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Which Is Better Chromebook Or Laptop

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Chromebooks Are Less Vulnerable To Viruses

Should I Buy a Chromebook or Windows Laptop?

Because of the emphasis on cloud-based working, using a Chromebook doesnt tend to involve much installation of software. This means that;its quite difficult for users to get a virus on one.

And on top of that, Chromebooks are viewed as one of the more robust options available from a virus protection point of view the automatic updates, sandboxing and verified boots of Chrome OS help prevent infection .

All this means that if you are using a Chromebook, you can generally forget the costs associated with virus and malware protection software or paying IT professionals to clear up the mess you made on the network after you opened that attachment from that nice lady in Russia.

Laptop Vs Chromebook: Scorecard And Winner

While PC devotees may be surprised by this turnout, I’ll couch Chromebooks’ win in the fact that this scorecard takes a wide range of users into consideration. Maybe you’re so far past school that you forgot about Pythagorus and his theorem, and now you’re doing graphic design work. Youll surely need that PC or Mac, and Ill happily nudge you towards our list of the best laptops.

But for those struggling to pick one side of the laptop vs Chromebook fence, we are more likely to recommend you get a Chromebook. As the old Apple motto went, “it just works.” And if you live in the Google ecosystem, as many schools and kids do these days, Chromebooks are just right. Not only do they come at more affordable prices and last a bit longer, but they don’t have all the headaches that come with managing a Windows 10 PC.


Can A Chromebook Run Microsoft Office

One of the first questions that were often asked is whether Chromebooks can run Microsoft Word, Excel and the like? They most definitely can, but not the full versions that you can get on Windows computers.

There are two main options when it comes to Chromebook apps: the Google Chrome Store or Android apps.

Both will allow you to create, read and apply basic edits to documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This means you can collaborate with work-colleagues who use Word or Excel, plus its useful for younger ones who need those formats for their homework assignments. One thing to note, the Android version of OneDrive is not currently supported on Chromebooks.

Should you just require a word processor, spreadsheet editor and presentation tools, Googles own office apps are tailor-made for Chromebooks, offer excellent features, and are widely used by businesses too. You can use them for free, too.

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Why Do Chromebooks Have So Little Storage

One thing youll notice when comparing Chromebooks to Windows PCs is that the former usually has a much smaller hard disk or SSD than the latter. This is due to the fact that ChromeOS is very lightweight, so you dont need the 20GB or so required by Windows 10, but also because most apps are intended to be used in the cloud.

This means that your data is stored on Google Drive or other online services, diminishing the need for local storage for apps and files.

If you like to store all of your photos or music on your PC, then this could cause issues, as the standard 32GB or 64GB of onboard space offered by most Chromebooks might not be enough.

You can use an external USB drive though, which has the added benefit of allowing you to move your music library to any computer of your choice just by plugging it in, although this is an additional purchase.

As a rule, Chromebooks are usually cheaper than their Windows counterparts, as they don’t need the same level of hardware and components to deliver fast performance. There are exceptions though, with Google’s own Pixelbook starting at around £1000/$1000.

For that kind of money, we’d be very hesitant to take a Chromebook over something like the Dell XPS 13 or Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, both of which offer far more versatility.;

Who Are Chromebooks For

Chromebook vs Laptop: Which is better?

Chromebooks are designed with a few specific people in mind. At the forefront are students, as school administrations tend to favor Chromebooks due to their security benefits, sturdy build quality, and software limitations. That means youll find cheap Chromebooks in public schools all across the country.

Chromebooks go beyond just cheap, plastic laptops for kids. There are also higher-end options for professionals and college students. Because they tend to be lightweight with long battery life, they are great options for people who need to take their work on the go, whether thats from class to class or on long flights. Some of these include the Google Pixelbook, , and the Asus Chromebook Flip C436.

There are certainly those same options in the Windows 10 laptop world. However, in the cheaper price range, Chromebooks can sometimes provide a better value. For example, approximately $500 is where Chromebooks thrive, but Windows 10 laptops at this price tend to get bogged down with a thick chassis and clunky performance.

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Chromebook Vs Macbook Privacy Comparison

In the war of Chromebook vs Macbook, privacy is the most prominent thing which we must check out. There is no doubt that the privacy of the MacBook is very high as compare to other laptops. But, if we compare it with Chromebook, then the statement will be changed.

As we know, Chromebook laptops have Googles Chrome operating system, which is developed by the Google company. Also, the operating system of Chromebook has Linux based OS along with the Chrome OS.

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Thus, privacy, as well as the security of Chromebook, will be higher than Macbook. Chromebook laptops are new on the market so that they have to take care about the privacy of their users. Thus, the same thing is completed by Chromebooks. However, because of the old company, Apple does not want to lose its trust in the market regarding the privacy issue.

