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Where Is A Good Place To Buy A Laptop

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Get A Good Deal On Used Laptops

The BEST New Place to Buy/Sell PC Parts?

Finding used laptops for sale isn’t difficult. The challenge lies in selecting a product that matches the description and has a decent price. Double-check the seller, read customer reviews, and compare prices before you make a purchase.

Bear in mind that you don’t always need to buy a second-hand laptop to save some money. Many manufacturers now produce cheap laptops that won’t break the bank. You just need to know what to look for.

Best Laptop Brands For 2022

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When buying a laptop, you want it to do everything you need, and last for years, too. That means, buying from a laptop brand you can trust. There are several key factors to consider, including your budget, what you actually want to use the laptop for, and of course the brands reputation. We take a look at some of the best laptop brands on the market and explain what they offer.

If youre after a laptop for business, youll find that your needs will be vastly different to one you might need at home, for example. Whereas one might reside mainly on your desk and have several peripherals attached to it at any time, the other might reside more in your bag, making the need for a better battery and light body all the more important.

Do consider your needs when buying a laptop, and make sure that the one you pick is best suited to your tasks.

Looking for a laptop today? Check our list of the Best Laptops to Buy

Dell Inspiron 16 Plus

There are plenty of 15.6-inch laptops, but 16-inch models like the Dell Inspiron 16 Plus are something of a rarity. The 16-inch display is a great size since the laptop is barely bigger than a 15.6-inch model, but you get more room for work and a roomier keyboard and touchpad along with it. For this Inspiron, Dell packed in performance parts including Nvidia discrete graphics and the display covers 100% sRGB and 81% AdobeRGB color gamuts, which is good enough if you’re getting started with creating web content. Also, the laptop has a more premium fit and finish than we’re used to seeing in the Inspiron line.

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Apple Macbook Air M1 2020

This is our go-to recommendation for those in search of a MacOS laptop for everyday basic use. The MacBook Air was updated in the first half of 2020 with new Intel processors and, most importantly, a new keyboard. However, in November, Apple announced its new homegrown M1 processors would be replacing Intel’s CPUs in the Air. Using Apple’s M1, the company promises an operating system with better performance and longer battery life — up to 18 hours. The Intel-based models will still be around, though, and regardless of which chip is running the Air, you’re getting a great little Mac laptop starting at $999.

The Best Refurbished Laptop Deals In April 2022

The best cheap laptop deals in February 2018: prices start at just £145 ...

The best refurbished laptop deals offer significant price breaks on today’s best notebook PCs. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new laptop, you’ve come to the right place for savings.

We’re rounding up the best deals on factory refurbished coveted laptops like the Apple MacBook, Dell XPS 13, and more.

As retailers make way for new inventory, now is a great time to score a good-as-new laptop for less. Besides discounts on factory fresh notebooks, we’re also seeing considerable markdowns on open box and refurbished laptops.

If you’re strapped for cash, a good refurbished laptop deal affords you a steep discount on even the priciest machines. Unlike open box deals, refurbished deals are returned to the manufacturer for repair and re-instated to like new condition.

Generally speaking, refurbished or “renewed” laptops are reconditioned to look and perform like new. They often include all the accessories that you normally get when you buy a brand new laptop. Just about the only difference is that it may arrive in generic packaging.

Right now, we’re seeing solid deals on reconditioned models of the industry’s best machines. From MacBooks to the Dell XPS 13, here are the best refurbished laptop deals you can get right now.

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What To Look For

The three most important things to look for in a used PC are its physical condition , its make and model number, and its specifications.

Some used-PC sellers post pictures of the actual computers theyre selling, which makes it easier for you to assess a computers condition. Others might assign it a letter gradestick to systems with an A or B rating to reduce the risk of visible damage or wear. The only way to guarantee youll get something that looks truly new is to buy a manufacturer-refurbished system.

Most people can get by with a computer that meets our minimum requirements.

Generally, we suggest sticking to desktops and laptops made by Dell, HP, or Lenovo . Its okay to buy used computers made by smaller outfits like Acer or Asus, but its usually easier to find parts and support for older computers made by the bigger companies. In particular, we like business desktops and laptops such as those in the Dell Optiplex and Latitude series, the Lenovo ThinkCentre and ThinkPad family, and the HP Pro and Elite lineup. These kinds of PCs are chunkier than modern ultrabooks like Dells XPS 13 or Apples MacBook Air, but theyre easier to upgrade and repair, and theyre built out of sturdier materials more likely to hold up under stress.

