basically, youre in charge over how much your laptop sells for on eBay, which can give you the most cash back for your used computer.

And, people flock to eBay for used laptops to upgrade, refurbish, and resell.

You can even sell broken ones there .

Some of the other options on this list only allow laptops in great condition.

Some also will give you an amount lower than your laptop might be worth so that the company can make a profit reselling it.

eBay doesnt do either of those things, which is why I consider it the best option for you.

Not quite sure how to use eBay?

This will teach you everything you need to know!

Before You Sell: Find Out What Your Laptop Is Worth

18+ Places to Sell a Used Laptop for Cash

Laptops can decrease in value rather quickly as new models get release all the time.

Electronics are one of those things that depreciate fast, so youll want to check your laptops value before you go to sell it.

That way, youll know if the offer youre getting is worth your time, or what you should price your laptop at if you choose to sell it yourself.

GadgetValue is a site you can use to check the value of your computer.

Visit the site, plug in the information for your computer, and get its approximate value.

Unfortunately, the site only values laptops that are from 2014 and older, so youll have to go a different route for newer computers.

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What Is Good In It

The most of professional services that are ready to buy your old gadgets are passionate about what they do. They buy hundreds of laptops daily and have strict procedures in place to securely wipe data from the laptops they receive and pay their clients quickly! If you are still looking for someone to sell your laptop then contact one of the team today.

Pay Attention To Packaging And Shipping

Shipping a laptop isnt easy.

Most companies give free shipping labels to ship the laptop for free, but youll usually still need to come up with the packaging materials yourself.

If your laptop isnt packaged well and gets damaged during shipping, it could arrive in a different condition than what you were originally quoted, meaning less money for you.

Plus, you needed to purchase a box for it to fit in and packaging materials to keep it packaged securely, which all comes out of your profits.

When selling on eBay or another marketplace site, be sure to figure in the potential costs of packaging and shipping when deciding how to price your laptop.

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Easy Process Fast Payment

Looking to sell laptops for top value in the most convenient way? Gadget Salvation is the most secure and hassle-free way to sell laptops and other gadgets online. We are a solution to purchase-sell your pre owned gadgets, paying you higher quotes on the market. Plus, we ensure fast payment of your goods within 48 hours from its reception! Our online catalogue has a large database of brands and models of your favorites gadgets. Moreover, our custom algorithm pulls data from other retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, to calculate a fair quote to your used laptop or any other gadgets. What’s more, we value your time and our service ensures an easy solution to sell your laptops for cash. We take charge of valuation, professional inspection of your goods and even shipping fees! All at our expenses!

Know The Value Of Your Used Laptop

How I spend less on used laptops.

Like all kinds of gadgets, the value of laptops decrease quickly.

You should visit appraisal sites like Gadget Value to learn how much you could sell your laptop for.

Its important to know the make and model of the laptop to get the most accurate estimate possible.

Unfortunately, the site only values laptops from the last 10 years, so you can only get laptops from 2010 to the current year appraised.

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How To Sell Your Old Laptop

Dont need your old laptop? We will buy your old laptop computer and pay you in 48 hours or less. Our quick and simple service gives you a competitive payment for any laptop computer without the hassle of an online auction or classified listing.

Selling your laptop is simple. First, click Get A Quote above to use our easy online form and receive a quote for your laptop. If youre unsure of your laptops technical specifications, call or email us and well provide detailed assistance and information.

Once youve received a quote for your laptop, enter your payment information and choose your payment method: bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. We will email you a prepaid postage label within four hours of receiving your information.

You Can Sell Used Laptop For Credit

If you are going to use any profits to buy something more worthy, trade-in services can offer a better deal than selling. The most of electronic retailers have established trade-in programs that offer store credit for the future purchase. First, check with the manufacturer of your device to know what kinds of prices they offer. For example, Apple has a Reuse and Recycling program that offers Apple Store credit for your old iPads, iPhones, iPods and computers. Wireless carriers including AT& T, T-Mobile and Verizon buy back old phones for store credit. There are many worthy proposals and you can find the most interesting for you.

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How To Recycle Computers For Cash

If you drop your old PC off at the local junk yard, you wont get any money for it and they may even charge you to dispose of it.

Instead of paying someone else to take your old computer or other electronic device, consider one of these ways to make money by recycling your old PC or other old computers you can get through other avenues such as the ones listed below.

Want a quick and convenient way to sell your old electronics, check out which is a reputable site with a 4.5/5 Trustpilot score.

Or Take The Easy Route For Less Money

Where Can I Sell My Laptop? Online For Better Deals

If all of this work sounds like hell, then you might as well take the easy route. No, you shouldnt throw your old phone or laptop away, you should use a reseller website or participate in a buyback program.

Resellers, like Gazelle, are willing to pay a decent amount of money for old devices. These websites are super easy to use theres no writing or searching involved. You plug in some information about your device and get a quote on the spot. If you like the quote, then you send the device to the reseller and get paid.

As of right now, Gazelle will pay $125 for a 256 GB iPhone 7 in fair condition. Thats the kind of payout that were looking at here. .

Here are some popular reseller websites:

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Sell Your Parts To Scrap Yards

As with recycled aluminum cans and other metals, there are many local scrap yards that will pay you for certain electronic items and parts you bring in to their shops.

The items and parts that electronics scrap yards will let you bring in for cash varies.

Here is a short list of items to sell:

  • Processors
  • Whole computers

If you google electronic scrap yards near me you should be able to come up with a few places close to you that will pay you for electronic scrap items.

The price for electronic scrap sold to scrap yards varies based on the individual scrap yard and based on the item youre selling, but in my research, I found that you should be able to get anywhere from a few dollars a pound for items such as motherboards to $30, $40, $50 and more per pound for more valuable items such as CPUs.

Since all scrap yards pay different prices, its important to be clear with the employee at the yard on what they will pay you before agreeing to turn your electronics parts in.

Also, most scrap yards pay on the spot, but if youre dealing with a yard that makes you wait for payment, be sure to get the agreed upon amount for your electronics scrap in writing before you leave the scrap yard.

It wont hurt either to check prices of several of the scrap yards in your area as you begin your business to see who pays the best price for discarded computers or computer parts.

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