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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A New Laptop

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When You Should Buy A New Laptop

The BEST New Place to Buy/Sell PC Parts?

Your timeline affects how to shop for a new laptop. Most of the best deals of the year will be available during holiday periods including Memorial Day and of course, Black Friday. Its also always worth it to check before Amazon Prime Day and around the back-to-school season.

That said, we know that life happens and you cant always wait for holidays to shop for new electronics. Whether youre thrown into the decision to buy a new laptop unexpectedly or youve just decided that its time to start looking, here are the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for the best price:

Where Are The Best Places To Buy Pre

Now that you know how to protect yourself and double-check seller information, you can keep reading below to see the best places to buy a refurbished laptop and find great deals on pre-owned computers.

Best Buy Outlet

At Best Buy Outlet , you can browse not only pre-owned and certified refurbished laptops, but also brand new units on clearance. Open-box laptops are rated from “fair” to “excellent-certified,” meaning conditions range from pretty worn and parts missing to basically brand new. Refurbished, open-box, and clearance laptops from Best Buy Outlet are also covered by return and exchange policies as well as varying warranties. So if for any reason you’re not happy with your new-to-you laptop, you can bring it back to the store for your money back, a different unit, or repairs. Prices also range from as little as $75 to just under normal retail, depending on condition. So if you’re looking for a casual-use computer for web browsing and watching Netflix or something your kids can use for school, Best Buy Outlet has something to fit your needs and budget.

The Best Laptop Deals In January 2022

Save with the best laptop deals from budget to premium PCs

We’re scouting the best new year laptop deals today at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other go-to PC retailers. This month’s Consumer Electronics Show took the wraps off the next generation of laptops.

As a result, we’re currently seeing solid discounts on previous-gen notebooks from budget Chromebooks to pricey gaming rigs. Currently, our top picks for best laptops like the Dell XPS 13 and M1 MacBook Pro are seeing notable price cuts.

So if you’re due for a new machine, there are plenty of laptop deals and sales to take advantage of. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best laptop for college, a business laptop or a versatile 2-in-1, we’ve got you covered.

From laptops under $500 to high end workstation laptops, here are the best laptop deals you can shop right now.

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Buying A Used Laptop: Where To Find The Best Deals

Buying a used or refurbished laptop doesn’t have to be a frustrating hassle. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime discount deal or just want a functional laptop for casual use, you can find one at a big-name retailer or local seller.

Buying a refurbished or pre-owned laptop can be an exhausting process from double-checking model and serial numbers, to confirming proper start up and build configuration, the burden of truth seems to rest squarely on the shoulders of buyers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there if you’re looking for a good deal on a laptop and don’t mind that it’s not the latest and greatest tech. Big-name retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and even Apple have certified refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned tech covered by a myriad of return and exchange policies as well as limited warranties. They either have their own teams or use third-party suppliers to thoroughly inspect, clean, and repair units for resale so you can buy with confidence. The drawback is that you may not get the kinds of discounts you’d like to see, especially from Apple Certified Refurbished.

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Everyone Else: Trusted But Not Ideal For Buying A Laptop

Is Best Buy the Best Place to Buy a New Laptop Computer?

The retailers listed below, while decent enough for what they are, dont combine all the elements of a great buying experience into one fluid process like what we expect from the top options on this list. This isnt to say theyre necessarily bad choices, but just not our first pick when we know its time to look at adding a new laptop to the roster.

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What Should You Look For In A Refurbished Laptop

Your refurbished laptop should be free of physical damage like scratches, cracked screens, bowing keyboards, or bulging batteries. A condition statement should be included with your new-to-you laptop so you can compare what the retailer found to what you see in your hands the condition statement discloses things like cosmetic flaws that couldn’t be repaired, as well as testing standards a laptop or other tech must pass in order to be a certified used product sold by the brand or retailer. If you find any damage, cosmetic or otherwise, that isn’t disclosed in the condition statement, contact the retailer immediately this is especially important if the unit is subject to a limited warranty or return window. You don’t want to drag your feet and pay hefty out-of-pocket fees for repairs that could have been covered by a warranty or an exchange.

Never Pay Sight Unseen

If a seller is insistent that you send money via check, money order, or services like Venmo and PayPal before you ever lay eyes on the laptop, that’s a huge red flag. A reputable seller should have no issue with you asking to send payment after the item arrives or after you’ve confirmed yourself that the laptop boots up properly during a meet-up sale. Sending payment after an item arrives in the mail or you can actually see it for yourself will save you a lot of heartache as well as cash unlike typical online shopping, it’s a lot more difficult to get your money back from a bad Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist sale since it isn’t a business transaction.

