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Where’s My Laptop

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If A User’s Laptop Goes Missing Or Is Stolen Then He/she Can Locate And Remotely Lock The Device Using The ‘find My Device’ Feature

Find the “computer” Button – Windows 10

Just like Android and iOS devices, Microsoft also provides a ‘Find My Device’ feature for its Windows laptops.

If a user’s laptop goes missing or is stolen, then he/she can locate and remotely lock the device using this feature.

However, this feature requires a working internet connection and laptops are not always connected to a network, which makes tracking a lost device a bit difficult.

Restore To Factory Settings

Many devices offer a function to Restore to factory settings. This will return the device to the state in which you bought it.

Can be used on devices which do not have removable or otherwise accessible storage media.

This method relies on the device manufacturer to have implemented a secure wiping stage into the factory reset process.

You should check with the device manufacturer to determine if this is sufficiently secure.

How To Enable Find My Device Feature On Windows 11

ByMauro Huculakpublished 25 December 21

Windows 11 with your Microsoft account makes it to find your computer in case it gets lost or stolen.

On Windows 11, you can enable the “Find my device” feature to locate your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer anywhere it might be if it gets lost or stolen.

The feature works by leveraging your Microsoft account’s ability to sync information to the cloud. When you turn on “find my device,” Windows 11 will periodically send the device’s physical location to Microsoft. If your computer ever gets lost or stolen, you can log into your Microsoft account online to find out the last known location recorded to help you locate the device.

In this Windows 11 guide, we will walk you through the steps to enable, use, and disable the find my device feature.

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How To Remotely Lock Your Windows Pc Or Device

On the same screen that helps you locate your Windows device, you have the option to lock it. To get there, follow the steps from the previous section: log into your account at, click or tap on the device you want to locate, then on Find my device. Click or tap the Lock button to remotely lock your PC or device with Windows. A pop-up appears, describing the Lock device process. Here, you can add a message that will be displayed on the lock screen once the device is successfully locked. Type your message and press the Lock button when you are ready.

Remotely locking a Windows device

If the device is online, Microsoft locks it remotely, sends you an email confirming the action and displays a confirmation message. If its not online, you will receive an email when the lock is successful.

The confirmation message after locking a device remotely

When the Windows PC or device is locked remotely, your message is displayed on the screen.

Windows is locked remotely, with a message shown on the screen

The device lock is similar to the normal locking, except it can only be deactivated by an administrator.

Where Is Clipboard And How To Enable It On Windows 10 2 Ways

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Microsoft disables Clipboard by default on your computer. If you like, you can manually enable Clipboard on Windows 10.

Way 1. Through Windows Settings. You can press Windows + I, click System in Settings, click Clipboard in the left panel, and turn on the switch under Clipboard history.

Tip: If you want to disable Clipboard on Windows 10 in the future, you can go to the same page and toggle the switch off.

Way 2. You can also press Windows + V keyboard shortcut to fast open Clipboard on Windows 10. Here you can see a Turn on button if you havent turned on Clipboard yet, you can click the button to enable Clipboard feature on your Windows 10 computer.

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It Can Locate Your Device

Next to the Overview tab is the small Find My Device tab. The vast majority of PCs dont have GPS chips enabled, but they can connect to Wi-Fi. Find My Device will show you a small map, along with a list of devices that you own. If youve enabled Find My Device on the PC, as well as location, itll show up on the map.

If your PC is at a particular location, the Find Your Device service will put its location on a map.

How To Track A Laptop

Losing your laptop or being a victim of theft can have disastrous consequences. There are steps you can take to protect your laptop and prevent a security breach if you were to lose this device.

Besides protecting your device with a password, we recommend using one of the built-in tracking tools offered by Windows and Apple. Enabling these features is quick and easy, and they provide you with a reliable way of tracking a lost or stolen laptop.

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How To Set Up Find My Device In Windows 10

1. Tap on the Windows icon to open the Start menu.

2. Select Settings.

3. Tap Update & security.

4. Select Find My Device. If you dont see this option, tap on Windows Update, select Check For Updates and install all available updates.

5. Tap Change. If this box is greyed out, tap on “Turn on location settings to use this feature,” and enable location settings in the following menu.

6. Switch “Save my devices location periodically” on.

Where Is My Computer On Windows 11 How To Find This Pc Easily

Where’s My Computer Gone? #LD48 speed run

Microsoft is quite the busybody, always trying to bring new changes to Windows with updates and newer OS iterations. But just as the Lord giveth, the Lord also taketh away, and every now and then, the update package will also take away a few of your most utilized features and folder access utilities.

