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Where To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen

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Testing Of The New Screen

How to fix cracked laptop screen (quick fix)

Now you are ready to test your newly installed screen. Reconnect the battery and plug-in AC and start your engine. If the display appears, it means you are done now. Ensure that all the rims and external screws are attached and attached if any of the screws or edge remains. With this step, the procedure of replacement of the broken laptop screen is completed.

But keep one thing in mind that the complete replacement process you are undertaking is at your own risk. No one will be responsible for your damage so, work properly with full attention.

Fixing A Broken Laptop Hinge

A wobbling laptop monitor can be made to be stable. There are many ways to fix the problems. Some require no skill or tools while some require a drill machine and nuts.

Since I assume most people who are reading this post, expect to know the tool-less methods, I will prioritize them. However, I will also mention the methods which require a bit of prior experience and skill.

What Are The Reasons For A Cracked Screen Laptop

You should know what the causes of the cracked laptop screen. Without a proper functional screen, there is no use of a laptop. There is a number of different reasons that can be responsible for this. I will explain a few here:

Damage to the screen can be caused by pressing it hard with any object or even fingers. I have seen a few fellows who broke their laptop screen by just pressing it hard with their hands. You should always be careful while handling your laptops. Laptops are decent machines and require gentle handling

A laptop screen can be easily cracked if the laptop falls on a concrete floor. Always use a laptop bag to avoid such an accident. Around 30 percent of cracked screen laptops are a result of dropping on the floor. I mostly see many fellows who just broke laptop screens and now asking how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

If you have a touchscreen laptop, you have to be more careful. you do not want to press hard that may result in the screen damage. It is recommended to use the stylus that comes with the laptop, avoid using your hands.

Hitting a laptop screen with a stylus or any sharp object can also lead to the cracking of the screen. You should gently use the stylus on the laptop screen

Any physical damage can also lead to the damage of screen that may lead to a crack. If you are using a laptop bag, do not throw it and carry it with care.

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How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen

A cracked screen can make a laptop unusable. Luckily, you can fix it. Bill Detwiler gives you step-by-step instructions for replacing a broken laptop LCD panel.

Whether it’s cracked or has one too many blown pixels, a broken laptop display can stop you dead in your tracks. But with the right tools, a little technical know-how, and a bit of patience you can replace a damaged LCD.

Note: In this article and video, I show you how to replace the screen on an Asus UL50V notebook, which has an LED-backlit LCD. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, the internal hardware and specific steps may vary. The general process however, should be the same.

Using An External Monitor

Laptop Screen Repair: Fix Broken Laptop Screen: Rowlett ...

If you dont feel like going through the risk and hassle of doing all these on your own, feel free to connect your laptop to an external monitor for enjoying a premium experience!

As evident from what we discussed above, a cracked laptop screen is not always irreversible damage. All you need are the correct tools and enough knowledge to fix it all up in a jiffy.

So for those of you who were forever wondering how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it, you have hopefully found all your answers by now.

These hacks will not only revamp your laptops back to their original beauty but will also effectively save you the trip to shay repair stores that are overly expensive.

These devices have ended up being the most important gadgets of our lives along with our smartphones, sometimes entirely replacing PCs.

When such a vital piece of gadget faces the tiniest bumps or gets the tiniest cracks, it is natural to have your heart at your throat, worrying if its the beginning of the end.

Fixing a cracked laptop screen involves extra costs that you may not feel like bearing. You may even find it tough to trust repair shops with your device containing precious files.

Hence, in order to make your life easier, we are about to show you how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it all on your own!

Assessing The Degree Of Damage

How To Fix A Small Crack On A Laptop Screen

1. Protector Replacement

2. Car Creams For ScratchesOr Erasers

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How Can I Repair My Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

You can repair or replace the laptop screen. But it depends upon the extent of the problem. Suppose there are problems with display damage or blurred screen. In that case, you can repair these problems by just following the instructions given in the article. And if the problem is more significant than that, the only option then will be the replacement.

How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

Now my journey for fixing laptop screen started a few years back when I accidentally sit on my laptop that resulted in a very bad crack. It is always very easy to replace the laptop screen but it is costly. Secondly, I was working on a project at that time and I didnt want my laptop to be in the custody of irrelevant people.;

So, I decided to give it a shot. I started looking at different websites and forums to look for a possible solution but all in vain. I noticed that the majority of blogs or websites were just spammy and filled with fake methods or ads from different companies.

