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Where To Donate Used Laptops

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Plus Ideas For Reusing Your Old Laptop

Angostura And Memory Bank Computers Donate Laptops To Students
  • Western Washington University
  • University of Tennessee

Old laptops are typically not accepted in curbside recycling programs, but they can be processed through special e-waste recycling programs. And because laptops may contain valuable materials, including gold, silver, and platinum, recycling them is actually profitable, which means plenty of eager recyclers are willing to take them off your hands.

Since laptops do contain heavy metals and hazardous chemicals that can negatively impact the environment, they should be handled carefully and recycling should be left to the professionals.

You Can Donate Your Old / Spoilt Laptops To A Group Thatll Fix Them & Give To Kids Whore Doing Hbl Now

Engineering Good, according to their website, is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions.

And recently, they started a campaign called Computers Against Covid.

As students need to be studying at home for a month now, computers and laptops have almost run out of stock in retail shops last weekend.

But not everyone can buy one, and Computers Against Covid aims to fix old laptops for households that couldnt afford one.

The idea is simple: donate your old laptop to them and theyll refurbish or fix them, and give them to the needy.

To do so, you simply need to fill up a form and theyll either send someone to collect from you, or you can deliver it to their office yourself.

Its fine if the laptop isnt perfectly functional as they would try to fix it.

In addition to laptops, they are also accept donations for hardware like monitors, CPUs or hard drivesand you dont need to worry if these parts are useful or not. Those folks arent called Engineering Good for no reason.

For more information, you can check out their website.

Educational Causesnational Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation can help you match office equipment and computers with nonprofit organizations. NCF focuses exclusively on helping education-related nonprofits, including schools and public agencies that use technology to train disabled individuals. They also support nonprofits and agencies that help train economically disadvantaged individuals.

Donations are limited to usable computers and office equipment. The NCF website has a link feature you can use to completely wipe your hard drive clean before you donate your computer.

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Camcycle & Larger Electronics

You might have held onto your camera relics from the early 2000s some places let you donate your cams. BestBuy, HomeDepot, Earth911, Lowes are the few that recycles cameras and camcorders.

TVs need more diligence in donations as they are categorized into larger electronics. If the TV set still functions, donate it to a secondhand store. Smart TVs contain personal information its vital to restore it to factory settings. While packing the TV and the chords, be very neat, bundle the wires nicely and tape them to the unit. There are toxic materials that need proper handling while being disposed of.

Best Buy lets customers drop in two TVs per household in a day. Each set pays the customer$30. With a replacement, Best Buy charges $30 for pick up of the old TV, and no accompanying delivery increases the rate of pickup to $100.

Find A Recycler Near You

Donate a Computer!  Ahaban  The Green Leaf Foundation

There are several specialty electronics recyclers out there. But bewarethere are scammers posing as recyclers who want to steal the personal information on your hard drive. Thats why wiping it before recycling is so important.

Another great step to reduce the risk of being scammed is doing your research and recycling your laptop through a reputable recycler, preferably one certified by the EPA.

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Why Can’t I Just Throw Old Devices And Batteries Away

If your electronics wind up in a landfill, they don’t only leave behind wires and plastic . If dumped or improperly disposed of, e-waste can damage the environment. Most electronics contain toxic materials like lead, flame retardants and chromium. These materials can cause damage to human kidneys, the blood and the nervous system, according to a blog post by Ilene Lubell, president of the Mayer Metals Corporation, which recycles old electronics for businesses.

When electronics are incorrectly dumped or thrown away, those toxins can leak into landfills, groundwater supply and vaporize into the atmosphere when heated, according to Lubell.

There are a number of eco-friendly ways to dispose of old electronics that could help people in need or underserved communities. It’s important to note that disposal protocol may differ by device.

Behind the scenes, devices are recycled, refurbished or redistributed. Sometimes they’re mined for parts or melted down to extract the rare earth materials within. Apple’s Material Recovery Lab in Texas uses robots to dismantle iPhones at a rate of 200 devices per hour.

How Can I Properly Dispose Of Old Computer Monitor

Some facilities that accept electronics for recycling do not accept computer monitors. It is best to double-check with the recycler you have chosen to be sure they take monitors before lugging it over. The cost to recycle a monitor can deter many recyclers from accepting them or possibly charging a fee to accept them. If you have other equipment such as printers, laptop batteries, or keyboards, it is a good idea to clarify they are allowed there as well.

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Where To Donate Or Recycle

Manufacturers and retailers offer several options to donate or recycle electronics. Search below to find programs developed by Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge participants. If you are an original equipment manufacturer or retailer, learn how to join the SMM Electronics Challenge. Participation in the SMM Electronics Challenge is voluntary. EPA does not endorse any of the participants or their products and services.

