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Where To Get Rid Of Laptop Batteries

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Physical Damage To The Laptop Battery

Get Rid of Batteries FOREVER!

The laptop battery is very sensitive and it needs great care for your laptop. You should use your laptop with great care and you should save your laptop from physical damage. It is recommended that you should protect your laptop from jerks as the points of battery disturb due to jerks.

The sparking often occurs when the laptop fell. If the internal layers of battery do not maintain separation due to defect or damage then your laptop battery can expand. The explosion often occurs due to physical damage in the laptop battery.

You should not throw your laptop on the floor because it will result in the battery expanding. You should use your laptop with good manners to save your battery life. The cells of the laptop battery can puncture due to physical damage and this will result in the laptop battery expanding.

The electrodes of the battery mechanically destroy during cell assemblage and this may result in the laptop battery expanding. The water is the major enemy of battery therefore you should keep your laptop away from the water.

You should save your laptop from crushing and dropping. If you observe smoke rising from your laptop battery then you should understand that this is an emergency case. You should stay away from your laptop because a big explosion could happen. It is recommended that you should place your laptop far from drinks and food, these can spoil your laptop battery.

Preparing And Turning In The Battery

  • 1Check your battery first to make sure its completely dead. Most laptop batteries in newer laptops can last upwards of 5 years, but eventually, they do need to be replaced. Try reviving your laptop battery before you recycle and replace it.XResearch source
  • If your battery can be revived, you wont have to pay to replace it just yet.
  • 2Remove the battery from the laptop. Even if your laptop is also dead, it actually has to be recycled separately from the battery. Most batteries are located on the bottom of the laptop. There may be a latch you can release to access it, or you may need to use a small screwdriver.XResearch source
  • If you have a cellphone or tablet, you probably dont need to remove the battery, but double-check with the recycling facility to make sure.
  • 3Cover the ends with clear tape or masking tape. This will prevent any current transfer or leakage from occurring. The terminal is the actual part of the battery that hooks into your computer to transfer power. It usually looks like a ridged 12 inch piece.XResearch source
  • If you dont have tape, place the battery into its own resealable plastic bag. This way, if it does leak, it wont come into contact with anything else.
  • 4Keep your laptop battery separate from other types of batteries. Use plastic bags to keep the battery away from other batteries, as well as away from any potentially flammable materials. Keep it in a cool, dry space until youre ready to take it to the recycling facility.XResearch source
  • How To Recycle Phones

    Phones and their batteries are some of the easiest electronics to recycle, according to .

    Remember to transfer any data and photos on your old phone to a new phone, or otherwise save your photos before performing a factory reset. Remember to also remove the SIM card .

    The company accepts all phones and batteries regardless of size, make, model or age. Call2Recycle can refurbish the device for resale or recycle the materials for a new device. If you look hard enough, you can even get paid for recycling your phone.

    If your phone is new enough, you may be able to trade it in to a carrier, if you’re buying a new phone, or sell it on the open market. Otherwise, if it’s lost a lot of value, recycling may be your best bet for getting a dusty phone off your hands.

    Cables are fair game, too.

    Best Buy accepts three phones per household per day, Lowe’s has recycling centers at every location, Home Depot;takes phones up to 11 pounds and Staples also takes phones.

    Whole Foods works with Secure the Call to send 911 emergency-only phones to senior citizens and residents of domestic violence shelters. Just make sure you bring the charger.

    You can also donate gently used phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers: The program helps service members call their families for free. Local communities may also accept phone donations as part of a citywide drive. Additionally, you could also check with your employer to see how it handles e-waste. You may be able to add a few items to the collection.

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    Get In Touch With A Local Recycling Centre

    Taking your old laptops to a local computer recycling centre is probably the safest way of recycling lithium-ion batteries. Their staff will know how to recycle laptop battery in a way that is both safe and legal.

    Some facilities might not show interest in picking up old batteries. Therefore, you will have to get in contact with quite a few to find the one that does.

    The task of finding such a facility is not as laborious as one may think. All you have to do is type IT recycling centres near me in Google and all the required information will be at your fingertips.

    Why Can’t I Just Throw My Old Devices And Batteries Away

    IBM  that old laptop battery youre about to get rid of ...

    If your electronics wind up in a landfill, they don’t just leave behind wires and plastic . If dumped or improperly disposed of, e-waste can damage the environment. Most electronics contain toxic materials like lead, flame retardants and chromium. These materials can cause damage to human kidneys, the blood and the nervous system, according to a blog post by Ilene Lubell, president of the Mayer Metals Corporation, which recycles old electronics for businesses.

    When electronics are incorrectly dumped or thrown away, those toxins can leak into landfills, groundwater supply and vaporize into the atmosphere when heated, according to Lubell.

    There are a number of eco-friendly ways to dispose of old electronics that could potentially help people in need or in underserved communities. It’s important to note that disposal protocol can differ by device.