Finally, I decided to go ahead with my little bit of knowledge and with the help of a technician friend, who was working at a laptop establishment at that time.;It took me a while but I managed to fix my;laptop cracked screen with a little bit of effort.

I will answer this question How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It? in detail here.

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Tools Required For Fixing A Cracked Screen

Now there can a long debate on this, as I have seen different people using a different set of tools. However, I am writing this article after a long discussion with a team of technicians;at What Laptops main office.

Working Area:

This is important, you cant fix a laptop screen just by sitting at a random place. You need a dedicated corner for this. You will need a straight table, I recommend using a flat table that is fixed strongly to the floor.

Sharp Object:

You will need a sharp object, you can use a sharp needle or any other sharp object that you have at home. I have also used a safety-pin once while practicing these skills. Whenever I plan to write an article, I do research for months and then practically perform that task before I post it on the website.

Small Container:

This is essential as it will hold all small objects that you will use during the entire process of fixing the cracked laptop screen. At this time of writing this article, I feel happy as many of my fellows will get benefit from this. Now instead of replacing the screen, you can simply fix it

Thin Plastic Object:

Again this is important, I;have seen people who use a plastic knife or think slide for the purpose. Now you must be thinking why this? This plastic knife can be used when removing the bezel from the fixings.

Nito- Tape:

This is used when fixing the screen and it will hold the laptop screen together so it will not move. Once it is strongly fixed, you can remove the tape.


What Happens When An Lcd Laptop Screen Is Cracked


The fluid precious stone control vessel is broken, and those dark splotches of ink that describe a genuinely harmed LCD start spreading through the splits and spilling outside of the glass substrates.

Tragically, regardless of whether the glass was to be glued back together and the fluid precious stone arrangement topped off, the large number of transistors along the split have been unsalvageably cut off sewing those together is much the same as a neutral medical procedure.

Since there are simply such a large number of little associations required to empower a LCD board to work by any stretch of the imagination, it is likewise why there are for all intents and purposes no phony or fake workstation screens. A main edge mechanical office with clean rooms and mechanical filtration frameworks is required to make a cutting edge working LCD.

Right now a few touch screens can be supplanted independently from the LCD module yet even those are gradually turning out to be more slender and progressively refined some LCD modules as of now incorporate the touch-screen in its development and in those cases, the touch screens must be supplanted together with the LCD.

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How Can A Laptop Screen Get Cracked

There are numerous reasons for a cracked laptop screen. Some of them are very obvious to a normal user however; some are quite unknown for the majority of people. Therefore, it is critical to know the reasons for a broken laptop screen.

  • The first and most frequent reason for a broken laptop screen is due to excess pressure applied to it. This can happen when you drop the laptop accidentally or something hard or heavy hits the device.
  • Another reason is also due to pressure but it can happen when a laptop stays in a bag or closed space for an extended period of time. The screen can get damaged while the laptop is being transported or when we remove or insert it into the bag.
  • Laptops are made from delicate parts. The hinges where the screen is pivoted from is one of the weakest parts in the device. If you open and close the laptop in a hasty and aggressive way, you can break the hinge mechanism which can cause damage to the laptop screen. It can cause one side of the screen to bend and thus introduce a crack in it.
  • Apart from physical damage, a laptop screen may stop functioning for various other reasons like an internal problem in the motherboard or video cables for the display or exposure to high light intensity.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Hp Laptop Screen

The cost varies with the type and size of the screen and technician expertise. Touch screen costs more than non-touch ones. Also, a bigger screen cost more than a small one. On the other hand, different professional technicians charge prices for the labor differ. However, on average, the price to fix an HP Laptop Screen may range between $45 to $70.

