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Where Can I Take My Laptop To Sell

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How To Sell Your Laptop With Mazuma

How-To Guide – How to Safely Prepare Your Computer for Sale or Donation – Reset Windows & Wipe Files

With years of experience in safely recycling technology, weve streamlined the process for you to get your tech to us and for us to get cash in your pocket quickly. This means that when you sell your laptop, its quick and easy.

You can sell your laptop in just a few simple steps:

  • Find your manufacturer and model on Mazuma, then register your laptops details for your 100% guaranteed quote.
  • Well send you out a sales pack.
  • You just need to follow the instructions on the pack and arrange for it to be delivered to us.
  • Once your laptop arrives at Mazuma HQ well get you your money as quickly as possible. This is often on the same day it arrives.
  • If youre concerned about security, then dont worry as we wipe all laptops that are sent to us. If, for any reason, we feel we cant give you the price we quoted well send you your laptop back too. For more on how it works when you sell your laptop to Mazuma, check out our guide, and while youre at it, you can read more about why Mazuma is such a great option.

    Easy Process Fast Payment

    Looking to sell laptops for top value in the most convenient way? Gadget Salvation is the most secure and hassle-free way to sell laptops and other gadgets online. We are a solution to purchase-sell your pre owned gadgets, paying you higher quotes on the market. Plus, we ensure fast payment of your goods within 48 hours from its reception! Our online catalogue has a large database of brands and models of your favorites gadgets. Moreover, our custom algorithm pulls data from other retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, to calculate a fair quote to your used laptop or any other gadgets. What’s more, we value your time and our service ensures an easy solution to sell your laptops for cash. We take charge of valuation, professional inspection of your goods and even shipping fees! All at our expenses!

    Things To Do Before Selling Your Laptop

    So you’ve finally decided to sell your old laptop and upgrade to the latest machine. I guess congratulations are in order! Selling your computer can be a tad scary, especially if you’ve stored a lot of personal data in it. You may have also put in a lot of time and effort syncing it with your various other devices. When you think of selling your laptop, one of the first worries to come to mind is whether you have cleaned up your system properly. After all, who wants to pass on their personal data to a stranger!

    If you want your used machine to sell for top dollar, you will have to make sure that it is in good working condition, if not the best. Nowadays, there are many online platforms that help you sell your laptop no matter what condition it is in. However, you need to take certain important precautionary measures to ensure that your sensitive and confidential information does not get passed on in this process.

    In this post, we look at the 6 most important things to do before you give your laptop away.

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    Need Help Deciding Which To Check

    Known Defects

    Can your laptop run for an hour without plugging it to the power outlet?

    Defective or missing power adapter. There is no AC Adapter. Power adapter doesn’t work The AC Adapter you use is not the genuine AC Adapter that originally came with your laptop.

    Defective or missing hard drive. Does the operating system Not load after POST? Does the hard drive emit any loud, low, irregular, clicking, or grinding sound? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – your hard drive is bad, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective or broken screen. Does your screen have any visible cracks? Is the image on the screen Not centered? Does the image on the screen have any lines across? Does your screen remain black after laptop powers on? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions – your screen has a defect, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective motherboard. When a computer powers on you can see running numbers and letters representing the result of several internal tests laptop performs and the image of the operating system interface appearing on the screen. Failure to power on properly or intermediate powering on is more likely a sign of dead or dying motherboard, which is considered a serious problem.

    Best Places To Sell Computer Parts

    ASUS X556U laptop intel core i7

    If there arent physical electronic stores where you can recoup some value, you may be wondering: where can I sell computer parts online? In the past, used computer parts like processors and ram didnt retain much value.

    But now, its important to know the best places to sell computer parts online, as one high-end graphics card can easily be worth thousands of dollars. In this article well go over where to sell computer parts like cisco equipment, memory, processors, hard drives, or even servers to get the most money back.

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    Best Sell Used Laptop In San Jose Ca

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  • Serving San Jose and the Surrounding Area

  • $10 for $20 Deal

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  • How To Safely Sell Or Donate Your Old Windows 10 Pc

    Saying goodbye to an old computer? Protect your privacy and purchases by doing these steps first.

    When you give away or hand down a Windows 10 PC, its important to ensure that youre only passing along the hardware without any personal or professional data, licensed software, or login credentials lingering on the hard drive. In this article, well walk you through the process of backing up and migrating your important files and programs, sanitizing your PC, and preparing it for its next owner.

