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Which Laptop Is Best Hp Or Dell

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Hp Laptops Manufacturing Locations

DELL XPS 13 2020 vs HP Spectre X360 – Which One is the Best?

HP or Dell laptops are manufactured following the market space they are targeting. Most HP laptops are manufactured in the US, where they hold 23% of the market shares.

The top-line variants of Hp laptops, i.e., Pavilion, Elitebook, the gaming laptop Omen, and the HP Envy, are all made here in the US. HP laptops made in the US have to meet the US market demand, and the laptops manufactured in Asia are for the Asian market.

Furthermore, in Asia, HP has manufacturing units in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The manufacturing done in Asian countries is not only limited to laptops or notebooks. They also build components for other HP products.

History Of Both Dell And Hp:

Dell came into existence in the year 1984. They produced personal computers and still manufacture them. Their main segment in the market is the PC. You can find Dell PCs all over the world at homes and offices.

The manufacturer offers sublime packages for businesses. During a period of time, you could find many homes having the Dell PC. They have merged with several organizations now and are a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

It is now a large organization that consists of Dell and EMC. Additionally, they provide you with a different product to select. HP is known as Hewlett Packard, is another popular name in the laptop market.

Users will want to know that the manufacturer began, like most top firms globally, in the garage. This resulted from two minds William Hewlett and David Packard, who decided to produce the product.

As of now, they offer you a wide range of devices besides the PC. They provide some beautiful packages useful for both home users and office goers. Like Dell, you can find some extreme product ranges for its products.

As far as the pricing goes, the Dell laptops are slightly cheaper than HP devices. That is because HP laptops come with a ton of features infused in them. HP seems to release devices that come with a new feature every year, be it cooling technology or a top-notch keyboard.

Manufacturing Where Are Dell And Hp Laptops Manufactured

Lastly, HP has an edge in manufacturing. Dell is a truly global and international brand and they have factories all over the world from Ireland to China and Malaysia. Many of their machines are top notch but with any brand that produces products in bulk from international sources, quality control can sometimes be an issue. On the other hand, HP manufactures its computers in the United States. While some components still come in from overseas, HP puts their machines together in America. WINNER OF THIS ROUND: HP

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Dell Vs Hp Which Brand Is Better And Why

Buying a new laptop can be quite problematic. There are so many models to choose from, including laptops from HP and Dell. These brands are leaders of the market, and both produce products of the best quality.

Most of us spend hours on the Internet, comparing different laptops, their characteristics, and other details. Both HP and Dell can offer you a model that will suit your budget and needs.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, you should choose Dell. And HP is perfect for everyday use. They always adjust to your current needs and tend to make your experience more enjoyable.

So, Dell vs. HP: Which brand is better?

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Core I5 8gb Ram 128gb Ssd 125in Laptop: Was 699 Now 529 Curryscouk

Are HP or Dell Laptops Better?

Described as the lightest surface laptop yet, this surface go weighs just over 1kg and has a 12.5in display. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM, runs Windows 10 and has an impressive claimed battery life of up to 13 hours. Although not a work powerhouse, this laptop is well suited to those who want a compact machine for web browsing, word processing and social media, while also using Office applications .

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Which Brand Is Best For Desktop

  • I would say Dell is the best all-around company.
  • With HP, you get stylish design and smart performance.
  • I like Apples performance but its cost is lower than that of Google.
  • The Lenovo company has become a household name.
  • The Asus Performer is a powerful performer at a reasonable price.
  • Budget buyers should consider Acer as a reliable name.
  • Gaming enthusiasts will love CyberPowerPC, a powerful desktop gaming PC.
  • Huawei Matebook 14 Core I5 8gb Ram 512gb Ssd 14in: Was 99999 Now 79999 Huaweicom

    The Huawei matebook 14 is a powerhouse laptop with a modern chassis, and right now it can be picked up with a £200 discount and a free Huawei mouse. The matebook is one of the best Windows 11 laptops around, with a taller 3:2 ratio display thats perfect for productivity. Our reviewer loved the Matebooks performance, calling it sturdy and strong albeit a little heavy compared to its very sleek design.

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    Gaming Laptops Hp Or Dell

    Gamers can be notoriously fickle about their gaming machines but in this case, Dell has a slight edge. HP has made some truly excellent gaming computers over the years but Dell has the advantage of being the maker of Alienware computers. Alienware is one of the best and most respected brands in the gaming space due to the focus on creating top end gaming machines. Alienware gives Dell an advantage in presentation, brand recognition, and top end specifications. WINNER OF THIS ROUND: DELL

    Q: Which Is Better For Gaming: Dell Or Hp Laptops

    Which Laptop is better Dell or HP and WHY ?

