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Where To Recycle Broken Laptops

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Camcycle & Larger Electronics

HOW TO recycle broken laptop screens and turn into LED panel

You might have held onto your camera relics from the early 2000s some places let you donate your cams. BestBuy, HomeDepot, Earth911, Lowes are the few that recycles cameras and camcorders.

TVs need more diligence in donations as they are categorized into larger electronics. If the TV set still functions, donate it to a secondhand store. Smart TVs contain personal information its vital to restore it to factory settings. While packing the TV and the chords, be very neat, bundle the wires nicely and tape them to the unit. There are toxic materials that need proper handling while being disposed of.

Best Buy lets customers drop in two TVs per household in a day. Each set pays the customer$30. With a replacement, Best Buy charges $30 for pick up of the old TV, and no accompanying delivery increases the rate of pickup to $100.

What Happens To Broken Laptop When It Is Recycled

Have you ever wondered what happens to that piece of tech that you gave up for recycling? Well, I have, and after some research, I found out the process is actually quite fascinating. Let us check out how it is done, shall we?

Main steps in the recycling process:
  • Sorting and Transportation

  • Reuse

Sorting and Transportation

After you take your damaged or old electronic to a recyclable items collection center or recycle bin. The Regional recycling sorts the electronics into portions, then transport them to a recycling plant.


The workers at the plant break up the electronics into different components by hand to ensure essential categorization.


The separated components are broken down into their raw forms like glass, plastic, and precious metals such as gold and aluminum.


Some materials like Mercury and Lead are considered dangerous to the environment and human health. These materials are specially handled to ensure the safety of the workers and the environment.

Cathode ray tubes found in older CRT screens have Phosphorus which are considered as hazardous. The Phosphorus coating is removed before the tubes are processed for recycling.


The bulk of the electronic components that have been separated into units are put through huge shredding machines, before going through another separation process.


The metals are melted down after separation and refined to improve their quality.

Why should I recycle myelectronics?

Sell Broken Laptops For Cash

In addition to reusing some parts of your broken laptop, some of you may choose another way to deal with the damaged laptop. And that is selling broken laptops for cash. You dont need to throw away damaged laptops but sell them and this behavior can help you save the environment.

But before doing this work, there are some things you should do.

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What Can I Do With My Printer Ink And Toner Cartridges

Printer ink and toner cartridges are considered peripheral items within the electronics program and therefore may be accepted in small amounts at your local electronics recycling depot. Please check the Depot Finder to find a location near you and call them to verify that they will accept these items.

Additionally, at the following link you will find a list of manufacturers and how they manage their cartridges

How To Recycle Laptops

Broken laptop

If the environmental risks aren’t reason enough to recycle your old laptop, consider this: recycling one million laptops can save enough energy to power 3,500 U.S. homes for an entire year.

Finding a reputable recycler may require some research. Begin by exploring the following options to ensure your device is processed responsibly.

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Trade In Your Used Computers

Several stores and websites will allow you to trade in old computers, laptops and other electronic devices in exchange for cash payments or store gift cards.

This can be a great way to make money recycling computers. Here are some of the most popular trade-in stores and sites people use to make money by recycling electronics.


According to their website, Gazelle is the leading reCommerce company that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics.

They purchase used desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones from people who are looking to make money, and then refurbish and resell them to customers.

If youre looking to recycle computers with Gazelle, you simply send in the computers with the free prepaid shipping label you get from Gazelle. When Gazelle accepts your recycled computers, they pay you in the form of an Amazon gift card, via PayPal or via check.


Nextworth is an independent recycler that allows you to trade in old laptop computers and other items for cash.

When you go to their site, you follow the directions for sending in an item. Like Gazelle, Nextworth will then mail you a free prepaid shipping label.

When your computer or other device arrives at their warehouse, they inspect your computer, determine its value and send you a personal check in the mail or pay you via PayPal whichever you wish.


Target and Best Buy

How To Recycle Your Old Laptops Phones Cameras And Batteries For Free

  • 30th Mar’21


“Waste isnt waste until we waste it. “

Gadgets are the prized possession of every modern-day individual. Cell phones, laptops, cameras, printers, iPods, etc., we all use to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, like humans, they, too, are mortals. Thats when the burden arises.

You must have a junk of used cell phones, batteries, or a broken watch at some corner of your closet. The reality is, gadgets have a smaller life, and whether or not you update them from time to time, they need replacement. What do you do after that?

The best thing to do is to donate or recycle it. Some groups can help you recycle your digital trash and make it useful for someone else. Electronics are filled with heavy metals which when dumped can release harmful chemicals like mercury and lead into the air. We have a list of groups committed to the effective recycling of these old junks categorically and make the world a little more greener.