That has been the case with This PC, or My Computer as it was earlier called. If youre running Windows 11 on your system, youll find that Microsoft has now taken away this much-utilized desktop and Start menu shortcut.

But, fortunately, it can be brought back. In this guide, we take a look at how to go about bringing My Computer back where it belongs, that is, to the fore.

Got Windows 10? Dont worry. Even though the guides below show the Windows 11 UI, they are fully compatible with both Windows 10 too. Yes, absolutely!

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Find A Missing Device

Now let’s say you’re stuck in a situation where your device is missing and you need to find out where it’s hiding. To track down your device, sign into your Microsoft account site and head to the Devices page. Here, you will see all the Windows devices connected to your account.

If Find My Device is on, you will see each device’s last recorded location. Dont worry if the page shows an older location and date for a device that information will be updated when you ping the device. If the missing device is turned on, simply click Find my device.

A page pops up showing you the date, address, and a map pinpointing the device’s location. Using your mouse wheel or trackpad or the Zoom buttons on the map, you can zoom in or out to see the location up close or get a wider bird’s-eye view. You can also pan the map with your mouse.

If You Set Up Find My For Your Missing Mac

  • Open Find My.
  • In the Find My app on another Apple device, select the Devices tab.
  • On the web, sign in to, then click All Devices.
  • Select your Mac to view its location on a map. If your Mac isn’t listed, learn how you can still protect your account.
  • If your Mac is nearby, you can have it play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it.
  • Remotely lock your Mac with a passcode to help prevent unauthorized access. Tap Activate under Mark As Lost in the Find My app, or select Lock on You can display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen in case someone finds your Mac.You can still track your device’s location while it’s locked as long as it’s connected to the internet. If it’s offline, the actions take effect the next time your Mac is online.
  • Report your lost or stolen Mac to local law enforcement. Law enforcement might request the serial number of your Mac. Find your device serial number.
  • If you don’t think you can recover your missing Mac, you can erase it remotely. This deletes all of your data from your Mac and prevents anyone else from accessing that information. When you erase your Mac, all of your information is deleted from the device, and you won’t be able to find it using Find My.
  • Remove your lost or stolen Mac from your list of trusted devices.
  • Learn more about using the Find My app to locate a lost or stolen device.

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    Geofencing And Location History In Windows 10

    Below the list of apps, you’ll also see a paragraph about geofencing. This is a feature that allows an app to monitor your location and then react when you leave a pre-defined area. Cortana, for example, can deliver a reminder such as buying bread when you leave work.

    There are no geofencing settings: it’s part and parcel of the regular location settings. All this area does is let you know if any of your apps are using geofencing. If an app is using the feature, this section says, “One or more of your apps are currently using geofencing.”

    Under Location History, you can erase your location history manually by selecting Clear. If you don’t use this setting, your device will erase the location history automatically after 24 hours.

    How Does My Location Work

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    My Location uses the Geolocation technology that is built-in with your browser which has access to your current location. Geolocation will find your location using latitude and longitude which are the precise location of a point on earth.To use my location tool, we need to get your permission to use the geolocation.Upon visiting our site, your browser will prompt a message “ wants to know your location”, simply select “Allow” to give us permission.In order for you to get your location now and be able to see the lat long, address, and the map correctly, you need to enable the location on your browser. If you are on a smartphone, you will also need to enable the location feature. Otherwise, what’s my location tool wouldn’t be able to find your current location.For privacy reasons, we do not store your location on our website and do not share your location with anyone. Your location will be lost once you leave our site.

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    How To Find A Lost Windows Device

    Cant find your Windows laptop or tablet? No need to worry, if youve enabled a helpful option called ‘Find My Device.’

    If you can’t find your Windows laptop or tablet, Microsoft has a feature called Find My Device that can help you can pinpoint its position via an on-screen map. On Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can then lock the device, have it emit a sound, or send a message to the screen. If you have a desktop PC, this feature can be helpful during a move or other transition.

    In addition to finding one of your own devices, you can locate devices registered to other people in your Microsoft family. The main requirement is that you need a Microsoft account to sign into your device and to track its location. Here’s how this all works.

    Is Your Laptop Microphone Set Up Properly In Windows

    Now that you have located your laptop microphone in your laptop, you want to ensure that it is configured to work in Windows.

    No matter what version of the Windows operating system you are using, you will be able to look in the device manager to see if your built-in microphone appears in the list.