    If you are a gamer, you would love Dells Alienware laptops. But having said that the HP omen series is also getting a lot of attention these days.

    When it comes to durability, you can pick any of them. Both the Alienware and Omen take care of the minute gaming details like RGB backlit keyboard, cooling systems, latest processor, powerful GPU, etc, so that you can play the latest gaming titles however you like.

    Dells Alienware range is much better for gaming and defeats HP when it comes to this category. In fact, Alienware models are by far the leaders of the gaming segment.

    Overall if you ask out our opinion, we would pick Dell. The reason being that you get access to a much wider gamers community that use the Alienware series over Omen. Also, you can find HP to be a bit more expensive at their higher end models. Thus, we feel that Alienware is still the ideal choice.

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    Which Computer Desktop Is Better Hp Or Dell

    Our tests showed that Dell desktops powered by Intel Core processors outperformed comparable HP desktops when it came to performance. There are 148 of them. With Dell desktops, you can meet the performance and productivity needs of your workers with a 4 percent increase in performance over HP systems.

    Dell Vs Hp: Features Face To Face

    Dell is well-known for its reliable, low-cost laptops for work or leisure. But they also have an amazing line of Alienware gaming laptops.

    HP is another of the most popular and dependable laptop brands around. Their laptops are fantastic for everything from creative work to admin to entertainment.

    To help you choose between a Dell or HP laptop, its important to look at each of their features face to face.

    But first, lets take a quick look at some of the best laptops each brand has to offer.

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    The Best Laptop For Business Travel

    In many ways, the ThinkPad X1 Nano is a run-of-the-mill ThinkPad. Its got a solid sturdy chassis, discrete clickers, a physical privacy shutter, a red TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard, and all kinds of business-specific security and management features.

    But the Nano is special because its the lightest ThinkPad Lenovo has ever made. Its also one of the lightest laptops you can buy, at just 1.99 pounds. Youre not sacrificing performance to get that mindblowing weight: The Nano kept up with our heavy testing workloads without any fan noise or noticeable heat. If youre looking for a reliable business laptop that will feel like nothing in your briefcase, this is the one for you.

    Brand Pros And Cons :

    How are HP Laptops and Dell Laptops Different? HP vs Dell ...
    • Baseline model offers spectacular performances
    • Devices are extremely fast and responsive
    • Excellent battery life
    • Apple has a global laptop market share of almost 6 percent
    • Retina display supports unmatched color reproduction
    • MacBooks have excellent speakers
    • Allows users to install Windows via dual boot

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    What Makes Dell Stand Out

    An extensive range of laptops Dell has to offer its clients is one of the central things that sets this company apart from its rivals. The world of technology is highly competitive. But thanks to its innovations and perfect customer service, Dell remains at the top of the game.

    Also, Dells pricing and high-end solutions help this brand to be one of the market leaders. And demanding consumers consider all of these factors when they choose a brand new laptop.


    The above-mentioned factors have earned Dell a spot in the international awards scene. In 2018, Dell Mag laptop was the third best-selling laptop of the year. And Dell XPS 13 won the CES 2018 Innovation Award for its innovative solutions. And during the Trusted Reviews Awards 2018, Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 PC became the best PC of the year.

    As you see, the laptops of this brand have created a hard-to-beat reputation in the computer technology market. And these awards and recognitions can prove it.

    A Few Things To Consider Before We Dive In

    Thats not to say Windows represents the only sort of OS that can be run on Dell or HP computers. Linux has its place, and emulators can allow you to run most OS options on either brand.

    However, OSs that arent designed for a particular brand may have functionality issues. Thats becoming less of an issue as computational tech modernizes.

    Even Apple computers used Intel processors in their devices for a time though as of late 2020 theyre going back to ARM architecture. Technology and the corporations which manage it shift over time, so a wise move is securing computer solutions that are properly compatible. In short, when it comes to Dell and HP, surprising factors influence superior tech.

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    Dell Vs Hp Innovation

    One of the most critical elements in the Dell vs HP comparison is innovation, and Dell leads in this category. They are constantly working on new technology and design concepts for their laptops. In addition, Dell is continuously improving its products, attempting to make each model better and faster than the one before it. To achieve more outstanding performance, they enhance their specs and software.