So, Apple is also providing the best privacy to its user. Overall, the winner in the battle of Chromebook vs Macbook in privacy matter is both the laptops.

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What Is A Macbook

Apples MacBook laptops are some of the most capable, usable, and expensive computers around. They run macOS, a traditional operating system famous for being slick and easy to learn. MacBooks are solid laptops on their own, but with Apple products, the real fun is in the product synergy: MacBooks can natively work with iPhones, AirPods, and even software services to unlock cross-product functionality. For example, if you own an iPhone, you can seamlessly take and transfer phone calls using a MacBook.

MacBook laptops are pricey, but theyre generally worth the investment: theyre stable, they last forever, and they hold their resale value.

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Laptop Or Macbook: Windows Or Macos

The speed at which Windows 10 and macOS run depends on the specifications of your laptop or MacBook. If you have a more powerful laptop, the operating system and programs run faster. In contrast to Chrome OS, both of these systems are a little freer. You’re less dependent on apps and you can install any available software. You’ll find that macOS isn’t as suitable for gaming, though, because there aren’t as many games available for macOS.

Best Windows Laptop For Gaming

Chromebook vs Laptop: How They’re Different, How to Choose

The Dell XPS 15 is almost unfair to other laptops, because its essentially a portable powerhouse/gaming PC. Its thin, light, and yet somehow still manages to pack in an NVIDIA GTX 650 video card for 4K gaming and a staggering 32GB of RAM. If youre a gamer, a fan of 4K movies, or you just need the best Windows laptop available check out the XPS 15.

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Chromebook Vs Macbook User Interface Comparison

A user interface is the main thing which almost every user check before purchasing any laptop. If we talk about the user, interface in the battle of Chromebook vs Macbook then both the laptops will be the winner. The user interface of Chromebook laptops is very simple and straightforward.

However, there is a minute difference between Chromebook and MacBook in the user interface. If you are a beginner, then you will face difficulty in using Macbook in the starting few days. But, if a newbie is utilizing the Chromebook then within 10 minutes, he/she will be ready to rock using that Chromebook laptop.

Moreover, the options that are important for every user is placed at the home screen on Chromebook and MacBook both the laptops. Thus, you can say that both the computer is having a very fantastic user interface which is very simple to use.

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Our Pick: Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Tested battery life: 10 hours

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is an exceptional Chromebookits fast, it has an excellent keyboard and trackpad, its compact and light, and its 1080p touchscreen is bright and vivid. And somehow, its still comparatively inexpensive. The battery life is just long enough to last through a day of work or classes, but it can be a tight squeeze, and its the one area in which our other picks do better. Lenovo also has a slightly cheaper model with a Celeron 5205U processor and half the local storage, but most people are better off spending a little more for the performance and storage bump.

The Flex 5s backlit keys offer deeper travel than those of many laptops and feel comfortable to type on, and the keyboard overall is one of the best weve seen on a Chromebook in years. Many Chromebook keyboards are merely serviceable, and others feel stubborn, mushy, and unpleasant to type on. The Flex 5s trackpad, like most Chromebook trackpads nowadays, is accurate and reliable.

The Flex 5 is much lighter and more compact than most Chromebooks in this price range. In fact, at around 3 pounds and 12.2 by 8.4 by 0.7 inches, its closer in weight and size to our upgrade pick, though the Flex 5 is a bit thicker.

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Chromebooks Are More Affordable

A Chromebook;is one of the best budget laptop options available.

This is one argument where Chromebook vs. Windows has an obvious winner. Chromebook’s always come out on top because you can utilize them for;a lower cost;than;many Windows laptops while having almost the same performance level.

Chrome OS works more efficiently, even;when running on lower-end hardware. There is no Windows device available in the market today for $300 that can provide you with the same performance as a similarly priced Chromebook.

Can You Make Video Calls In Chromebook

Chromebooks vs. Windows laptops: Buying advice to help you ...

Today, video calls are still an important part of your computer shopping. Most apps are available on Chromebooks, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, though not FaceTime.

Now, you should know that you will not always achieve all its benefits. For example, you will not be able to record your Zoom calls from Chromebook. If this is not the case, your Chromebook or Windows experience should be just that.

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Whats The Difference Between A Chromebook And A Windows Pc

Though you probably already know what differentiates a Windows PC from a Chromebook, heres a brief refresher: Windows PCs run Microsoft Windows 10 , the dominant operating system for traditional PCs for more than 25 years. They run Windows applications, from Microsoft titles to a raft of third-party software. Windows PCs are available in desktop and laptop forms, and can be configured in infinite ways to accommodate needs from basic productivity to resource-intensive workstations.;

Preston Gralla / IDG

The Start menu is command central for Windows 10.