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For Those Who Love To Customize

If you purchase directly from a company like Acer, Apple, Dell, or Microsoft, you can avoid the confusion of digging through listings on Amazon or Best Buy. This option is best for those whove done the research and know exactly what they want.

Also, purchasing through a manufacturer gives you the most amount of options for customization. Want a laptop with extra memory but dont care about the 4K display? Chances are, youll be able to configure it that way.

If you love tweaking features to get exactly the computer you want, consider buying from a manufacturer its worth the extra cost and shipping fees. This rule applies to boutiques too: specialty shops that custom-build PCs. These include Digital Storm, OriginPC, and even Razer.

What Makes Razer The Best Place To Buy From

Best place to shop for new PC parts

While you can buy one of the new Razer Blade 15 gaming laptops from Microsoft or Best Buy, the best place to go to get one is from Razer itself. Microsoft and Best Buy only offer a limited range of configurations to choose from, while Razer will allow you to mix and match graphics cards, processors, and displays much more extensively. More options are always better, and you won’t have to pay any more than you would if you were to buy one of the choices from the other retailers, either.

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Laptop

Many people think Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to score bargains on a new laptop. While you might be lucky enough to find a few specific deals during that last week in November, electronics, in general, might not be at their best value during this time.

Finder research from 2020 compared the price points of various products before Black Friday, on Black Friday itself and on Cyber Monday too. Our Black Friday tracker data shows that the 4 electronic products we monitored over Black Friday were cheaper by 2.75%, which isnt exactly much for the biggest sale event of the year!

Contrast this with fashion on average, the 4 retail products we tracked in this category were 15.5% cheaper across the 16 price points we monitored.

Should I Get A Longer Laptop Warranty

Most laptop makers offer one-year warranties on parts and labor. These standard plans are limited, so they won’t cover accidents that stem from spilling a drink on the keyboard or dropping the system on the sidewalk. Fortunately, your credit-card issuer likely covers such mishaps for a short period of time after you buy a new product, and it also may extend the manufacturer’s warranty. Check your account benefits guide for details.

If your credit-card issuer doesnt cover you, some laptop makers will happily sell you extended warranties. Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo all offer wide ranges of extended warranties and coverage for accidental damage. Expect to spend $100 to $300 for these options. Our rule of thumb is that if a warranty costs more than 15 percent of the laptop’s purchase price, you’re better off spending the money on backup drives or services that minimize downtime.

Of course, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. There are instances when the logic board or the displaythe most expensive parts of a laptopfail, and while rare, such a catastrophe can cost you half of what the laptop is worth in repair costs.

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Placement Of Hot Keys

Every laptop offers several function keys which are more like the one-stop executioners. In most cases, these cases are raked atop and offer one-touch functionalities. These include volume up, volume down, flight mode, Bluetooth activation, undo tab, and more.

Better the number of Hotkeys and the explanatory symbols, the better is your chance of saving time and improving device productivity. When it comes to selecting laptops with these features, Lenovo and Dell are the best possible choices.

The Winners For Desktop Pcs

Best Place to Buy Used / Refurbished Laptops in NYC

Amazon took first place among the retailers we investigated in the desktop PCs category.

Amazon has the largest array of desktops available anywhere and one of the easiest-to-use Websites.

Though prices were consistent across most of the retailers we looked at, Amazons massive selection increases your odds of finding the best possible deal.

Indeed, on some models we checked, prices were $75 to $100 below what youd pay at the manufacturers site.

Amazon offers free shipping on all orders, and it doesnt charge sales tax in many states.

Still, we recommend shopping around to discover a stores particular policies. .

Best Buys online store earned the next-best overall rating after Amazons. If you like to spend hands-on time with a PC before buying, its in-store experience is your best bet. Its staff ranked among the most helpful of the retailers we investigated. Reps answered our test questions accurately and often made alternative recommendations, based on our family-use scenarios.

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Which Is Better Macos Or Windows

For the money, though, you’re getting great hardware top to bottom, inside and out. Apple recently moved to using its own processors, which resulted in across-the-board performance improvements compared to older Intel-based models. But, the company’s most powerful laptop, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, still hasn’t been updated to Apple silicon.

