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Where Can I Trade In My Old Laptop For Cash

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The Best Places To Sell Laptops For Cash

Does Best Buy give you cash for trade in?

What do you do with your old laptops? If youre like most, you set them aside once youve bought a new one with plans to organize your files and neatly transfer them to your new device. Except then you get distracted by everything your shiny new laptop can do, your files dont get organized, and the old laptop goes into your closet to take up space.

Heres the thing, though that laptop could be recouping some of the cost of your new machine instead. So why not sell it? Itll guarantee your files get transferred before a corrupted hard drive happens, too!

No one wants to deal with corrupted data. Thats not a good time.

Instead, check out my post to discover how easy it is to sell your used laptops it just requires a small amount of time, taking a few pictures, and checking out a few of the sites below until you determine where you find the best deal.

Best Place To Sell Or Trade Your Phone: Ditch Old Tech

Looking for extra cash to finance your next shiny new tech purchase? We’ve gathered all the most convenient options for getting a good price on your unwanted devices.

Looking to get some cash to finance your next smartphone, tablet, laptop, or video game console purchase? Many websites specialize in cashing in or provide trade-in value for your consumer electronics, including exchange/listing services, buyback services, and manufacturer trade-in programs.

In most of these cases, you can sell your old gear without having to visit a single location. You just need to drop it in the mail, and depending on which place you are working with, you will be provided with return packaging or a shipping label to print out. Some will even pick up your equipment using a courier.

How To Recycle Computers For Cash

If you drop your old PC off at the local junk yard, you wont get any money for it and they may even charge you to dispose of it.

Instead of paying someone else to take your old computer or other electronic device, consider one of these ways to make money by recycling your old PC or other old computers you can get through other avenues such as the ones listed below.

Want a quick and convenient way to sell your old electronics, check out which is a reputable site with a 4.5/5 Trustpilot score.

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Places Where You Can Sell Laptop Online:

  • LaptopNuts
  • LaptopNuts is a popular company that buys and sells pre-owned laptops. So, the first place you should go to sell used laptop online is right here! If you have a laptops or MacBook to sell, this site would be a top contender. They mainly buy Apple products, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    The procedure is simple. You will get a trackable shipping label to ship your item for inspection. This process tends to take no longer than a week and afterward; LaptopNuts will send your payment via check or PayPal. In case you don’t want to wait for a week and get money online, you can also turn your item in at store in Aurora, IL if you live near Chicago area for immediate cash.

  • CashALaptop
  • CashALaptop helps you to sell old laptops for cash by buying them back from you. Sounds great, does it? First, they offer you a quote based on the real condition of your item with no hidden fees. Then they send you a shipping label to ship your item. As you can see, the procedure is similar to LaptopNuts. In order to get the most money, it’s best to send in old laptops and other devices that are still good working. Be completely honest about their condition as your information can be easily checked.

  • eBay
  • CraigList
  • uSell
  • Best Places To Sell Your Old Laptop Online And Make Some Extra Cash

    Where Can I Sell My Laptop? Online For Better Deals
    • Date

    Whether you work from home, live as a digital nomad, or simply use your laptop for enjoyment, having a slow and overloaded device is frustrating.

    According to HP, most mid-range laptops only last for three years or slightly longer if you try to maintain them. Even high-end laptops dont last forever. Hardware deteriorates, software becomes outdated, and you inevitably have to replace your laptop every few years.

    Chances are, you probably have an old laptop collecting dust somewhere in your home. Used laptops are easy to hold onto. After all, its hard to throw something away that originally cost hundreds of dollars.

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    Where Can I Sell My Laptop For The Most Money Safely

    Our site has reinforced security to protect your personal data and transactions. We offer you the most secure options for payment such as Zelle, check, PayPal or Venmo. You are free to choose the one that best works for you! Since our foundation, we are committed to bringing you excellent service. For this, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with A+ grade. Moreover, our clients shared their experience with our service on review sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and ResellerRatings. But more importantly, we care about the environment. We are trying as much as possible to recycle as many boxes and packaging materials, striving to completely eliminate the need for the new ones. Also, if it happens your device has zero value because it is not functional, our recycling center will recycle it for free.

    Trading In Has Never Been Easier

    See how much your device is worth and save on a new one.

    Well give you a quote for what your current device is worth online or in a store. Choose a new one that’s right for you, and apply your credit toward that device.

    Easily transfer your data.