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    To Bid Barter Or Stay Strong

    It can be tempting to offer your product for bids on eBay or to negotiate with buyers on LetGo. After all, an item thats up for bids sells faster, and a buyer thats trying to barter is probably interested in spending some money.

    If youre trying to maximize your profits, its best to stand strong and offer a fixed price. But if you want to get it over with, then you might as well open your product to bids or negotiations. Just remember that a professionally listed product will always look more valuable to potential buyers, even if theyre bidding or bartering.

    What To Do Before You Sell

    How To Prepare A Windows 10 Computer For Sale With Full Erase

    To get a good price, youll need to locate everything you want to sell with it such as manuals, charging cables, a laptop bag or other accessories.

    You also should make a list of any damage to the machine or problems youve noticed with the laptop. And dont forget to back up and erase all the personal data from your laptop before you pass it off to someone else.

    Once everything is stored, follow the system settings to reset your laptop to factory settings and list your laptop for sale with one of these top companies. Be sure to include multiple photos to help your machine sell faster.

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    Why Should Sell My Laptop To Gizmogo

    Gizmogo is a very reputable and trusted online purchasing platform. Over the years, weve received several positive reviews from customers who also asked, Why should I choose Gizmogo? Allow us to tell you why you need to choose us and only us to sell your tablet:

    Free Shipping and Handling

    You can pack your laptop securely in a box and ship it to us free of cost. If you change your mind about selling it or the offer was lower than you expected, simply ask us to return it. We wont even charge you any return shipping fees. If you have any other device that you want to sell, you can send that device for free. Since youre not paying for shipping and handling, take advantage of the situation by sending all of them to us.

    We Pay for the Packaged Box

    Gizmogo is glad to offer you a pre-paid box for you to store your laptop safely in before sending it to us. You dont even have to buy a separate box to send us the tablet because weve taken care of that too.

    Cash is transferred within 24 Hours

    Waiting forever for your money to clear is the worse. You dont want to wait several days or even weeks just to get your money. If you sell a tablet online to Gizmogo, waiting times dont exist. You will be depositing the money into your bank account within 24 hours of you accepting our offer for your device. You can choose from different payment methods – PayPal, Amazon gift card or check.

    We offer the best price for your laptop

    We Offer a Complete Data Deletion Service

    Can You Sell Laptops At Best Buy

    laptopyou canBest BuyBest Buy

    . Thereof, where can I sell my laptop fast?

    If you’re ready to get rid of your laptop, here are thebestsites to sell your laptop for cash.

  • eBay. In 2017, eBay reached 170 million active users.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • OfferUp.
  • LetGo.
  • One may also ask, does Best Buy give you cash for trade in? Best Buy Trade-In ProgramYou can also initiate the trade-inonlinein exchange for an electronic Best Buy gift card.Target,Best Buy, and Amazon will give you gift cardsinexchange for gadgets and other merchandise, such as textbooksandvideo games.

    In respect to this, can Best Buy fix my laptop?

    We can help you 24/7 online, on thephone,in your home, and at all Best Buy stores. Wecaninstall or repair thousands of products, no matter whereyou boughtthem. We offer a 30-day workmanship guarantee onall GeekSquad repairs.

    Can you trade in a MacBook at Best Buy?

    Get up to a $200 Best Buy Gift Cardwhen you trade in yourworkingMacBook® or iMac®. Not all products areeligible fortrade-in. Not available in all locations andsome stores mayhave additional limitations. Trade-in valuemayvary.

    Other Options for Selling Your Used Laptop

  • Amazon Trade-In. Amazon comes in a close secondbehindeBay.
  • Best Buy Trade-In. Best Buy Trade-In focuses solelyonelectronics, just like the company.
  • Craigslist. Craigslist is an online classifieds website.
  • Device Pitstop.
  • Here’s What To Do With That Old Laptop

  • Sell It. If your laptop is in good condition, you can sell itonCraiglist or eBay.
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    Selling Is Easy Safe And Free

    Swappa is the best way to sell your Laptop. On Swappa, you buy and sell directly with other users and cutting out the middleman means you get the best prices when selling your MacBook, Chromebook or Windows laptop.Selling on Swappa is always free and you get paid as soon as your laptop sells. Our PayPal-based system also gives you and the buyer strong protections during a sale.Laptops come in many shapes and sizes and are great for portable power. Student, business folks, and families alike are always looking for cheap laptops on Swappa. List your laptop for sale to today and put some extra cash in your pocket the listing process is quick and easy!