    To open the device manager with a Windows 10 laptop, one of the easiest ways is to type device manager in the search bar. Click on the first application, which should be device manager.

    Now you will see all of the hardware devices for your laptop in a list.

    Double click on audio inputs and outputs and you should see your built-in microphone listed there.

    If you know that your laptop has a built-in microphone and you do not see it listed in the device manager, you will need to install this properly to work.

    You may need to go to your laptop manufacturers website to find the latest drivers for your built-in microphone.

    Modern versions of Windows have a lot of driver information already available, but it is still a good idea to download the driver that your laptop manufacturer recommends.

    Usually, when you download drivers from a laptop manufacturers website, they will provide instructions on what you need to do to set everything up properly in Windows.

    If you have some instructions, then we strongly recommend that you follow these.

    It should not take you long to install the drivers and have your microphone set up and ready to use.

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    Model Number And Serial Number

    Determining your computer model number and serial number helps you troubleshoot the computer and can also help you find the latest drivers and other updates for your computer. With desktop computer, many manufacturers list the information on the side of the computer, like the Hewlett Packard computer sticker shown to the right.

    Laptop, netbook, and hybrid computers often have the model and serial number on the bottom of the computer. If you cannot find this information, manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer also have tools on the computer and websites to help identify your computer.

    Where Is Clipboard Data Stored

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    All things in Windows Clipboard are stored in system RAM. There is no clipboard file on computer hard drive or other storage media. This is why if you shut down a machine, the clipboard data is lost.

    Now you should know how to enable and access Clipboard on Windows 10, view Clipboard history, paste items from clipboard, delete or clear items from Windows 10 Clipboard.

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    Change Your Account Passwords And Enable 2

    When your laptop gets lost or stolen, you need to take proactive steps to protect your valuable information.

    First, you should log into your browser via another device, turn off the automatic sign-in options and delete your saved passwords.

    Heres how to go about it:


    If youre using Chrome, go to advanced settings, choose the password and forms option and click, manage passwords. Next, click the three dots to the site they are saved on, and click delete.


    On Safari, go to general > passwords and autofill. Select saved passwords, click on the edit button and choose delete for your selected websites.


    For Firefox, click on Menu > Preferences. Select Privacy and Security on the left panel. Scroll down until you get to Logins and Passwords. Select the passwords you want to delete and click remove.

    Also, remove all saved payment information from your online e-commerce accounts, such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Netflix, Apple, Best Buy, Target, or Costco. Again, you dont want to risk your personal financial details getting into the wrong hands.

    For business devices, find out how Wright Business Technology can safeguard yours or your employees work laptops with our network security services.

    Enable And Use Windows + E Shortcut

    You can even change Windows Explorer to open My Computer instead of the default Quick Access. To do so, first press the Win + E shortcut to open Windows Explorer.

    Select Options.

    Under the General tab, click on the drop-down menu next to Open File Explorer to.

    Select This PC.

    Click OK.

    Now, whenever you press the Win + E shortcut to open Windows Explorer , youll go directly to This PC.

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    Open Control Panel In Windows 7 Vista Or Xp

  • Open the Start menu.

  • Select Control Panel from the list in the right margin.

    Windows 7 or Vista: If you don’t see Control Panel listed, the link may have been disabled as part of a Start menu customization. Instead, type control in the search box at the bottom of the Start menu and then choose Control Panel when it appears in the list above.

    Windows XP: If you don’t see a Control Panel option, your Start menu may be set to “classic” or the link may have been disabled as part of a customization. Try Start > Settings > Control Panel, or execute control from the Run box.

  • In all three versions of Windows, a grouped view is shown by default but the un-grouped view exposes all the individual applets, making them easier to find and use.

    How To Open My Computer


    In all Windows versions, you can use the keyboard to open My Computer without using the mouse. Pressing the shortcut keys +E opens My Computer . Your computer’s drives and any installed devices are listed under the “This PC” section on the left.

  • Get to the Windows desktop and open Start menu, or navigate to the Start Screen if you are using Windows 8.
  • In earlier versions of Windows, after clicking Start, select My Computer. Or, on the desktop, double-click the My Computer icon. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, select Computer from the Start menu. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, select This PC from the Window’s File Explorer.
  • The following images show examples of the My Computer option in both new and old versions of Windows.

    Windows XP

    In Windows Vista and Windows 7, My Computer is called “Computer” and is accessed through the Start menu, as shown below.

    Windows 7

    In Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, My Computer is called “This PC” and is accessed through the Start menu.

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