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Where To Repair Hp Laptop

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Repair to HP Laptop HP-AC104TU

Hinckley provides electronics recycling services to a wide range of clients including local, national and international businesses, other electronics recyclers, local governments managing residential collections and electronics manufacturers who are required to meet state and country legislative requirements.


Hinckleycustomer first approach is the basis for ensuring seamless transactions between Hinckley and our clients, not only during pickups at their locations, but throughout the entire asset recovery process.

Try Booting Computer In Safe Mode

First Lets Get Out Of This Start Repair Loop Using Advanced Boot Options Please follow these steps

  • Restart Your Laptop By Pressing the Power key and Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Now As Soon As You See Your Computer start Booting Keep Tapping The KEY F8 On Your Keyboard Rapidly.
  • Now It May Give You Many Advance Options
  • Use Your Down Arrow On Keyboard And Navigate It too Safe Mode With Networking
  • Then Press Enter And Let The Computer Boot
  • Once You Are Login To Your Computer You Can Refresh Or Restore Your Computer To The Previous Date When It Was Working Fine.

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What Should I Do Before Sending My Laptop For Repair

Here are the five things you need to consider before taking your computer in for repair. Be selective with whom you entrust your device. Make sure you have a data backup. Remove any personal data before repair, or make sure it is encrypted. Keep your software keys. Make it as easy as possible to access your device.

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Where To Check Repair Status

05-31-201701:23 PM – edited 05-31-201701:25 PM

Im not sure where to post this. My HP ZBook 17 G2 was sent in under warranty for repairs. I got it all worked out through HP Support Assistant which let me actually chat with someone.

Since I sent the laptop in a week ago, there are still no updates to repair status, it does not even show that it was received under the tracking number. No information has been updated. I call the provided number 888-886-3292 and it only tells me that the option I need is not available at this time . All other available options via the HP sight and provided info seem vague and I am sitting here wonder and waiting. I know these things may take time but I just want to check on it to make sure everything is ok.

Biggest annoyance though, is I cannot for the life of me find a chat option. It would make it so much easier. It is not listed as available support options from the site. Is that something I can only do through my laptop, which is in repair?

HELP! The sky is falling!

You can try the below link :

Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome back

I hope the sky is still up there where it should be. I am sorry about your confusion.

Note, that depending on your model, country laws and support options, it may take up to 30 days for the device to be repaired and returned

The phone for USA should be > > 1–334-5144

Please, let me know how it goes and if you face difficulties.



Avail Our Services Now

Repair of Broken Laptop Hinges and Cracked Top Cover ...

Workshop repair service Our workshop is open 7 days a week from 7am up to 10pm and even on holidays. Be sure to give us a call at 3155 2002 so we can prioritize your visit schedule. Our service is guaranteed to have no call out fees ever!

Onsite services Reboot Computer Repairs Northgate offers onsite services so you dont have to leave your home or your workplace. We will bring our services to you! Just give us a call and we will be right at your service.

Remote services Our expert technicians can offer remote service too! All you have to do is download a software that will allow us to access your computer remotely with no extra cost.

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Is It Worth Replacing The Motherboard On A Laptop

If your laptops motherboard was damaged by physical impact, liquid, heat or electrical damage, you may need to replace it or buy a new computer. You should consult computer repair experts near you to determine if replacing your laptops motherboard is worth the cost. Compare the price quotes you receive with new laptop prices, and decide which option is the most cost-effective.

Get The Right Tools And Open The Screen

Prepare yourself by having the following on hand:

  • A clean, flat surface where you can work
  • A putty knife or similar object to remove the screen bezel
  • A magnetic Phillips screwdriver
  • A pin or needle for removing the bezel
  • A small dish to hold screws
  • Adhesive or tape to secure the new LCD to the laptop frame

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The Screen Has Dead Pixels

Dead pixels on a laptop screen look like dots that dont change color no matter what they should display. Usually they are stuck fully white, black, red, green, or blue. You can sometimes ignore these screen pimples , but a large group can be super distracting. Use this dead-pixel checker webpage to find a stuck pixel.

This WikiHow guide provides some useful strategies for fixing a dead pixel, including flashing static on the screen via the JScreenFix website or applying slight pressure or heat to the stuck pixel area. If none of these fixes work, you can replace your display with some guides here on iFixit.

Does Hp Repair Laptops Under Warranty

How To Fix – HP Laptop Key Replacement / Repair for Small Normal Sized Letter Function F Arrow Keys

To obtain hardware warranty service, call Customer Care or a participating authorized HP Personal Computer Repair Center at one of the numbers listed later in this document. Use the HP Customer Care number during and after your products warranty period. Support is provided free of charge during the warranty period.

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Is Hp Repair Free

To obtain hardware warranty service, call Customer Care or a participating authorized HP Personal Computer Repair Center at one of the numbers listed later in this document. Use the HP Customer Care number during and after your products warranty period. Support is provided free of charge during the warranty period.