How To Shop For A Laptop Using An Education Discount

Laptops are extremely popular with college students because they allow you to work from your dorm or classroom rather than using a computer lab. Most stores offer discounts or back-to-school specials that are only available to college students.

Apple, for example, offers a discount on any of its laptops or iPads when students shop at its education store. The discount you get will vary based on the device you buy, but any break you get on a premium laptop is worth taking. PC manufactures like Dell and HP also have exclusive deals for college students looking to get a new machine for school.

You’ll need to show some proof of ID to prove you’re actually a student whether you’re shopping online or in-store, so be prepared to use your college email address or go through a more thorough process.

Big box stores like Best Buy also have an education section, though it’s typically only populated during peak back-to-school shopping season, so be sure to check back in July or August for the best laptop deals there. Amazon doesn’t have a college deals page, but it does offer a free, six-month trial to Amazon Prime for college students, which can help you get your laptop as quickly as possible.

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When You Should Buy A New Laptop

Your timeline affects how to shop for a new laptop. Most of the best deals of the year will be available during holiday periods including Memorial Day and of course, Black Friday. Its also always worth it to check before Amazon Prime Day and around the back-to-school season.

That said, we know that life happens and you cant always wait for holidays to shop for new electronics. Whether youre thrown into the decision to buy a new laptop unexpectedly or youve just decided that its time to start looking, here are the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for the best price:

Best Buy Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished Laptops at Cheap Prices | Should you Buy Refurbished laptops or Not?

If you’re willing to spend a bit more than what you’d normally pay for a used laptop, you can get a refurbished laptop instead. These devices have been inspected, graded, and often come with some sort of warranty. While they’re not flawless, the price will reflect the laptop’s overall condition.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, Best Buy carries a lot of refurbished older machines that are still serviceable. Some refurbished laptops come with a warranty, while others may not.

All laptops purchased through Best Buy are covered by its Return & Exchange Promise. The company states that “most products offer a minimum 90-day warranty unless otherwise noted,” but it’s best to query each individual item before you buy.

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Should I Consider A Refurbished Laptop

Every manufacturer and reseller has different standards for refurbishing previously used laptops. A slight discount on a rigorously tested MacBook Pro that Apple sells with the same warranty as a new one might be worth the cost savings, while a laptop refurbished by a third party youve never heard could be chancy. Its best to buy any refurbished machine directly from the manufacturers online store as opposed to from a reseller, especially a reseller that may be hawking refurbs from marketplace” sellers or third parties on its platform.

Some of these resellers or their third parties will rate their refurbished stock with a grade. Weve seen refurbished laptops being sold and rated with grades of A, B+, B, C, and so on, to reflect the relative amount of wear and tear on the machine. There is no universal grading system for refurbished PCs, however. Its generally up to the reseller what the grade means, and thus it can vary from seller to seller. Were wary of machines graded this way and strongly recommend insisting on an ironclad return policy in the case of purchases like these, if you decide to roll the dice. You could end up pleasantly surprised, but usually, a refurbished-laptop deal that looks too good to be true…is.

Where Are The Best Places To Buy Pre

Now that you know how to protect yourself and double-check seller information, you can keep reading below to see the best places to buy a refurbished laptop and find great deals on pre-owned computers.

Best Buy Outlet

At Best Buy Outlet , you can browse not only pre-owned and certified refurbished laptops, but also brand new units on clearance. Open-box laptops are rated from “fair” to “excellent-certified,” meaning conditions range from pretty worn and parts missing to basically brand new. Refurbished, open-box, and clearance laptops from Best Buy Outlet are also covered by return and exchange policies as well as varying warranties. So if for any reason you’re not happy with your new-to-you laptop, you can bring it back to the store for your money back, a different unit, or repairs. Prices also range from as little as $75 to just under normal retail, depending on condition. So if you’re looking for a casual-use computer for web browsing and watching Netflix or something your kids can use for school, Best Buy Outlet has something to fit your needs and budget.

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Is Refurbished Better Than Used

Both mean that someone else had and used the laptop before you got your hands on it. However, if you buy a certified used or refurbished laptop from a retailer like Apple or Best Buy, oftentimes, it will be covered by some sort of limited warranty. It might cover things like physical damage and dud components but usually don’t cover the battery make sure you get a detailed explanation of the warranty before you buy. Certified refurbished and pre-owned laptops are also covered by a return policy like their brand-new counterparts, so if for any reason you aren’t happy with your new-to-you laptop, you can bring it back to the store for an exchange or your money back.

