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Where Is The Service Tag On A Dell Laptop

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Find Dell Laptop Serial Number Using Command Prompt

Locating Service Tag on a Dell Laptop

Dell is one of the manufacturers that allows users to find the serial number for their Windows device on the Windows operating system itself. This approach will work as long as your Dell machine still loads the Windows OS properly.

This is by far the easiest method to find out your HP laptop or any other laptop serial number. All you need to is just type a command in Command Prompt . Heres how its done:

Step 1. Open a Command Prompt window to get started. On Windows 10 or 8, right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt and run it as Administrator or simply type Command Prompt in the search bar next to the Start Menu button.

Step 2. At the Command Prompt window, type the following command and then press Enter:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Step 3. Youll see the computers serial number displayed under the text SerialNumber. This command uses the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line tool to pull the systems serial number from its BIOS.

Method 2. Find Dell Laptop Serial Number in BIOS

In the second method, You may also be able to find the serial number on the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings panel. That strategy wont get you a serial number if you dont have a WMIC button, as the order takes the serial number out of the BIOS. Nevertheless, testing the BIOS might be helpful if you cant actually sign up to run the WMIC command on Windows.

How to Access BIOS in Dell Laptops:

Find Dell Laptop Serial Number in BIOS

Wrapping Up;

How Do I Find The Service Or Asset Tag Of My Computer

ITServices regularly requests equipment service tag information;so that we can uniquely identify a specific piece of equipment, its history, and its warranty status. ;Follow these instructions to locate the service tag information for your computer.

Instructions :

If a computer is on, you may find it easier to get the service tag information from Windows or OSX, rather than attempting to locate the physical service tag.

Serial Number Or Service Tag Number

Every computer on campus has a serial number or service tag number. These are usually between 7 and 12 alphanumeric characters/

  • Dell Desktop: service tag numbers are usually on the top or side of the desktop. They are 7 characters long
  • Dell Laptop: service tag numbers are on the bottom in the middle, newer laptops use the abbreviation ST for service tag.
  • HP Desktop Mini: serial numbers are on the bottom in the middle
  • HP Desktop : serial numbers are on the top near the back
  • HP Laptop: serial numbers are on the bottom or, if the laptop has a removable case, underneath the battery
  • Apple iMac: serial numbers are on the bottom of the stand
  • Apple Laptop: serial numbers are on the bottom near the hinge for the display

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What Is Dell Service Tag

Dell Service tag is a unique alphanumeric character code that is used as the identifier of your Dell products . Why the tag is very important is because, through it, you will get access to information about your device as well as get other personalized support options.

The tag contains 7 alphanumeric characters as against the Express Service Code which is the numeric version of the Service Tag.;The Express Service Code is between 10 to 11 digits.

When you are contacting the Dell customer support rep, you will be asked to provide the service tag of your system because it is important to use in checking whatever you may need with the system including the hardware, configuration settings, and warranty.

What Is The Dell Service Tag


The dell service tag is a 7 digit character code usual a combination of letters and digits that is specific to your device. It is usually located at the bottom of laptops and back of desktop computers next to the windows product key on most computers. For example service tag SMPL783 below. Also note if your computer shows the express service code that will work to as it can be converted to a service tag and the other way round

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How To Find Service Tag If Sticker Is Missing

Sometimes the sticker is not always there.

Maybe the sticker rubbed or peeled off, not reason to worry.

The one on my XPS 13 already had vanished in less than 3 months. I do not know why they make the stickers easily removable. Just slight friction and it gets removed. Dont worry though there are still plenty of ways to get the service tag without the sticker.

Dell Service Tag / Service Code Explained

The laptop screen model number is found at the back of the LCD panel itself. However, some laptop manufacturers provide an alternative way of finding what LCD is installed in their machine.

Every Dell laptop has a Dell Service Tag, or a Dell Express Service code at the bottom of the case, and using either the Service Tag, or the Express Service Code you can use the tool on;Dells support page. The beauty of this feature is that Dell enables you to see all the components and peripherals of the laptop without having to tear it apart.

After you enter your Dell Service Tag or the Express Service Code, proceed to System Configuration, then to Components. You will then see a list of all components installed in this laptop; and the part number of the component will be provided. Usually, the LCD will be marked as LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY . Now that you have located the part on the page, you have two options:

1. Copy the part number, and search it on our website ;

2. Copy the part number, and use a search term of your choice to look up the specifications of the part; then use the specifications to reference and locate the correct part on our website;

Resolutions are coded by the following parameters:

HD or HDF = Standart High Definition, WXGA 1366×768HD+ = High Definition+, WXGA+ 1600×900FHD = Full HD, 1920×1080

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How To Find The Service Tag On A Windows 10 Laptop

  • User

If youre in the market for a Windows 10 laptop, you will go through lots, and lots of different manufacturers. Those same manufacturers will have plenty of options to offer you; varying in price, specs, and bundled software.