Chromebooks are much simpler. They run Chrome OS, essentially a Chrome web browser vehicle, and are often priced several hundred dollars less than a Windows PC. The newest Chromebooks contain a bonus, however: the ability to run some Android apps . Another perk: the ability to run Linuxnot something that most users will care about, but a useful niche addition. Chromebooks may be cheap, but theyre surprisingly flexible.

In a Chromebook, many of the apps reside;below the taskbar.

Microsoft Cortana runs within Windows, but the Google Assistant is only in Googles own Pixelbook devices.

Inside, the only real differences are the processor. Windows PCs have a wide range of microprocessors powering them, usually chips from AMD and Intel, or more recently, a Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Though the Chrome OS Files app within Chromebooks is a little rougher than Windows, its been designed with cloud storage from the beginning.

What Cant A Chromebook Do

The limitations of Chrome OS mean you cant install some important software that you might otherwise need. Some notable examples include certain Adobe applications or any kind of proprietary software thats restricted to Windows or MacOS. If you rely on similar applications, youll either need to find a Linux-based alternative or avoid Chromebooks altogether.

Limitations also extend to performance in general. Chromebooks do tend to run fast, but typically thats due to the lightweight nature of Chrome OS its not service-heavy in the background like Windows. However, in some cases, youll be limited by the components inside. Lower-end Chromebooks tend to use older or low-end processors that cant compete with what you get in the Windows and Mac space, especially in terms of multitasking. Then again, if youre looking at spending $200, a Chromebook is a far better option.

On the higher end, there are options like the;HP Chromebook x2 or the Pixelbook, and youll find familiar processors like the eighth-generation Core i5, which features four cores and plenty of power Chromebooks tend to fly with these faster options. Some newer Chromebooks, like Samsungs Galaxy Chromebook and Acers Chromebook Spin 713, have Intels latest 10th-generation processors, further closing the Chromebook, MacBook, and Windows 10 laptop gap.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Google Pixelbook Go 15:11

In our web-browsing battery test, the Flex 5 lasted 10 hours, about two to three hours short of most Chromebooks we tested in 2020 and 2021. Thats still enough battery for the Flex 5 to last through a full day of work or classes, but thats pushing it, especially if you crank up the screen brightness. Wed prefer a couple more hours of battery life, but the Flex 5 excels in so many other ways that its worth this small trade-off.

The lid can be a little tricky; I found myself frequently needing two hands to open the Flex 5. We wish it had a lip, as on some of Lenovos Yoga models, to provide a bit of purchase and make the laptop easier to open. Otherwise, the Flex 5 offers excellent build quality.

The charger that came with our review unit emitted an annoying coil whine when it was plugged in and charging the Flex 5. The problem is not a dealbreaker, and we havent seen enough reviews out there yet to know if this is a widespread issue or just a case of our getting a lemon, but it is irritating.

How Much Local Storage Do You Need

Chromebook VS Laptop – Difference & Which One is Better

There is no denying Windows and macOS laptops have the upper hand when it comes to storage. While 128GB is plentiful in the Chromebook world, Windows and macOS laptops with that amount of storage are seriously lacking. If you have a huge collection of movies, videos, photos, music, and other files, you might want to consider going with Windows or macOS. Taking advantage of the cloud is another great alternative.

There is no denying Windows and Mac OS laptops have the upper hand when it comes to storage.Edgar Cervantes

You can always use external storage too. External hard drives, SD cards, and USB flash drives can help alleviate the commonly low storage space in Chromebooks. Check out the links below for our recommendations.

Get additional storage for your Chromebook:

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Can I Use Windows Apps On Chromebooks

You cant directly install Windows apps on Chromebooks, but many do have web-based versions or equivalents. For example, the aforementioned Microsoft Office is available with reduced features on a Chromebook, while the Google Office suite is a great alternative.

Naturally, youll need a powerful Windows PC to run this type of software, so if youre comparing the models found in our best budget laptop chart youll need to take this into account.

If youre reliant on certain software, it would be a good idea to check whether there is a web version or if its available on Android or ChromeOS, as theres no way to use it otherwise, which could make a Chromebook the wrong choice.

Which Is Right For You Chromebook Or Laptop

In the war between Chromebooks vs. laptops it looks like the winner comes down to personal preference.

The only way youll really be able to decide;if a Chromebook is right for you , is to know what youre going to use it for the most ahead of time. If you only need a machine that goes online, opens web pages, and lets you type to your hearts content, a Chromebook is the perfect pick.

If you think you might need more flexibility down the line however, it might be better to spend your cash on a Windows laptop or Macbook instead. Chrome OS is great for your kids first laptop or as a backup while youre punching out the yearly expense report from an airport terminal. ;But it lags behind when it comes to supporting most types of media playback, running third-party software, or gaming on the go.

Theyre cheap, theyre light, but they also dont do a whole lot. If that sounds like the perfect marriage of just enough features at just a low enough price, then a Chromebook might be right for you.

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