Buying a used laptop from someone on a site like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp comes with risks: the laptop could not turn on, the hard drive could be damaged, or the battery is bad. Make sure before you buy to carefully inspect the laptop and spend some hands-on time with it to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises waiting for you. If a seller won’t let you test out the laptop before buying, politely decline the offer and look elsewhere.

The Best Student Laptop

Top 10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

Many of the best cheap laptops might be good choices for high school and college students, but the Acer Swift 3s exceptionally durable build makes it an excellent choice for backpack-battering and dining hall spills. Its 14-inch screen also gives you more room for homework multitasking than some of the 13-inch machines here.

But the highlight of the Swift 3 is its Ryzen 4000 processors. We tested a model with a Ryzen 7 4700U, which did an excellent job handling our daily multitasking workload, and delivered seven-hour battery life as well.

On the outside, the Swift 3 isnt the thinnest or most beautiful laptop you can buy, but its a solid performer in most areas. It has all kinds of ports, including USB-C, USB-A, and an HDMI. The backlit keyboard has a nice click to it and has a reliable integrated fingerprint reader as well.

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Things To Avoid With Used Macs

  • Pre-2013 Macs: These computers still run okay, but they wont be supported by the latest macOS release, Big Sur, or any future releases of macOS. This means youll stop getting security updates sooner, and apps will become incompatible sooner.
  • MacBooks released between 2016 and 2019: 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros released between 2016 and 2019, 13-inch MacBook Airs released in 2018 and 2019, and all models of the 12-inch MacBook all employ a shallow, unsatisfying butterfly keyboard with well-documented reliability problems. Apple is still offering free repairs for these keyboards even when theyre out of warranty, but you should avoid such models entirely if you can help it.

The Laptop Manufacturer’s Website

All laptop makers, from Apple and Microsoft to Dell and HP, allow you to buy a laptop directly from them. This was actually the primary way to buy a laptop in the early days of computers, but it’s fallen out of favor because of e-commerce giants like .

Shopping for your laptop on the company’s site means you’re guaranteed to get the exact model you want from a reputable source. Most laptop manufactures also allow you to customize your machine, adding a better processor, more memory, or more storage to an existing machine. In many cases, this is the only way to get a laptop that’s upgraded to perfectly suit your needs. Some laptop makers offer exclusive discounts, free shipping, and other benefits that other stores can’t match. This extends to their customer support system. If you have an issue with your laptop, you can call up the company who makes it and speak with a representative that works on their behalf.

Most companies have a comparison tool at their online store, which allows you to check out two models side-by-side to compare their specs. If you’re interested in comparing models from two different companies, be prepared to have two browser windows open simultaneously. If you have a question about a specific laptop, you may be able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s real-time chat service, which links you up with a representative who can assist you as quickly as possible.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Although it’s not the Surface Laptop, the Surface Pro continues to hit all the right notes if you’re looking for a do-it-all Windows tablet that doubles as a Windows laptop. Microsoft recently overhauled it for the Surface Pro 8, which has a larger 13-inch display, 11th-gen Intel Core processors and two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports. The Surface Pro 7 is still around for the time being at a discount, and an updated version called the Surface Pro 7 Plus will stay in the lineup, so you’ll still be able to get the classic Pro design but with new processors.

The 6 Best Websites To Find Used Laptops For Sale

This $450 Gaming Laptop is AMAZING

Laptops are increasingly expensive. Use these helpful sites to find used laptops on sale at a discount!

If you’re on a budget, you could land a bargain by buying a used laptop instead of a brand new one. This is especially true for high-end models. MacBooks are known to hold value, but a second-hand model can help you avoid the eye-watering premiums you’ll pay at retail.

The best place to buy used laptops may depend on where you live. Ideally, you’ll want to inspect before you buy. But if you can’t do that, look for online retailers that offer buyer protection. Here are some of the best websites to find used laptops for sale.

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For Those Who Love To Customize

If you purchase directly from a company like Acer, Apple, Dell, or Microsoft, you can avoid the confusion of digging through listings on Amazon or Best Buy. This option is best for those whove done the research and know exactly what they want.

Also, purchasing through a manufacturer gives you the most amount of options for customization. Want a laptop with extra memory but dont care about the 4K display? Chances are, youll be able to configure it that way.

If you love tweaking features to get exactly the computer you want, consider buying from a manufacturer its worth the extra cost and shipping fees. This rule applies to boutiques too: specialty shops that custom-build PCs. These include Digital Storm, OriginPC, and even Razer.

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