Unlike Macs that are only available in a limited set of configurations, Windows 10 systems come in countless variations. In order to keep track of these systems individually, especially when it comes to providing support, manufacturers give them a service tag.

How To Find The Serial Number Of A Dell Laptop

How to find a Dell Service Tag (Official Dell Tech Support)

If you run into any problems with your laptop, technical support can request a serial number in order to identify the product and help you solve any issue you might have. One of the best practices to do before contacting technical support is having all the required information already at hand. Once you know how to find the serial number of a Dell laptop you can save technical support and yourself some time.;

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Rd Method: Use The Terminal

This one is a bit similar to the Command Prompt method except that its designed exclusively for Linux users. This information, which is provided by the Montana State University, follows these steps:

  • After that, click on Terminal to open a new Terminal window.
  • From there, simply enter this command: sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number.
  • Nd Method: Use The Command Prompt

    This method is exclusive for Windows users only. A SpiceWorks community user by the name of Jayse has provided detailed instructions to achieve this. These are as follows:

  • Open your Command Prompt by clicking the Start button and typing Command Prompt. Since youll need administrative rights to successfully perform the fix, you need to right click on the Command Prompt option first then click Run as administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt, type wmic csproduct get vendor, name, identifyingnumber without the quotation marks then hit Enter. The service tag will be the string that appears under the IdentifyingNumber section. Alternatively, you can use the wmic bios get serialnumber command, although it will only show the service tag.
  • On the other hand, if theres no remote desktop connection, you can instead type wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber without the quotation marks. Simply replace the remote-host part with the IP address of the device youre querying. Moreover, if you want to use a user account, just replace the administrator part with the user account name you want.
  • Video Guide: Find Service Tag Or Serial Number Of Your Computer Using Command Prompt

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    Finding Dell Service Tag Or Serial Number Using The Command Line

    Finding the service tag number in Dell laptops is the elementary task to get warranty or service. The same is applicable for other brands, as well. The service tag number in Dell, or the serial number, is the method for uniquely identifying a laptop, notebook, or any other device. You can always have Dell service tag lookup, or the serial number lookup, by visiting the OEMs website. But the method they show, involve downloading and installing of numerous programs. There isnt any doubt, the programs are lightweight, but why install a separate app, when you can get the serial number without them.

    You can have the Dell laptop serial number, without downloading any dell service tag checker. You just need to type a command and get the serial number right in front of you. Though the easier method is to have a look at the sticker just underneath your system. You can get the service tag number, express service code, or any such details there. But with an old laptop, it might be difficult to maintain the sticker at its place. So, now I will be showing you the easiest tutorial here to find Dell service tag or serial number on Windows and Linux.

    How To Find The Service Tag On Windows 10

    Dell Latitude E7450 Laptop, Service Tag: HD3QP32 (Located ...

    April 3, 2021 By Anusha Pai

    As we all know, Windows 10 laptops come in various different specifications by different vendors having varying prices. In order to know what the laptop is configured with internally the manufacturers give each laptop a unique tag / ID called service tag. For some reason, if you want to find the service tag for your system, then read along. In this article, we will be discussing the different ways to know the service tag in a system.

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    How Do Asset Tags Work

    Asset tags are one of several tools needed for a successful asset management system. Asset tags are usually printed labels on durable vinyl or polyester stock and are placed on assets to improve how they are tracked. These labels usually contain a barcode and equipment ID number, as well as the company name and logo.

    How To Find Your Dell’s Service Tag

    The service tag on a Dell computer is generally located on the bottom or side of the device. It can also be found using the command prompt. To do so follow these steps.

    Windows users:

  • Click the Start icon to open menu.
  • Type cmd in search field and press enter.
  • The command prompt window will open.

  • Copy and paste: wmic bios get serialnumber after the prompt.
  • Copy the tag number and paste it into the form.
  • Linux users:

  • Enter: sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number
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    The Use Of The Service Tag

    Because it identifies your computer uniquely from all others, the service tag is important if you need anything about your computer.;For example, if you want to look for any information on your computer on the Dell Support site, having the code and inserting it may just be the easiest way to do that.

    Some of the information about your computer that you can get using the tag include the device warranty information and its specific specs.;More so, you can use it to check the components of your computer, the original configuration settings, as well as the current configuration which will analyze your system to tell you.

