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Which Is Better Desktop Or Laptop For Gaming

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Advantages Of A Gaming Desktop

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop PC – Which is Best in 2021!?

In many ways, pitting a gaming desktop against a gaming laptop can feel like an unfair fight almost like a heavyweight boxer going up against a lightweight. Gaming desktops are much larger machines than their laptop counterparts, and their expansive designs can pack a lot more features inside. Here are some of the top reasons to choose a gaming desktop:

In 1: The Height Of Versatility

Demonstrating the flexibility of modern designs, 2 in 1 laptops switch between traditional laptop or tablet positions to other positions such as standing up like a tent. Spanning between laptop and tablet, many models include touchscreen and stylus capabilities. Some 2 in 1 laptops are closer to tablets, with screens that can be detached completely, while others are extra flexible laptops that can flip, swivel, or slide to new modes.

With design options that range from traditional laptop to tablets, consider how you are going to use your device. Keep portability, performance, flexibility, monitor size, and price in mind as you shop.

Put The Gpu First: Graphics Are Key

The main attribute that makes or breaks a gaming laptop is its graphics processing unit . We don’t consider a laptop to be a gaming laptop unless it has a discrete graphics chip from Nvidia or AMD. A quick crash course for the uninitiated: In general, the higher the number in a GPU series, the more powerful it is. For example, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 will produce higher frame rates and higher-quality graphics than an RTX 3070, and so on down the stack.

Nvidia is the dominant player in the field right now, currently producing discrete mobile GPUs based its “Ampere” microarchitecture. Ampere GPUs sell under the GeForce RTX 30-Series name and launched on laptops in early 2021. This platform supplanted the previous “Turing” generation, though you will still find these 20-Series GPUs at online retailers in some laptops that released last year. Unlike prior generations, the top-end Turing and Ampere GPUs available on laptops carry an “RTX” designation rather than “GTX,” a nod to the ray-tracing technology that the platform offers for enhanced in-game visuals .;

These remain relevant for the time being despite the new GPUs, especially in the lowest-end gaminglaptops, though the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti will begin to replace them in many cases. You will also see, for example, the GTX 1650 Ti utilized in small gaming laptops like the Razer Blade Stealth 13, and in non-gaming laptops that can benefit from some graphics oomph, like the Dell XPS 15.

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Desktop Vs Laptop Gaming

When it comes to gaming, desktops are also the winners. They have better cooling systems and hardware, as well as their upgradeability.

A desktops hardware components are full wattage while a laptop cannot use the components at its full power and manufacturers always limit the power consumption of laptop components.

This is because the more watts or electricity consumed, the more power and heat generated. Laptops dont have a good cooling system to use full wattage components. But desktops have better cooling systems than laptops.

A cooled desktop can work at maximum performance, not having any negative influence on performance. But if you run an intensive game on a laptop without proper measures, adverse effects will appear, for example, laptop overheating and shortened lifespan.


On the other hand, desktop gaming is more immersive than laptop gaming.

Remember: Get Enough Memory

Desktop or laptop: which computer is better for gaming ...

Before we forget, let’s talk memory. In a gaming laptop, look for at least 8GB of RAM. That will give you some breathing room when switching back and forth between your gameplay window and your messaging app, but we’d save researching game tips for when you’re not playing, as each successive browser window you open eats into your RAM allotment.

For a high-end system, we recommend 16GB, so you can have more than one gaming session, your messaging app, several websites, a webcam program, and your video streaming program open simultaneously. A midrange gaming laptop should function fine with 8GB of memory, but be aware that many new laptops are not upgradable. You may be stuck with the amount of memory you order. For an investment-grade gaming laptop, 16GB is the ideal target; for most folks who aren’t extreme streamers or multitaskers, more than that is overkill.

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Is A Laptop Desktop Or All

Best answer: Choosing between a laptop, desktop, or All-in-One PC comes down to several arguments. How you want to use your PC outside of work, where you want to take it, what type of display you want, and how powerful you want it to be all play a role in the final decision.

Do Gaming Laptops Look Different

There are lots of gaming laptops which look pretty much like a standard laptop, but gamers do tend to like to play on computers which have a gaming look about them. So more and more gaming laptops are decorated by bright colours, metallic finishes, large icons and prominent ridges which give that high-tech look. Gamers are increasingly going for a look which differentiates a gaming laptop from a standard one. Its cooler to be a gamer than an office worker isnt it?

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Desktop Vs Laptop For Work

If your primary purpose for buying a new computer is for work, then whether you should get a laptop or desktop all depends on what kind of work you are doing.

If you are a graphic designer, or you create/edit videos, or you undertake any other kind of demanding tasks, a desktop might be your best option as it will provide you with more power for your budget.