To Create Digital Equity For Students In Minnesota

Wondering what to do with your old computer?

With the belief that digital inclusion and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, we recycle and repair donated computers to refurbish them for schools and educationally focused community organizations to impact the full life cycle of technology. Our programs provide technology access, engaging STEM programming, and IT workforce training in underserved communities.

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Where To Donate Used Computers

Before donating a computer to charity, back up all your files. Then wipe the internal hard drive to eliminate personal identifying information.

Even if a charity says it can do so for you, never rely on the donation center. Do it yourself before donating. If youre not sure how, follow Digital Trends instructions.

After youve wiped the drive, donate it to one of these worthy charities.

1. Goodwill

With more than 3,200 thrift stores around the country, Goodwill Industries is one of the most popular places to donate used goods to. And used electronics, including computers, are no exception. Goodwill sells your donations in its brick-and-mortar thrift stores and on its online auction site,

Goodwill uses the proceeds from the sale of donated goods for employment training and job-placement programs. Specifically, Goodwill serves those with barriers to employment, including individuals with disabilities, those with limited work history, recipients of government support programs, those with language barriers, and those whove experienced corporate downsizing.

It partners with Dell to collect donated computers, which Dell recycles or refurbishes if theyre unsaleable in Goodwills thrift stores.

Goodwill accepts all makes and models of computers as well as computer accessories.

2. World Computer Exchange

To donate, check the website to find a chapter of WCE near you. You can contact the chapter to schedule a delivery time.

World Computer Exchange

5. Digitunity

Donating Your Old Computer

If your computer or laptop is in working condition, you should consider donating to a worthy cause close to your heart. A donation can be even better than recycling because the more extended use we can get out of an object, the better, it can still be recycled later after doing some good for people in need. Below is a shortlist of just a few well-known organizations that accept computer donations, you can also check with a shelter or charitable organization in your area.

Computers With Causes will repair or refurbish your old computer equipment if it financially makes sense. Your donation is wholly tax-deductible.

World Computer Exchange this is an international organization tied to over 450 partner organizations worldwide. They do have some criteria to meet to accept your donation.

Goodwill Organizations collects, repairs, and then sells donated computers, and they also accept monitors. More substantial donations from businesses can arrange for pickup from Goodwill.

National Cristina Foundation this is a wonderful organization that matches your or your businesss old computer equipment with a vetted charity organization focused on providing technology to underprivileged populations.

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Where To Donate Old Windows 10 Computers

There are a number of international, national, regional, and local organizations that would be happy to accept your older decommissioned Windows 10 computers . Each organization will use your donation differently ranging from refurbishing to recycling to donation to those in need. You should research each organization before making your donation, so you can predict where your devices will end up and ensure that their final destination matches your intentions.

Here is a short list of some of the more common international and national organizations now accepting computing device donations:

To find local organizations in your area or region of the United States, try the National Center for Electronics Recycling or Earth911. Both websites allow you to search local zip codes for local organizations. Local government and schools may also conduct donation drives from time to timecheck with the appropriate municipal and county websites.

Major computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Samsung, along with retailers like Staples and Best Buy, also have EPA-approved old computer collection, trade-in, and recycling programs that should be considered.

If you know a local organization looking for computer device donations, provide the contact information in the discussion below. Maybe you’ll make a needed connection.

Donate Your Old Laptop

Laptop Donation Campaign

If you have no use for your old laptop thats in working order, donate it to a charitable organization instead of recycling it. That way, someone else can get use out of it before the end of its life. Laptops under five years old are typically the best candidates for donation.

Donate your laptop at:

Or search for an organization near you that will accept them. Your local school system or library may gladly take a laptop off your hands to help students in need.

  • Does Best Buy recycle old laptops?

    Yes, Best Buy accepts laptops and other electronics for recycling for free at all of their locations. You can recycle up to three items per household per day.

  • Can an entire laptop be recycled?

    In most cases, the entirety of a laptop can be recycled. Most of the materials in a laptop are valuable and can be used to create new products.

    Typically, laptop batteries are recycled in a specific manner and must be removed and recycled separately.

  • Should I remove the hard drive before recycling a laptop?

    For security reasons, you should remove the hard drive before recycling a laptop unless you wipe it clean beforehand. This way, you ensure that the data on your hard drive is inaccessible in the future.

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Where To Donate Computers And Electronics In The Bay Area

List of Bay Area, California organizations where you can donate used computers and electronics.

Also, check listings at:

If you are replacing your equipment, consider buying refurbished equipment whenever possible . If you are buying new, Greenpeace provides a Greener Electronics guide. .