What Should I Do Before Sending A Computer In For Repairs

Before you send your computer to a technician to fix it, take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you hire a reputable, top-rated professional to handle the repairs. Look at past photos of work theyve completed and read their customer reviews on Thumbtack.
  • Back-up your data. To ensure you dont lose the data on your computer, back-up your files to an external hard drive.
  • Ensure you have access to important information. If you need to access certain files or information from your computer, make sure you can access that information through a cloud storage system or external drive.
  • Erase sensitive information. If you have files that contain sensitive information about your finances, accounts, passwords, etc., delete them before you bring your computer to a repair shop.
  • Log out of your accounts. Make sure youre logged out of your bank, social media and other accounts.

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Hp Laptop Repair Experts In London

Creative IT, based in Central London, is one of the leading laptop repair stores in the UK with several years of experience in the industry. At Creative IT, our aim is to provide excellent London HP laptop repair services to residential and business customers and students. We are a nationwide full-service centre and we offer a convenient mail-in service for UK residents. So get in touch with Creative IT for your entire HP notebook repair requirements.

Since our team of technicians and engineers have specialist knowledge of all laptop and notebook computer models, our HP laptop repairs are quick, reliable and efficient. Our foremost priority is to complete your HP notebook repair and upgrade services as quickly and professionally as potential. We offer quick turnaround repair and upgrade services for all models including:

How To Book Hp Laptop Repair And Services

Hp Laptop Repair service center Calicut Kozhikode

Booking a professional for Delhi HP laptop repair and services can be done both online and offline as per the booking policy of the service centre in question.

Online booking

Customers can book a service online through the website of the service provider. This mode proves very convenient for many as they can book the service anytime and from anywhere. In online booking, usually, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS on their registered mobile number about service booking along with details like the name and contact number of the technician assigned for the job.

Offline booking

Customers may also book a technician for HP laptop repair and services over the phone by directly calling up the nearest HP laptop service centre. A customer representative will provide all necessary information about the availability of the technician and also the cost that the customer has to incur for the specific service. People facing an issue with their HP laptop may also walk into the service centre along with their laptop to hand over the device personally.

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Hp Laptop Repair Services In Kenya

Hewlett-Packard Company, or HP, is one of the top names in both desktop and laptop computers.

When your Hp laptop develops problems, need an upgrade or accidentally breaks, trust the experts with solving all your Hp laptop issues. WefixTech is the leading Hp laptop repair service center, a one stop solution for Hp repair in Nairobi.

At WefixTech, our aim is to provide excellent HP laptop repair services to individuals, business customers and students. We are a nationwide full-service center and we offer a convenient mail-in service for Kenya residents.

Our team of technicians and engineers have expert knowledge of all laptop and notebook computer models, our HP laptop repairs are quick, affordable and efficient. Our foremost priority is to complete your HP Notebook repair and upgrade services as quickly and professionally as potential.

We can also arrange professional mail in/ courier services and same day pick up and delivery services for those who cannot bring their faulty HP Laptop to our Nairobi repair center.

We repair all kinds of hardware and software issues at our Hp Laptop repair in Nairobi.

Hardware Support & Solutions


The HP Service Center has been operated by the Hinckley Group since 2001. Hinckley opened the first ever service center in Nigeria and to this day they operate the only dedicated network of HP Service Centers in the country.


At Hinckley we know that hardware downtime is simply not an option. To avoid such situation, you need to make sure your hardware is maintained in the best possible shape to ensure business critical performance.

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The Battery Dies Quickly

You might need a new battery. See the replacement guides here on iFixit or elsewhere on the web for instructions on removing the battery in your laptop.

Alternately, you might just be running intensive software on your laptop like a game, video editing suite, or a simulation program. These apps will eat through your battery like a teenager after a fast. You can check the current maximum capacity of your battery vs. its original maximum capacity using the powercfg command on Windows or the acpi command on Linux .

Remove External Disks And Devices

Laptop Hinge Repair – HP Envy

Step 1: turn off the HP laptop.

Step 2: remove all external disks and devices connected to the laptop: USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, printers, scanners, docking stations, and so on.

Step 3: try to turn on your laptop by pressing the power button.

  • If it starts normally, you can confirm that a problematic external disk/device is making your HP laptop unbootable. You should turn off the laptop again -> connect one hardware device each time -> turn on the laptop to see what happens. Please repeat this process until you find which hardware/device is
  • However, if your HP notebook wont turn on, you should turn to other solutions.

How to restart or shut down a laptop on which Windows 10 is running:

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How Do You Fix A Loose Headphone Jack On A Laptop

  • Using a different device, connect the headphones.
  • Make sure the plug sizes are correct.
  • Dust and debris should not be placed on the headphone jack.
  • Check for corrosion in the water.
  • A bent headphone plug is available.
  • The compressed air nozzle should be pointed to the headphone jack.
  • A headphone plug that has been broken.
  • Why Are My Earphones Not Working When I Plug Them In

    If your headphones cable, connector, remote, and earbuds are damaged, they need to be replaced. You can find debris on the meshes of each earbud by looking at them. You can remove debris by gently brushing all openings with a soft-bristled brush that is clean and dry. Ensure that your headphones are plugged in firmly.