    Need Help Finding Your Model Number

    High spec HP Touchscreen Windows Tablet/ Laptop

    Apple laptops – On the frame around the display.

    Compaq laptops – on the frame around the display.

    Dell laptops – below the display, on the power-button panel.

    Gateway laptops – on the sticker affixed to the bottom of the laptop, next to the words “MODEL NO.: “

    HP laptops – below the display, on the power button panel, or on the sticker affixed to the bottom of the laptop “HP xxxxx series”.

    IBM laptops – below the display, on the power-button panel.

    Sony laptops – below the display, on the power-button panel.

    Toshiba laptops – on the sticker affixed to the bottom of the laptop “Toshiba Satellite xxxx”

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    Be Part Of A National Effort To Increase Digital Equity

    Technology for the Future and the Digital Equity program specialize in maximizing services and asset handling for our corporate partners.

    Our programs have the best market leaders in certified electronics recycling and IT asset management services. With over 300 facilities nationwide, we are set up to not only bring you effective services, but also ensure that any equipment or waste gets handled according to the highest standards in the industry and in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

    Selling Your Surface Laptop Or Desktop

    So far, you have created a full backup, you copied all your personal files to a secure location, and you have securely reset your device to the factory defaults. Next, it’s time to sell.

    Before you put your device up for sale, you need to figure out how much cash can you make out of it. The price will vary per device, demand, and condition.

    Research, you should be the first thing you want to do. You could go to the online Microsoft Store, Best Buy,, and other online retailers, to see the current price for of the product when it’s brand new.

    Then, you can go to http:// and eBay to see the price of the same or similar product in used condition. Pay attention to the condition of the product and if they’re offering free shipping as well.

    At this point, you will have a pretty good idea on the price to sell your device. Once you have figured out the pricing, you’ll need to decide where you want to sell your Surface, laptop, desktop, or anything else in between.

    As always, most people will end up with one of these two: Craigslist or eBay. But of course, there are other services you could use, such as,, and others.

    Also, remember that you can try selling your tablet, laptop, or computer to someone you know, you might not get the same amount of money, but it could save you a lot of online hassles.

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    Prepare Your Computer To Be Resold Or Given Away

    There are three main concerns when you are giving away or selling an old PC after buying a new PC. First and foremost, you want to make sure you dont lose any of your personal files or any licensed software youve paid for.

    Second, you want to ensure that none of your personal data is recoverable by the next owner. Even if you delete something, a user with intermediate hacker skills can easily undelete files or scrub an old hard drive for residual data. You can take steps to sanitize your drive and prevent this from happening, but they take a little longer. Lastly, you want to make sure that the next owner has everything they need to use your old PC and make it their own.

    Remove All Personal Data

    How to Reset Windows 10 After a Virus or Prepare the Computer to Sell it

    Before you head to a nearby pawn shop remove all your computerâs data. You can also perform a factory reset depending on your item you may have to search online how to do this. Your item should be ready to be sold and used by the next owner.

    It is especially important to address the topic of data privacy when it comes to pawning a laptop. Why? People tend to look to pawning for quick cash, since it is the easiest way to get same-day cash in hand. With this type of option available for quick transaction, it is easy to overlook the issue of data protection.

    It is shocking how many laptops are pawned or sold with sensitive data still on the hard drive. This could have grave implications for you if you leave sensitive information on there.

    Our advice? Make sure you transfer all of your personal data off of your laptop. This includes notes, documents, any type of business information, personal identity data, credit card information and more. Donât forget to transfer your music, voicemails and photos to a backup drive before you wipe your computer clean.

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    Or Take The Easy Route For Less Money

    If all of this work sounds like hell, then you might as well take the easy route. No, you shouldnt throw your old phone or laptop away, you should use a reseller website or participate in a buyback program.

    Resellers, like Gazelle, are willing to pay a decent amount of money for old devices. These websites are super easy to use theres no writing or searching involved. You plug in some information about your device and get a quote on the spot. If you like the quote, then you send the device to the reseller and get paid.

    As of right now, Gazelle will pay $125 for a 256 GB iPhone 7 in fair condition. Thats the kind of payout that were looking at here. .

    Here are some popular reseller websites:

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