Or, if you are working from an office or from your home, and you dont need to leave your place of work often, a desktop will be a solid option.

On the flip side, though, if you need the mobility of a laptop, whether thats because you travel frequently for work, or you like to go to coffee shops to work, or even if you work from home and you like to be able to work from anywhere in your house, a laptop will be the better option for you.

Even if your line of work requires a lot of power from your system, there are high-end laptops out there that will work for you Just note, though, that youre going to pay exponentially more for a high-end laptop than you would for a high-end desktop.

But, overall, either a laptop or desktop could be the better option for work-related purposes. It just depends on whether youre a stationary worker or a mobile worker

Gaming Laptop Vs Gaming Desktop: Pros And Cons


Aside from any monetary considerations

If you want to get into PC gaming, youll have to choose whether you want to buy a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop PC. Since its a long-term financial commitment, you may want to consider the pros and cons of owning a gaming laptop versus a gaming desktop.

Note: This article is written considering normal times in terms of pricing and availability. The prices of desktop computer components can be affected by silicon shortages, making them more expensive or less available than comparable laptops. In that case, you should adjust your reasoning to take that into account.

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Desktops And Laptops By Application

Ultimately, the sole benefit of a laptop is mobility. If it wasnt for the mobility of a laptop, there really wouldnt be any reason to choose a laptop over a desktop. But, the reality is that mobility is a huge benefit for certain types of users. And, as such, laptops are a necessity for those individuals.

In this section, well take a look at the types of applications that laptops and desktops make the most sense in.

In my opinion, there are four main categories of application that one will be looking to use their computer for. They are:

  • Gaming
  • School
  • Leisure
  • Most computer owners will do some sort of mix of the above. But lets take a look at each of those categories to give you an idea of how laptops and desktops stack up against each other for each use application

    Considering Gaming Laptop Build & Portability

    Purchasing a gaming laptop, you are offered with a portable build, although some laptops may be very heavy, they still have an upper hand in mobility when compared to gaming desktops. Some of the things one considers in this aspect include the offer for an inbuilt display, inbuilt keyboard and the trackpads. Most of these parts are fixed and not easily removed and removing them is mostly facilitated by replacement after damage as their manufacturers do not think they are parts you should easily swap.

    Moving on to the internals, Rams, hard drives and SSDs can be replaced, not only for replacement after damage but for improved performance.;The core power of gaming laptops, the processor and graphics processing unit have no option for replacement either because of damage or upgrade, they are fixed.

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    Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop

    When it comes to gaming there is one thing that can divide many gamers, the gaming laptop vs desktop debate.

    WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    If you are new to gaming you may be unsure of whether a gaming laptop or desktop is the better option to choose. It is worth noting that they both have their pros and cons. Every individual has their own preferences and what will be suitable for one person, may not be for another.

    This is why it is essential to look at both sides of the coin. In this article, we have discussed both gaming laptops and desktops in more detail. We have compared and contrasted key aspects for both to help you decide which is the better option.

    The Best Gaming Laptop In A 14

    Gaming Laptop Or Desktop: Which Is Better In 2021?

    The ROG Zephyrus G14 is the best 14-inch gaming laptop you can buy. We most recently reviewed last years model, which includes AMDs Ryzen 4000 series up to the eight-core Ryzen 9 4900HS and an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. Theres a brand-new model out featuring the Ryzen 5000 series and Nvidias RTX 30-series graphics, which were looking forward to getting our hands on ASAP.

    For well under $2,000, the Zephyrus crams one of the most powerful mobile processors on the market into a super portable 14-inch chassis. With capable cooling to boot, the laptop delivers frame rates weve never seen in a laptop of this size before. It handled every game we threw at it without breaking a sweat.

    But aside from its excellent gaming performance, the G14 makes a great daily driver. The keyboard, touchpad, display, and port selection are all excellent. Even the battery life is good something we almost never get to say about gaming laptops.

    There are a few downsides to the G14, but theyre fairly small and user-dependent. The most significant note is that it lacks a webcam; youll need an external one if you plan on taking video calls. Theres also some bleed in the backlighting, theres no Thunderbolt connectivity , and the fans can get louder than most under load. But these are very much nitpicks that wont have a large impact on plenty of peoples gaming experience. Overall, we have very few complaints.

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    The Best Budget Gaming Laptop

    The Dell G5 15 SE offers a great gaming experience at a price range far below that of many competitors. You can buy it for around $1,000, and it doesnt ask too many compromises for that price. While it only comes with a 60Hz screen, the hardware inside is capable of maxing that out on all kinds of demanding games at native 1080p resolution, so you can reliably expect a playable experience from your favorite titles.