    Using The Printed Label

    Dell Sevice Tag Lookup and Help Finding Parts on

    Most Dell laptops have a printed label with useful information about their products ID. Most of the time, this label is underneath the laptop, usually near the battery slot or even inside this compartment. However, for a Dell Laptop, dont look for a Serial Number Dell refers to this ID as Service Tag.

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    Th Method: Check The Bios

    This method will require you to restart your computer. However, you have to pay close attention since you need to get into your units BIOS before your unit can finish booting up. Heres how you can do it as outlined by AccaTech:

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Once you are in the Dell logo splash screen, press F2. Make sure you dont press it too late, especially if your unit boots quickly.
  • If done successfully, you should be able to enter your computers BIOS.
  • On the Main section of the BIOS, simply look for the Service Tag section.
  • Video Guide: Determine Dell Service Tag, BIOS Serial Number Or Dell EMC Product ID To Download Up To Date Drivers

    Finding A Dell Service Tag From The Command Line

    If you are familiar with the windows command line you can also use it to find the service tag. You can use the command prompt or powershell. In windows press the windows start button, search for run right click and select run as administrator, alternative shortcut would be to press SHIFT+windows key + R key. Now type cmd press enter.

    Enter the following command without quotes wmic bios get serialnumber

    This command uses the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line to show you the data that you are looking from. The service tag number is the one under serialnumber.

    You can even do this remotely but you need to have the administrator password. To access the service tag remotely this the command wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber replace the remote-host in bold with the IP address or workstation name.

    You can even get more info with the following command wmic bios this will get you bios, operating system information and other geeky information about the computer including the tag.


    If you are using the Linux operating system you can also get the Dell service tag from the terminal. The command on linux is as follows:

    Local Dell Computer or server

    # dmidecode | grep -i serial# dmidecode -t 1

    Remote Dell computer or server

    You will need to use secure shell. Depending on what you have the I.P Address or domain type either of the commands belows

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    Dell Service Tag Search

    or How to find your Service TagYour Dell Service Tag is located on the bottom of your laptop. It will be a 7 character long alphanumeric number. If you cannot find your service tag, you can download our automatic detection tool and this will get your Dell Service Tag directly from your laptops motherboard. The tool is free for download.

    Use The Command Prompt

    How to Find Your Dell Laptop Make and Model

    A computer owner said that he had to provide the Dell service tag, but he didnt know where he could find it. He consulted the online community for advice, and they recommended that he should use the command prompt. Once he opened the command prompt, they said that he should type wmic bios get serial number and press enter. Then the service tag would be displayed, and you could copy it.

    However, some users pointed out that opening the command prompt is different in Windows 10. The easiest way was to press Windows key plus X to get the PowerUser Menu. Then you have to select the command prompt. They added that in Windows 10 you might have PowerShell instead of the Command Prompt, but the command line was the same.

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    How To Change The Service Tag On A Dell Laptop

    When you replace the motherboard on your laptop, you will lose the asset and service tag entries, which are stored in your laptop’s bios and in the Dell Utilities. This may not seem like a problem until you have to connect to Dell’s online support to resolve an issue with your laptop. If the Dell support staff cannot confirm your service tag numbers, they will be unable to verify your warranty and may refuse to open a support ticket.

    Double-click the Utility file. Click the “Setup” button in the “Dell Portables Asset Tag Utility” window.

    Press the “Enter” key when prompted to “Press Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to exit.” Insert the diskette into the diskette drive on your Dell laptop when prompted. Hit the “Enter” key.

    Type the “Y” key and press “Enter” on the keyboard to overwrite the diskette with the Utility.

    Hit the “Enter” key to close the command window. Reboot the computer.

    Type “asset /s servicenumber” replacing “service number” with the new service tag. Press the “Enter” key.

    Press “Y” to confirm the new service tag. Remove the diskette from the drive. Hold the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys and press the “Delete” key to reboot the laptop. Release all keys.


    On The Side Of Tablets

    A user points out that Dell service tag is located on the side in tablets. If you cant find it there, it might be under the back cover plate, so youll have to open the tablet to find the service tag. For desktops, he says that the tag is usually placed near the VGA port at the back of the device. He advises that you look for the Windows logo sticker and youll probably find the service tag near it.

    • Another poster complains that Dells stickers do not last long and that his has disappeared in less than three months because its easy to remove it.
    • In such cases, he recommends that you check the service tag from the BIOS screen.
    • To get the BIOS, switch off the computer, power it again and press F2 when you see Dells logo.
    • Then youll see the BIOS menu, and the service tag should be under System Information. However, the user warns that you have to press F2 quickly.
    • Otherwise the device is going to boot normally.

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