But, again, that great hardware comes at a price. Also, you’re limited to just Apple laptops. With Windows and Chromebooks , you get an amazing variety of devices at a wide range of prices.

Software between the two is plentiful, so unless you need to run something that’s only available on one platform or the other, you should be fine to go with either. Gaming is definitely an advantage for a Windows laptop, though.

MacOS is also considered to be easier and safer to use than Windows, especially for people who want their computers to get out of the way so they can get things done. Over the years, though, Microsoft has done its best to follow suit and, with Windows 11 here, it’s trying to remove any barriers. Also, while Macs might have a reputation for being safer, with the popularity of the iPhone and iPad helping to drive Mac sales, they’ve become bigger targets for malware.

When Youll See The Best Laptop Deals

So, when is the best time to take the plunge and make the purchase? The Clark Deals team has been searching for the best available prices on laptops since 2016. We took the time to look back over the deals we posted between 2016 and 2020 to see when the most deals appeared throughout those years.

Its no surprise that the most deals showed up during November around Black Friday. Companies like Best Buy, Dell and Lenovo also offer deals throughout the rest of the year.

Its pretty common to see a handful of laptop deals or specials randomly throughout each month, particularly in February, June and August. So if you have time before you have to buy, be sure to watch the prices for a while. This will give you the best idea for how much the laptop you want typically costs and what a good sale price is for the particular model.

If you do come across a deal thats significantly lower than what youve seen in the past, dont be afraid to grab it! Many of these deals are one-day-only offers.

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What Do Those Laptop Specs Mean

Sometimes, it’s easier to shop with your eyes than with your brain. That’s especially true if you have no clue what the heck RAM is, why CPU matters, or which features to focus on for your intended purposes. After all, if a gamer, a graphic designer, and a programmer walked into a Best Buy, they might all leave with a different laptop.

Graphics Processing Unit And Vram

10 Tips for Buying a Laptop! (2020) | The Tech Chap

The type of GPU that the laptop holds depends entirely on your set of preferences. For instance, if you are not into gaming or demanding graphics-oriented tasks, you can easily do away with dedicated graphics cards. Otherwise, you can opt for integrated GPUs like the latest Iris Plus from Intel.

In case of reasonable gaming and moderate to high graphic-intensive tasks, you can either choose an NVidia graphics card or the more affordable devices featuring the AMD graphics processors. To begin with, the basic setup would include the likes of GTX 1650 or the NVidia MX250 GPUs. These units are more than capable when it comes to handling the low-end to even moderate processing requirements.

In the case of mid-range devices that have slightly escalated graphics-oriented demands, the best choices for GPUs are the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 or anything that even slightly precedes the model at RTX 2050 or RTX 2060. This conglomerate of GPUs, however, covers all the mid-range and even high-end requirements. NVidia offers a wide range of choices based on your preferences and pocket.

Another underrated aspect of graphics processing is the inclusion of the Video RAM that is closely associated with the GPU and helps the concerned device render and process images and videos with ease. Every wondered what helps your game or photoshop files to load!

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Best Place To Buy Laptop Philippines

Today, the use of technology is extremely important for all. Whether youre an engineering student who wishes to use a laptop for his research and mathematics related tasks, a businessman who needs one for conferences, one of the high school students who needs it for research and enjoyment, or an OFW thinking about buying a brand new laptop in the Philippines, you need to research well in order to ensure that you get the machine best suited for you.

Before buying it is a good idea to know which places are the best to buy laptops in the Philippines cheap, affordable and a 100% brand new.

Before you invest your hard-earned money on a brand new laptop, however, it would be good if you asked yourself these questions so you can make sure youre really getting the machine you want:

Best Places To Sell Laptops For Cash

by Saeed – Last Updated March 3, 2021

Wanna get cash for your used laptop but dont know what the best places to sell a laptop near you or online are?

Weve got you covered!

In this post, well show you how to sell your laptop for cash quickly and easily both online and in-person to someone near you.

Whether you upgraded and have gotten a better model or just have an extra laptop you want to get rid of, there are a lot of websites and apps where you can sell used electronics including laptops and desktops.

Now, depending on what brand and model laptop you have, some places are better than others. Ill start the list with the best general places to sell used and broken laptops for money, then expand to a few great places where you can get the most money for particular brands of laptops.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsDaily Goodie BoxPanda ResearchKashKickSurvey JunkieSwagbucks

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