    When you get your new device, just follow a few simple steps to safely transfer over your data and wipe the information from your current one. And with iOS;15, youll have temporary access to all the iCloud storage you need to back up and transfer all your apps and data to your new device.Heres how to prep your:

    Just mail it out, or bring it in.

    Return it to us using the prepaid trade-in kit we send you. Or trade in at an Apple;Store.

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    Sell Individual Parts From Computers

    Many people look to save money on computers by building their own computers with a variety of different parts they can purchase. If you collect unwanted computers from a variety of sources, youll soon have a large inventory of computer parts.

    You can then list those parts for individual sale on sites like EBay, where tech savvy consumers are searching for hardware and other internal parts they can use to repair their existing computers or build new ones to keep or sell to others.

    Are Old Pcs Worth Anything

    Don’t Sell Your Old Laptop, Watch This Video (HINDI)

    Cash for computers? If youve been doing some thorough cleaning of your living space during quarantine, perhaps youve unearthed some old gadgets. Your first thought was probably just to junk them. But even old computersin fact, especially old computerscan actually be worth a whole bunch of money.

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    Where Should You Trade In Your Device: Manufacturer Or Third

    If you intend to trade in the device for another device at the same manufacturer, it may make sense to use the manufacturers’ own trade-in program rather than a buyback service, as their pricing tends to be more aggressive on their own products. You might be able to get a somewhat higher price at a listing service, but the much higher level of effort to get it for a minimal price difference of $20 to $50 might not be worth it.

    Ways To Recycle Computers For Money

    By Laurie BlankUpdated June 6, 2020

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    Nearly everyone in the modern world has access to computers and other electronic devices. You likely have to replace your home PC or laptop every couple of years or so.

    Phones, tablets and gaming devices also wear out or need to be upgraded.

    What do you do with your old PC when you replace it with a new one? Dont bring it to the junk yard just yet.

    Instead, consider one of the available options for recycling computers and other electronic items for cash.

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    Find Out How Much Your Old Laptop Is Worth

    Are you looking to sell your laptop? Is it currently running slow, or maybe you just upgraded to a newer version? If you want to trade in your old laptop for the most cash, you have come to the right place. GreenBuyback provides an easy to use platform that helps you sell your old laptop quickly and easily! Select the laptop model below to find out how much we are currently paying for your used device.

    Sell Your Parts To Scrap Yards


    As with recycled aluminum cans and other metals, there are many local scrap yards that will pay you for certain electronic items and parts you bring in to their shops.

    The items and parts that electronics scrap yards will let you bring in for cash varies.

    Here is a short list of items to sell:

    • Processors
    • Whole computers

    If you google electronic scrap yards near me you should be able to come up with a few places close to you that will pay you for electronic scrap items.

    The price for electronic scrap sold to scrap yards varies based on the individual scrap yard and based on the item youre selling, but in my research, I found that you should be able to get anywhere from a few dollars a pound for items such as motherboards to $30, $40, $50 and more per pound for more valuable items such as CPUs.

    Since all scrap yards pay different prices, its important to be clear with the employee at the yard on what they will pay you before agreeing to turn your electronics parts in.

    Also, most scrap yards pay on the spot, but if youre dealing with a yard that makes you wait for payment, be sure to get the agreed upon amount for your electronics scrap in writing before you leave the scrap yard.

    It wont hurt either to check prices of several of the scrap yards in your area as you begin your business to see who pays the best price for discarded computers or computer parts.

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    Trade In Your Used Computers

    Several stores and websites will allow you to trade in old computers, laptops and other electronic devices in exchange for cash payments or store gift cards.

    This can be a great way to make money recycling computers. Here are some of the most popular trade-in stores and sites people use to make money by recycling electronics.


    According to their website, Gazelle is the leading reCommerce company that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics. They purchase used desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones from people who are looking to make money, and then refurbish and resell them to customers.

    If youre looking to recycle computers with Gazelle, you simply send in the computers with the free prepaid shipping label you get from Gazelle. When Gazelle accepts your recycled computers, they pay you in the form of an Amazon gift card, via PayPal or via check.


    Nextworth is an independent recycler that allows you to trade in old laptop computers and other items for cash. When you go to their site, you follow the directions for sending in an item. Like Gazelle, Nextworth will then mail you a free prepaid shipping label.

    When your computer or other device arrives at their warehouse, they inspect your computer, determine its value and send you a personal check in the mail or pay you via PayPal; whichever you wish.