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    Recover Data From Hp Laptop That Wont Turn On

    Note:recover files from your laptop hard drive

    Step 1: create a bootable disc.

  • Find another Windows computer.
  • Get MiniTool Power Data Recovery that has a Snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder.
  • Install and run MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
  • Connect a USB drive to or insert a CD/DVD into the computer.
  • Click on the Bootable Media button in the lower left corner.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to make a bootable CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.
  • Remove the bootable disc properly from the current computer.
  • Step 2: change boot order on HP laptop.

  • Press the Power button.
  • Press Esc/F10 to enter the BIOS settings menu.
  • Go to Storage -> Boot Options.
  • Change the boot order to make the bootable disc the first boot device.
  • Exit & restart the HP laptop.
  • Step 3: recover data from a non-bootable HP laptop.

  • Connect a removable disk to the laptop to save recovered data.
  • Select MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the MiniTool PE Loader screen.
  • Choose Hard Disk Drive from the left pane.
  • Select your hard drive from the right pane and click Scan.
  • You can also double click on the drive to start the scanning process at once.
  • Wait for the scan and browse the results. Check what you want to recover.
  • Click on the Save button and select the external disk as the storage location. Click OK.
  • Wait for the recovery process to complete.
  • After that, you should close the software and change the boot order back.

    Our High Standard Hp Computer Repairs Northgate Service

    Tips on How to Perform an HP Laptop Motherboard Repair

    HP DC jack repair Is your HP computers DC Jack loose and wont charge? We can repair or replace your HP DC jack to ensure that you can charge and use your computer comfortably again.

    HP motherboard repair Motherboard is one of the most essential part that makes your computer function. Damaged motherboard can make your computer stop functioning properly. Our experts at Reboot Computer Repairs Northgate can easily fix or replace your motherboard making sure that your computer runs smoothly. We offer nothing but the best HP computer repairs in Brisbane!

    HP LCD repair and replacement Broken LCD screen? Dont worry! Bring it to us and we will have it replaced with genuine HP LCD display right away.

    HP backlight repair and replacement Is your HP LCD screen shows a very dim and fainted display? Your HP computers backlight might need repairing. Make no mistake and give Reboot Computer Repairs Northgate a call and we will have it repaired in no time.

    HP laptop keyboard repair and replacement Our experts at Reboot Computer Repairs Northgate can provide all kinds of repairs and services for your HP computer. In fact, we provide the best services in all of Brisbane! So whether you spilled coffee all over your keyboard or some keys wont work, rest assured our experts can handle it.

    For all your HP repair and service requirement, please and be confident that your computer is handled with utmost care by expert, trustworthy and certified professionals.

    Hardware Installation

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    Hp Laptop Repair Near Me

    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Vaughan and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Richmond Hill and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area

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    Monthly Or Yearly Rates

    Others prefer to set up an ongoing account with individuals, like Compute This Online in Winter Haven, FL, who charges $324/year to maintain and support a machine on a monthly basis. People uncomfortable with technology but who find themselves more dependent on it every day find this to be the ideal solution for their ongoing frustration.

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    Why Does My Hp Laptop Say Automatic Repair

    Simple Windows hang-up, hardware problems , may be the cause. You may have a faulty HDD , or you may have a faulty Windows Update, a faulty driver, a corrupted bootloader, or a corrupted boot configuration data. The computer should be turned back on after being turned back on. System Diagnostics can be opened by selecting F2.

    Fix Hp Printer Error Code E3

    What to do if you need a repair for your HP computer in Europe: HP How To For You | HP Support | HP

    If you are experiencing HP Printer Error Code E3 on your Windows 11/10 computer, try the following solutions and see if they work. We would recommend you to go through the troubleshooting guide in the given order.

  • Restart your devices
  • Let us talk about them in detail.

    1] Restart your devices

    As mentioned earlier, the issue can be a temporary glitch. To fix it, we first need to restart both your computer and the printer. First, restart your system. This way, it will stop any services that could cause the issue in question. If that doesnt work, then restart the printer by following the prescribed steps.

    • Disconnect the Printer from the computer.
    • Turn off the device.
    • Unplug the printer and wait for a minute.
    • Replug the printer and connect it to the system.

    Now, retry printing something. Hopefully, it will work this time.

    2] Check the carriage

    More often than not, the issue is caused because of the carriage. There are can be some bits of pieces left that you need to clean in the input as well as the output tray. So, what you should do is follow the prescribed steps to inspect the carriage the right way.

    • Unplug the Printer
    • Pull the door of the carriage.
    • Search and remove any bit of paper, dirt, and some other thing that is stuck there.
    • Check the latch of the carriage and make sure that it is not broken and is locked into its place.
    • Close the door.
    • Replug the printer and turn it on.

    Try printing and check if the issue persists.

    3] Run Printer Troubleshooter

    For Windows 11

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