    Were also impressed by the G5s connectivity. It includes a Mini DisplayPort, an HDMI, and an Ethernet jack all ports you dont see every day on laptops at this price point. Overall, if youre looking for great value for your money, the G5 is your best bet.

    Gaming Computers Have Better Quality And Higher End Audio

    Since PC games tend to make audio as rich and realistic as possible, the gaming computer should be able to produce these sounds as they were intended to. The audio plays an important role in transporting the player to the virtual game universe. This is why audio quality cannot be compromised. Gaming PCs come with much better speakers than regular ones. Better yet, you can also get third party wireless speaker kits for improved sound quality. This coupled with the high end graphics take the gaming experience literally out of this world.

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    Workstation Vs Gaming Vs Desktop: Which Pc Is For You

    Getting the lowdown

    From the onset, let’s be clear about the definitions.

    • A desktop PC or personal computer is usually powered by an x86 processor, runs Microsoft’s Windows operating system, is connected to a monitor and the mains and is usually fixed. Yes, there are a myriad of other combinations , but we’ll stick to those for now.
    • A workstation PC is a subset of the desktop PC family. They are primarily used by engineers , analysts, designers, content creation professionals, developers and anyone that requires data manipulation with a strong visual slant.
    • A Gaming PC is the consumer alter-ego of the workstation PC and, as its name implies, is used mostly for gaming. However, their sheer performance and value-for-money ratio have made for some a compelling alternative to their workstation siblings.

    But there’s more to that: workstations are built with reliability, first and foremost, in mind, because they address a very different audience; one that earns a living working on a computer.

    Quite different to a gamer. Which is why all workstations worthy of the name will come with an array of technologies that will enable it to remain in working order as long as possible. These include:

    The other big differences include:

    The bottom line means that a workstation PC can cost more than an equivalent gaming PC. The sky is essentially the limit for top-of-the-range models.

    The Argument For A Laptop

    Gaming Desktop vs Laptop – Which Should You Buy? (2020 Edition)

    A laptop is the best option for students who are going to school outside of the home every day, and need a computer for classes.;

    While laptops are more delicate than desktop PCs, you can now find rugged laptops that will take a fall or two without being destroyed.

    Laptops are best used for light work: reading, word processing, streaming videos, or using social media. If you or your child wants to have freedom to roam while using a computer, a fully charged laptop should last an entire day for working or learning.

    We’ve put together a list of the best laptops for students, and the best laptops for kids.

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    Before We Begin: Test Notes

    Like our previous comparisons between desktops and laptops, this isnt designed to be a direct GPU comparison where we lock down the desktop platform to the same specifications and level of performance youd get from a laptop. Theres no CPU downclocking or power limiting, this is designed to be a realistic comparison between desktop and laptop platforms. This means that yes, the desktop PC will also have a more powerful CPU with better cooling, and faster memory. Thats how these systems are generally configured in the real world, so these results will show you the actual difference between a gaming laptop and desktop, not between a gaming laptop and a weird gimped desktop.

    With that said, we havent gone all out with our desktop test system to absolutely crush gaming laptops. Our desktop platform for this test is configured with a relatively modest Intel Core i5-10600K, 16GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory with XMP enabled. We chose these components to roughly match what is on offer in most gaming laptops: typically you get an Intel six-core CPU like the Core i7-10750H at most reasonable price points, while 16GB of memory is a common starting point as well.

    Gaming Desktop Pc Vs Gaming Laptop

    Today were taking a look at desktop vs. laptop graphics performance, a revisit of a topic we last covered over a year ago when Nvidia launched their first mobile GeForce RTX GPUs. The original investigation was prompted by Nvidias confusing naming scheme, where laptop and desktop GPUs have the exact same name but certainly feature vastly different performance.

    Using hardware available in early 2019, we found that the desktop RTX 2070 was on average 19% faster than the RTX 2070 mobile chip at 1080p. This difference expanded to a whopping 42% difference when comparing the desktop RTX 2070 to Nvidias low power RTX 2070 Max-Q variant.

    Since then, we’ve seen refreshes to laptop and desktop hardware. On the graphics side, Nvidia has released the RTX Super series for desktops and more recently laptops. This latest wave of 2020 gaming laptops uses Super GPUs at the high-end, in the form of the RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super which weve reviewed already. We’re also seeing new CPU options through Intels 10th-generation, and the return of AMD to gaming laptops with Ryzen 4000.

    Memory configurations can also differ. The base design is again similar, both variants deliver 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit bus. But if you get a low-power Max-Q mobile variant of the RTX 2070 Super, youll see just 11 Gbps memory, compared to 14 Gbps on the desktop. This reduces memory bandwidth in addition to featuring lower clock speeds.

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