    Behind the scenes, devices are recycled, refurbished or redistributed. Sometimes they’re mined for parts or melted down to extract the rare earth materials within.;Apple’s Material Recovery Lab;in Texas uses robots to dismantle iPhones at a rate of 200 devices per hour.

    Get out there, and get recycling!

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    How To Take Care Of Your Battery

    Batteries are consumable, and no matter how well you take care of them, they will eventually need to be replaced. That said, below are some best practices to keep your battery healthy as long as you can. But, it is important to note that you cannot heal a swollen or defective battery; you can only remove it. These hints can only help prevent battery degradation.

    TL;DR: be nice to your battery. Use it gently, and replace it if it becomes damaged or no longer holds a proper charge.

    Preparing Your Batteries For Recycling

    Once you find a way to recycle your old batteries, take a few minutes to prep your batteries for safe and convenient recycling.

    Prepping single-use batteries for recycling:

    • Place a piece of non-conductive clear tape over the ends to prevent any current transfer. You can also bag each battery individually instead of taping the ends.
    • Store the batteries in a plastic or cardboard container that doesnt conduct electricity in case there is a spark.

    Prepping rechargeable batteries for recycling:

    • Remove batteries from their electronics. Dead laptops must be recycled separately from dead laptop batteries. This is not required for small electronics like cellphones or iPods, which can be accepted by most battery recyclers.
    • Cover the terminals with non-conductive tape clear tape.

    If you are mailing your batteries to a recycling facility, check for any additional safety steps required for shipping.

    Batteries and any other types of waste that could potentially contribute chemicals to the environment should be handled with care, especially when it comes to disposal. If you have other items to get rid of, take a look at the;Reuse and Recycle section;of our blog for disposal options before tossing them in your dumpster.

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    Advantages Of Recycling Laptop Batteries

    Recycling laptop batteries helps protect the environment in many ways, like safely treating hazardous materials and recovering precious resources for future use.

    The most common types of batteries used in laptops today are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, however older laptops may use nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

    Some laptop batteries contain toxic materials such as cadmium that can contaminate land and waterways when sent to landfill.

    Recycling laptop battery waste recovers various metals and materials including steel, cobalt, nickel and plastics to be used in new products.

    Recovering these non-renewable resources reduces the demand to mine and process the same materials out of the ground, which uses significantly more energy than reusing processed metals.

    Australian authorities are also tightening the rules around how to dispose of used laptop batteries and other e-waste.

    The Victorian Government introduced a ban on discarding e-waste into landfill earlier this year, while the South Australian Government has strengthened recycling rules in recent years.

    Other state governments are watching how Victorias ban goes, as they look for solutions to the growing e-waste challenge.

    Use Recycling Programs Of Manufacturers

    Getting Rid of Battery Acid

    Many laptop manufacturers have their very own recycling programs in place. Both Apple Inc. and IBM offer recycling services. You can carry Mac batteries to any of their closest retail stores and they will take care of them for you.

    IBM runs a mail-in program and it can prove to be a great recycling option for you if you have to dispose of batteries every now and then. For example, if you run an IT company and use many laptops with lithium-ion batteries.

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    How To Fix The Laptop Battery Draining Fast Problem

    To fix the Asus, Lenovo, Dell, or HP laptop battery problem, you can consider following these suggestions. These are related to the system’s firmware or faulty settings that can easily be resolved. Though, if your laptop’s battery is old or drained, then you should consider getting it replaced instead. Here are 8 methods for you to solve this problem, click any of them to have a quick look.

    Take a look at this video we curated for you, which covers the most common reasons that cause laptop battery draining fast, and how to fix them accordingly. You can explore more from Wondershare Video Community.

    Recent Videos from Recoverit

    Hopefully, the video has solved your generic audio service detected issue. If not, below are some other solutions. Continue reading!

    Usage And Charging Info

    From my first battery strip-off, I have salvaged 6 cells of which 2 were dead and one was damaged during extraction. So I ended up having 3 in good condition. 2 temperature sensor and few smd components from the circuit board.

    From the second battery strip-off, I have got 3 18650 cells and 2 temperature sensors and few other smd components from the circuit board once I desolder them.

    The cells were not depleted completely, they were discharged but where within limits.

    Use proper chargers to charge Li-ion cells.

    Note: During my first attempt I accidentally nicked a battery while removing the tab from the battery using a wire stripper and it sizzled for couple of seconds with a little smoke. Checking the voltage later shown no degrade, therefore I assumed it is ok. When I used Li-ion Charger to charge this particular battery, it caused the chargers IC to burst and thus ending the chargers life. After which I never charged that particular battery.

    Caution: Be careful while charging. Charge at your own risk. Do not charge the cells if it has been damaged. Expensive chargers might have protection to prevent them blowing up. However the cheap ones will just blow off the IC should the cell is damaged. Also watch the polarity when charging.