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Recycle Laptop For Cash

Our modern world is full of different technological innovations. It seems like a herculean task to keep a primary computer running smoothly for more than five years. Moreover, passion gamers, who respect themselves, would not use a computer for longer than two years. That is why we faced with the question: What to do with old laptop computers? The used laptops are not so fast, dont have extra possibilities and rather old-fashioned. Recycle laptop for cash today and im going to explain how to do it in this article.

According to modern technological progress today we have newer, faster and more powerful gadgets. As a result of these new gadgets the technology we were previously happy with gets older and older and of course cheaper and cheaper. It is important to mention, that there is a dark side of this situation. Because of great amount of old computers, discarded, outdated and broken electronics cause a serious and sometimes even dangerous environmental problem.

Very soon you may want or have a need to get a new laptop. Many of you will ask a question: What should I do with my old laptop? We know the answer! Our SellLaptopBack company will help you to cope with this problem. We are ready to recycle your used and unnecessary laptop and get cash for it.

Our Cash For Laptop Recycle program has a lot of benefits:

  • We offer the best Laptop recycling services.

  • Laptop recycling is one of the best ways to save you from used gadgets without harm to the environment.

  • How To Prepare Your Laptop For Recycling

    Shredding Broken Laptops and Computer Parts for Recycling

    Your laptop likely contains sensitive personal information, like your bank account info and social security number. To avoid identity theft or scams, wipe your laptop of personal information before sending it to a recycler.

    First, create a backup to save important data. Plug in an external hard drive and save every file you want to keep onto it. You could also save this data to a flash drive or put it in cloud storage. Then, you can easily transfer this data to your new laptop and clear it from your old one.

    Wipe your old laptops hard drive by manually deleting the files and, to go a step further, using a shredding program to overwrite the files. You can then restore the computer to factory settings.

    If your laptop wont turn on for you to wipe it clean, you can remove the hard drive or destroy it to protect the data. The best way to destroy it is to drill through it or break the circuit board.

    You may also need to remove your laptops battery to recycle that separately. Flip your laptop over and remove it before sending it to a recycler.

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    Selling An Old Computer For Cash

    Yet another option for your old computer is selling it yourself. Many times an older laptop is outdated for our use or our business, but it could suffice for another person or maybe serve a young person well as a first computer. Parents often dont want to purchase an expensive brand new laptop for their child, but they need one for school. As long as your computer is functioning correctly, you should be able to find a buyer. You can use online marketplaces such as Craigslist or eBay, be sure you have encrypted and wiped all of your data before selling it. You do not want any of your data available and put yourself at risk for identity theft.

    Turn It Into An External Monitor

    You can also reuse your old laptop as an external monitor, as long as the monitor is in okay shape. Using multiple monitors while youre on your new computer can help you work much quicker.

    To do this, youll need to use an application to control your old laptop remotely or cables to connect your devices.

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    Protect Data Before Selling A Broken Laptop

    The hard drive of your broken laptop may hold much information including personal files, bank information, website log-ins, passwords, and more. You had better erase your data before selling your laptop for cash. Or else, criminals could make use of your personal information.

    Besides, if there are some important files saved on the hard drive and you also should back up them, then erase them.

    Back up Files Before Selling Broken Laptops

    How can you back up files on your broken laptop? As you know, when the laptop is damaged, the Windows operating system may be unbootable. So, file backup becomes a difficult task. But, if you use a professional PC backup software, the thing becomes easy.

    MiniTool ShadowMaker, developed by MiniTool, is designed to back up files, folders, Windows operating systems, disks, and partitions. Importantly, it offers a feature to allow you to create a bootable disc or USB drive so that you can keep your PC when the PC cannot start up.

    Step 1: Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker, go to the Tools tab and choose Media Builder, follow the guide on the screen to create a bootable CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive.

    Step 2: Insert the bootable drive to your broken laptop, change the boot order, and run the machine from the drive. Also, prepare an external hard drive as the storage backup device.

    Step 3: Navigate to the Backup window, click the section, choose Folders and Files, and check all the items that you want to back up.


    Where Can I Recycle

    5 Best Ways To Reuse, Resell or Recycle Your Broken Laptop

    Our electronics are filled with resources everything from glass and plastic to gold, silver, copper and palladium that need to be recovered and recycled and its never been easier to do so. There are over 2,500 Recycle My Electronics authorized collection locations across Canada and the postal code search makes finding your nearest drop-off location even easier.

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    Take It To A Recycler

    Plenty of nonprofit organizations and local communities offer options to help you recycle old electronics. One group, Call2Recycle, offers drop-off locations for rechargeable batteries and cell phones all over the U.S. To find a location, just enter your ZIP code at .