If you live in Marin County, you can purchase good used computer equipment with a 90 day warranty at Renew Computers, 446 DuBois Street in San Rafael. Call first to confirm they have what you’re looking for: 457-8801.

eWasteCollective eWasteCollective will recycle anything that you can plug into a power outlet. This includes your computer, VCR, television, copy machine, and even your microwave and toaster, but not your large appliances such as a washing machine or refrigerator. You will receive a tax write-off for computer donations. They will attempt to fix your equipment and then donate it to someone who cannot afford to buy a computer. If it cannot be reused, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. City: Novato, CA or Berkeley, CA Phone: 883-1428

What Should I Do Before Donating My Device

You probably keep a lot of personal data on your various devices. When its time to donate, dont forget to electronically wipe those devices to remove that private data.

Identity thieves could use the sensitive data stored on your device for assorted frauds. Dont make it easy for them. Before you give away that old device, consider taking these steps to help to ensure you arent also giving away any personal information.

  • Back it up. Be sure to back up your documents, photos, and other important information. Or transfer this data to your new device. This way you wont lose it. To back up your data, you can make a copy in a physical location, such as on an external hard drive or thumb drive. Or you can make a copy that is stored in the cloud, or online, in a secure location.
  • Erase it. Once youve backed up the data you want to save, make sure youve deleted everything on your old device. This includes your download folder, photos, and the search history on your internet browser. You should clear your browsing history, cookies and site data, and cached files and images. Its a good idea not to leave anything behind that might give someone access to your personal information.
  • Dont forget about your apps. Delete all of your apps. This includes deleting app cache and data.
  • Wipe your hard drive. Deleting things like files from your device doesnt mean theyve been completely erased. Remember to completely wipe your hard drive as well.
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    What To Do With Your Old Laptop

    Instead of letting it sit idle in your home, why not try one of these four options?

    If you have an old laptop collecting dust in your home, youre not alone. People who purchase a new model frequently let the old one linger under the roofunused.

    And that raises a good question: How do you go about finding a new home for an old laptop? If youre working on clearing out your closets to make way for holiday gifts, here are a few eco-friendly options to consider.

    Local Organizationsgoodwill Industries Of Orange County

    Donate Computers Support Your Local Community

    Goodwill Industries of Orange County collects, repairs, and then sells used computer equipment. This innovative program can take individual donations or large donations from companies that are upgrading computer systems and that might have large quantities of old computer equipment to donate.

    Goodwill Industries accepts used computers, monitors, TV sets, digital cameras, printers, and other electronic equipment in any condition. They also accept empty printer cartridges. If you’re an individual, you must donate in person, but Goodwill will pick up from larger businesses.

    Goodwill in other localities participate in similar ventures as well.

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    How To Recycle Cellphones

    Phones and their batteries are some of the easiest electronics to recycle, according to .

    Remember to transfer any data and photos on your old phone to a new phone, or otherwise save your photos before performing a factory reset. Remember to also remove the SIM card .

    The company accepts all phones and batteries regardless of size, make, model or age. Call2Recycle can refurbish the device for resale or recycle the materials for a new device. If you look hard enough, you can even get paid for recycling your phone.

    If your phone is new enough, you may be able to trade it in to a carrier, if you’re buying a new phone, or sell it on the open market. Otherwise, if it’s lost a lot of value, recycling may be your best bet for getting a dusty phone off your hands.

    Cables are fair game, too.

    Best Buy accepts three phones per household per day, Lowe’s has recycling centers at every location, Home Depot takes phones up to 11 pounds and Staples also takes phones.

    Whole Foods works with Secure the Call to send 911 emergency-only phones to senior citizens and residents of domestic violence shelters. Just make sure you bring the charger.

    You can also donate gently used phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers: The program helps service members call their families for free. Local communities may also accept phone donations as part of a citywide drive. Additionally, you could also check with your employer to see how it handles e-waste. You may be able to add a few items to the collection.

    S Before Recycling Your Computer

    Before you can take your computer to be recycled, you will want to be sure you have secured all of your personal information and removed all of the data.

    Follow these steps:

  • Backup your Computer-save onto a portable storage device such as an external hard drive or USB
  • Wipe your Hard Drive-this goes beyond simply deleting files, consider a data shredding software program.
  • Wipe External Drives-if any external hard drives or USB are connected they need to be wiped as well.
  • Delete the Browsing History-select history in whatever browser you use and check all the boxes then delete.
  • Uninstall Programs-make sure that all programs are uninstalled. Many software programs secretly save your personal data.
  • Encrypt All your Files-sometimes wiping or deleting is not enough, so encryption is a great defense.
  • Physically Damage your Hard Drive-if you are still very concerned or not convinced on the security of your data, you can physically drill some holes through or smash your hard drives.
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