    Currently I am using Nitecore i4 charger to charge the other cells and its been pretty good so far .

    The later 2 are for future ibles.

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    How To Get Rid Of Single Use Batteries

    • Can I Throw Them Out: Yes, most single use batteries are made with common metals are non-hazardous. Federally speaking, single-use batteries like the ones found in a remote control or other electronic device are safe to throw out. This is true everywhere but in California where it is illegal to throw out any type of battery. Also, single-use batteries
    • Can They Be Recycled: Yes it is possible to recycle single-use batteries but you have to go to the right location and there is sometimes a fee included when recycling them. To find where you can recycle batteries you can call your local solid waste distric to find out if your community has a collection program or you can find a mail-in recycling program that accepts batteries.
    • Can I Bring Them To A Scrap Yard: Most scrap yards do not buy or recycle single-use batteries. As mentioned above, there is a actually a cost to recycling single-use batteries, so the best avenue to take is to check your local community for battery collection services.

    Why Is It Important That Batteries Are Disposed Of Correctly

    Lightweight, easy to use, battery is great, and is updated ...

    The contents of such batteries compared to other batteries are much less toxic, which makes it easy for you to recycle them. However, it is important to mention here that lithium is an extremely reactive element. The pressurized and flammable electrolyte content can cause them to burst into flames.

    You must make sure that they do not end up in a recycling truck where they will be surrounded by cardboard and paper. The reason I am saying this is that both heat and pressure may cause batteries to combust during the summer.

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    Help Me Laptop: How Do I Get Rid Of My Old Pc

    ByAndrew E. Freedman24 February 2018

    There comes a day when every electronic device becomes too old, too slow or too unusable to keep around for its original purpose. Sure, you can keep it around as collectible clutter, or try to re-use it, but sometimes it just needs to go to the big Best Buy in the sky.

    Reader enache.andrei43 wrote on our forums that they have an old Acer laptop with an Intel Atom N450 processor and 1GB of RAM. It has a VGA port but no HDMI, so they cant hook it up to their TV. Originally, they hoped to reuse it somehow, but other readers have already told them the stark truth: its time to let this one go.

    So, the question is now, how does one get rid of a laptop?

    Well, just because its too old for you that doesnt mean its too old for everyone, so well explore donating. If you choose to get rid of it altogether, dont just dump it in the trash; electronics should be properly recycled.

    But before you do anything, wipe your laptop, or, if youre junking it, go a step further and destroy your hard drive. You dont want anyone getting their hands on all of your data.


    The specs on enaches notebook are outdated, but it could still be useful to someone. Your local Goodwill, for example, will likely take an old computer off your hands if it still works, and theyll give you a receipt for your charitable donations for your taxes. However, Goodwill considers electronics as specialty items so give yours a call before bringing it in.


    Eject Any Inserted Disc Drive

    Sometimes, a connected CD or DVD on your system can be a reason for your laptop battery issue. Therefore, you can consider removing the disc drive from the laptop by just pressing the eject button on the side. If that won’t work, then go to My Computer , right-click the drive icon of the disc, and click on the “Eject” button. This will open the disc drive, letting you remove the inserted CD or DVD from it.

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    Ause The Manufacturers Recycling Program

    Lots of laptop manufacturers operate their own battery recycling programs. Some of these schemes are even incentivised to prompt both individuals and businesses to correctly dispose of these batteries.

    Companies like Lenovo and Asus have their own recycling programs, and lots of other laptop manufacturers also have similar programs for both businesses and individuals. As well as this, lots of large companies like supermarket chains and electronics stores like Currys have electronics recycling programs.

    How To Dispose Of Household Batteries

    ThinkPad T430: Getting rid of Lenovo’s Battery Whitelist [READ DESCRIPTION]

    Getting Rid of Single-Use Batteries

    Single-use batteries, of any size, are some of the most common household batteries. Single-use batteries can be found throughout the home in a variety of sizes including AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell and others. These are the batteries inside your TV remotes, flashlights, childrens toys and other small electronics. If the battery is not rechargeable, it falls into this category.

    Can single-use batteries be thrown in the trash?

    Yes, single-use batteries are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous by the federal government and can be disposed of in your regular trash in all states except California, where it is illegal to throw away all types of batteries. Prior to 1996, single-use batteries contained mercury and were treated as hazardous waste. One exception is a button cell battery found in a watch, which is hazardous and should be disposed of like a rechargeable battery.

    Can single-use batteries be recycled?

    Yes, it is possible to recycle single-use batteries, but there is a fee associated with recycling them in most cases.

    Its important to remember that every battery can be recycled, turned into a secondary commodity and have a productive life beyond powering our favorite devices. ;Melissa Kelley | Director, Marketing Communications at;Battery Solutions

    How to recycle single-use batteries:

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