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Cracked A Touchscreen Laptop Screen Still Works How To Fix The Cracks With Out Replacing A New One

01-07-201802:38 PM

I have a HP pavilion 15-inch Displays laptop and I recently cracked it. It didn’t damage the LCD because the screen still works. Is there a way to fix the cracked with out replacing a new screen? Please Help!!!;

You need to provide us with the exact model number. I give this advice frequently and hardly anyone pays attention. Yes, a touchscreen has a glass overlay and it is possible to replace just the glass. However, HP does not sell just the glass. You have to go into the secondary market to find it and find a technician who can replace it. You have to be willing to think and work outside the box as mainstream repair channels only want to replace the whole assembly at great cost. And even replacing the glass is not cheap but cheaper than replacing the whole assembly.;

You need to provide us with the exact model number. I give this advice frequently and hardly anyone pays attention. Yes, a touchscreen has a glass overlay and it is possible to replace just the glass. However, HP does not sell just the glass. You have to go into the secondary market to find it and find a technician who can replace it. You have to be willing to think and work outside the box as mainstream repair channels only want to replace the whole assembly at great cost. And even replacing the glass is not cheap but cheaper than replacing the whole assembly.;

Fix A Broken Laptop Hinge By Disassembling The Laptop

A Broken Screen Doesn

A simple self-trouble-shooting can save you some little cash.

  • First, you have to unplug all cables and remove all screws that hold the laptop base to the keyboard.
  • Take note of the position of each screw to ease the reassembling.
  • With the flat head screw, you can then remove the hinge cover above the keyboard on top of the motherboard.
  • Drag the laptop monitor away from the laptop base, unplug the video cable, and unscrew the hinges.
  • Replace the hinges with new ones and reassemble your laptop following your previous steps.

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Important Tools To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen

Before you set out to work, keep the tools with you that you will need to work on the cracked laptop screen.

  • Table or another level working zone: Youll need a spot to sit with a level region to take a shot at your workstation. This gives you the motivation to tidy up off that muddled lounge area table or work area.
  • Little head attractive screwdriver: Not little like a smaller than normal screwdriver from an eyeglass fix unit, yet Id state between that size and a fair-sized screwdriver would work. In the event that you dont have an attractive head screwdriver, attempt to discover a magnet sufficiently large to charge the drivers head. This encourages the screws to adhere to the head, making it a lot simpler to evacuate and supplant the screws without reviling as they fall everywhere.
  • Self-locking pin or needle: This is for evacuating the spread stickers that are concealing the screws on your workstations encompassing spread, called the bezel.
  • Plastic putty blade or another slight article: This is discretionary; to help in prying separated the screen bezel from the case. Actually, the tiny nails ordinarily work. On the off chance that you do utilize another article, guarantee its meager enough however not all that sharp that it will leave scratches or other proof of prying.
  • Little bowl or another holder: This is for reserving the little screwsand guarding them against inquisitive felines and kids.

How To Repair Your Laptop Cracked And Broken Screen

The simple but expensive way is to take your laptop to a technician and he can look at it considering the damage he can either suggest you replace the screen or repair the cables/circuitry if that is at fault.

The next thing that we recommend is to fix your screen yourself.

Fixing the Cracked Screen

It is always recommended to do your job, in this case, fix your screen yourself but if you feel that this part is too delicate then its best to leave it to an expert. But considering your screen is completely obliterated and a replacement screen is the only option. Then do try these steps yourself, because even if you fail to take it apart you wonât be causing damage to the screen.

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If You Try To Repair Your Own Lcd Panel Do Your Research First

If you do want to attempt to repair your laptop panel on your own, then you need to make sure that you know what youre doing. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there on the internet that can help you prepare for the task of fixing a broken computer screen. Its important to make sure that you have all the right materials. Its also crucial that you know how to handle everything safely. Find a reliable source that demonstrates how to make the repairs step by step and follow it closely. If you take some simple precautions and have some patience, then it is possible to repair your laptop screen by yourself.

Removing The Damaged Screen

How to Replace a Broken, Cracked or Smashed Laptop LCD screen – DIY display replacement at home!

After successfully removing the screws and the rims around the screen, you have now reached the final step of removing the broken laptop screen. You need to remove the broken screen gently and separate all the cables with a bit of force. Just keep in mind the position of the screen in which it was placed. The correct insertion of the new screen needs to replace the broken laptop screen.

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How To Check If Your Hinge Is Loose

The common changes observed that lead to a full-blown loosening of the hinge is that at first, you will notice that your computer will feel a little bit easy to open. The little force that is always required to open the laptop may no longer be required.

The screen section will become wobble and drift to a closer or a farther position after you open it. This is one of the few things you will observe before a full-blown hinge loosening.

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