    Target and Best Buy

    Sell Your Laptop With Mazuma

    Sell your laptop with Mazuma to get cash in your pocket. Well take your old laptop off your hands and recycle it so you dont have to worry about disposing of it safely. You can even sell your broken laptop to us too.

    We can buy most major laptop brands from you. We understand that technology is updating fast and you may find that your old laptop just isnt keeping pace with your needs, so with that in mind were happy to buy your old Asus, Dell, Acer, HP or Lenovo laptop from you for cash.

    For a full list of the laptops you can sell to Mazuma, check out the manufacturer pages:

    You can also sell your Mac and other Apple products too.

    Mazuma specialises in disposing of laptops in a responsible way. We promise that when you sell your laptop to us that it wont end up in a landfill. For more on our environmental promise, check out our guide.

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    Need Help Deciding Which To Check

    Known Defects

    Can your laptop run for an hour without plugging it to the power outlet?

    Defective or missing power adapter. There is no AC Adapter. Power adapter doesn’t work The AC Adapter you use is not the genuine AC Adapter that originally came with your laptop.

    Defective or missing hard drive. Does the operating system Not load after POST? Does the hard drive emit any loud, low, irregular, clicking, or grinding sound? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – your hard drive is bad, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective or broken screen. Does your screen have any visible cracks? Is the image on the screen Not centered? Does the image on the screen have any lines across? Does your screen remain black after laptop powers on? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions – your screen has a defect, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective motherboard. When a computer powers on you can see running numbers and letters representing the result of several internal tests laptop performs and the image of the operating system interface appearing on the screen. Failure to power on properly or intermediate powering on is more likely a sign of dead or dying motherboard, which is considered a serious problem.

    What’s The Best Place To Sell My Laptop

    How I spend less on used laptops.

    This is a very common question. We know that you have many options to sell your laptop, to a friend, eBay, cragislist, etc. Each has its own benefits. When you sell your laptop to us, you not only get a reliable transaction, but also you get paid fast for your laptop. no dealing with hassle, returns, scams, market and price research, listing and many other tasks that other options require. With us you get transact easy, in a reliable way and get paid quick for your laptop.

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    Where To Trade In Or Sell Used Electronics

    Whether youre looking to unload a smartphone, gaming console or tablet, there are lots of places for you to get a few bucks for your items, even if theyre broken. Here are some of the top places to sell old phones and other used electronics:

    There is no shortage of places that will buy phones near you. Some retailers, including Best Buy and Walmart, are willing to give consumers a store credit when they trade in used electronics. While you may not receive the full value of your item, this credit can go toward a new device from the retailer.

    For example,;GameStop currently has an in-store promotion;that allows you to;get up to $300 credit for a PS4 Pro, $250 credit for a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, or regular PS4, and $200 credit for an Xbox One.

    Where Do I Find Old Computers And Other Devices

    You probably dont have dozens of old computers laying around in your basement, however there are other ways you can get discarded computers and electronic devices.

    • Send out a mass email asking friends and family members for their old, unwanted computers, tablets, phones or other devices
    • Put an ad on Craigslist offering to take others unwanted PCs and other electronic devices.
    • Distribute flyers in neighborhoods offering to have an electronics recycling day, and spend a day picking up PCs, laptops and other electronic devices people leave on their curb

    Once youve collected your computers and other items, you can make money by recycling them in one of these four different ways.

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    Back To School Promotion

    As part of our Back to School promotion, additional discounted values apply when you trade-in a product from our trade-in range and purchase a new product from 04.08.21 until 28.09.21. Additional discounted values for products vary depending on type of product purchased and their price, as per the below:


    Where Can I Take My Old Laptop For Money

    10 Must Know Tips Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

    Amazon Trade-In. Amazon comes in a close second behind eBay. Apple Trade-In.

    Beside this, How can I sell my old laptop?

    Amazon Trade-In. Amazon comes in a close second behind eBay. Apple Trade-In. Gadget Salvation.

    Likewise,;Can I get money for recycling my old laptop?

    Several stores and websites will allow you to trade in old computers, laptops and other electronic devices in exchange for cash payments or store gift cards. This can be a great way to make money recycling computers.

    Also,;Can you get money for old computers?

    Take a look at your local scrap yards and see if any are willing to buy your computers as scrap. You wont make a lot of money this way, but you will pick up some cash for an easy delivery and its a great way to get rid of large numbers of computers at once.

    Where can I get money for old laptops?

    Amazon Trade-In. Amazon comes in a close second behind eBay. Apple Trade-In.

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