    Access may be limited due to concerns about COVID-19, so before leaving home, be sure to contact the drop-off location to confirm it’s open and accepting recyclables.

    You can also look for local options by entering your ZIP code and the product you want to recycle at the Computer Technology Associations Recycle Locator or Earth911s extensive recycling database. Earth911 offers assistance by phone at 800-CLEANUP, too.

    For more options, or to learn how e-waste gets recycled, consult Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, which lists facilities certified for electronic recycling.

    Turn The Hard Drive As An External Hard Drive

    If your hard drive of the broken laptop can still work, but the machine is unusable, you can take the disk out of your laptop and use it as an external hard drive. Or, you can install the hard drive of the damaged laptop to a desktop and let it be a second storage disk.


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    Recycle Laptops: Your Quick

    If youve decided to recycle a laptop or desktop computer, heres how in three easy steps


    Have you backed up files that you want to keep? Did you remove memory cards, and batteries? Have you erased your personal data? Use our guide to deleting data.

    BAG IT

    Bag up your unwanted computer and accessories until youre ready to take them for recycling. Recycle the battery pack with your other batteries if its removable they are a fire risk if mixed in with other recycling.


    Find your nearest electricals recycling or donation point by using our locator. If youre buying a new computer you can now hand over your old one in store for recycling.

    Use It As A Digital Picture Frame

    Shredding Broken Laptops and Computer Parts for Gold Recycling with a Mitts & Merrill Shredder

    If youre not experienced with electronic parts, you will likely need help from someone to complete this project.

    Disassemble the laptop and fit the circuitry and the LCD display into a shadow box to transform it into a digital photo frame. You can then use a program to display a slideshow of your favorite photos, which can be a fun addition to the family room.

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    Before Donating Or Recycling Your Used Electronics

    • For your computer or laptop, consider upgrading the hardware or software instead of buying a brand new product.
    • Delete all personal information from your electronics.
    • Remove any batteries from your electronics, they may need to be recycled separately.
    • Check for recycling facilities in your state or community.

    How To Recycle Your Laptop Desktop And Peripherals

    Getting rid of your old tech safely is easier than it might seem. There are government supported recycling services, charities and even independent businesses that will take your old gear off your hands. However, they are unlikely to accept hazardous or dangerous items.

    Recycling Near You

    Recycling Near You is one stop shop for all the e-cycling information you need. It’s an excellent, gigantic database administered by Planet Ark that lists recycling information, drop-off locations and curbside collection contact information relative to your postcode. This includes government-backed services, charities and private organisations. You can search each relevant database at these links:

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    Government services the NTCRS

    The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme lets homes and small businesses dispose of their computers, computer components and TVs at drop-off points in each state and territory, free of charge. Under the scheme, any company that makes or imports TVs or computers into Australia is required to pay for the end-of-life recycling of their products.

    You can recycle most e-waste products at NTCRS drop-off points, including:

    • Laptops, notebooks and tablets
    • Desktop computers
    • Central processing units
    • Printers
    • Peripherals

    TechCollect partners with businesses to create e-waste drop-off points.

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    Electronics Recycling At Home

    The future is in your hands. Dont let it go to waste.

    Electronics recycling at home is your opportunity to have a direct impact on the environment. Our electronics are filled with resources everything from glass and plastic to gold, silver, copper and palladium that need to be recovered and recycled and its never been easier to do so. There are over 2,500 Recycle My Electronics authorized collection locations across Canada, including right here in Vancouver.

    The Recycle My Electronics program recycles approximately 15.5 million devices a year in British Columbia and since the program began in 2009, we have recycled approximately 100 million devices. Consider this recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent of the electricity used by 3,657 homes in a year.

    Getting Rid Of The Laptop

    Recycling appliances stock photo. Image of landfill, garbage
  • 1Sell your computer. Even if your old laptop is a little slow or doesnt seem to work at all, there may be someone out there who wants to buy it. Advertise your laptop for sale online or around your neighborhood, making sure to list any issues with it and any specifications you can work out.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • Some people will purchase old laptops for different parts. For them, it doesnt matter if the laptop isnt working, as long as its in a good physical condition.
  • 2Trade in your laptop for cash or gift cards. Many different electronics stores and laptop companies have programs where you can trade in your old technology for a small payment. Look online or ask at your local electronics store to find a trade-in program near you that can give an estimate of how much they will pay for old laptops.XResearch source
  • Best Buy, Apple, and Amazon all have trade-in programs that operate all over the United States.
  • Make sure to compare the amounts and payment methods between different programs to get the best deal for your old laptop.
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