    One of the new features is the ability to enjoy a cinematic experience on your Dell XPS laptop via Dell Cinema. It revolutionised the laptops sound and colour quality, allowing you to enjoy a better cinematic performance from the Dell XPS notebook. Furthermore, Dell created improvements that result in an outstanding performance, stunning appearance, and high-quality construction materials in Dell Inspiron and Vostro laptops.

    Meanwhile, the HP brand remains a hardware development leader, and the company continues to produce unique and exciting products. HP is well-known for its breakthrough in laptops, desktop computers, scanners and printers. Although HP does not devote its innovative efforts to notebook development, its most recent laptops have advanced features.

    The firm pioneered touchscreen technology, and HP today manufactures the finest 2-in-1 computers on the market. They have a large user base, and their sophisticated design has increased their popularity. Despite not being as creative as Dells portable laptops, HP laptops are updated by todays standards.

    What Makes Dell Laptops Stand Out

    Dell vs Hp (Which is better, Ultimate Fight) Small detailed report 2018 | Karan Soni

    The main thing about Dell laptops is that they come with a robust build and are durable. Most of the owners of Dell laptops proudly say that their laptop is almost 8 years old. Besides, Apple devices, none last that long.

    Though Dell is comparatively slower in implementing the new technologies in their systems and devices, they compromise through extensive customer support and reliability. Their top-end line productions are in great demand all over America and globally.

    Some of their devices that we will read about the XPS and Alienware make are the most popular of the lot. Based on these factors, they have been recognized for their work in the international scenario.

    The Dell Mag laptop became the 3rd best-selling laptop in the world in the year 2018.

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    The Best Windows Laptop

    Its hard to come up with a single complaint about the Spectre x360 14. Its a drop-dead gorgeous machine with a sturdy build and a premium look and feel.

    But the Spectre x360 14 isnt just pretty to look at: its also a pleasure to use as a daily work driver. Intels latest 11th Gen processors and Iris Xe integrated graphics deliver snappy performance with no slowdown or freezes that we observed. And we got an average of 10 hours of battery life out of the device one of the best results weve ever seen.

    On the outside, the Spectre includes a roomy 3:2 display, and if FHD resolution doesnt suit your fancy, there are OLED and 1,000-nit options available. Theres even a packaged stylus, which attaches magnetically to the side of the Spectre handy if youre using the device as a tablet. Pretty much every other aspect of this laptop, from its comfortable keyboard and smooth touchpad to its bass-heavy audio and practical port selection, rivals or exceeds the best convertibles on the market.

    Such an exceptional package of features doesnt come cheap, and many customers will find everything they need in a less expensive product. But the Spectre x360 14 is the new gold standard of Windows convertibles. Overall, its the best Windows laptop you can buy.

    Hp Vs Dell Laptops: The Style And Built

    It has become a common trend for users to check out the laptops style and build when they want to purchase it. You want to select a device that comes with exceptional qualities too. Luckily, both brands provide you with good style and build.

    Dell is a good laptop in terms of style and design. Their devices are robust and tough. You often hear users bragging about their Dell devices falling down a few feet and staying strong. Well, that is Dell for you.

    Some laptops like the one we reviewed, Alienware comes with a magnificent design. However, we felt that Dell models come in a few colors. You can find them only in silver, grey or black. On the other hand, the design and style value of HP laptops is way better.

    Right from the beginning, their color variants and the design have been top-notch. This is why HP laptops are found used by students, working professionals, and others. Their current batch of devices also comes with a tremendous influence on design.

    Whether you want to opt for a rugged device or sleek looking one, there is something for users in the HP inventory. The same cannot be said about Dell, which produces robust machines. But as far as colors and design go, HP is the winner.

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    Dell Laptops Manufacturing Locations

    The production of Dell laptops is mostly done in Asian countries. In particular, Xiamen and Penang have manufacturing factories for Dell laptop units. In 1995, Dell started its factory in Malaysia, whereas the bricks of the Chinese factory were laid down in 1999.

    Dell also invested in India and Brazil to establish new manufacturing units to meet the markets growing demands for its products. Their top variant Alienware is manufactured in the US. Although, many factories in the US-owned by Dell were shut down because of high fees and taxes. However, this hasnt interfered with their production units or a drop in their product quality.

    The Best Multimedia Laptop

    HP Envy x360 vs. Dell XPS 13: Which laptop is best ...

    Most thin and light laptops share one significant weakness thin, tinny audio. Thats not the case with the Lenovo Yoga 9i. This 14-inch convertible has a rotating soundbar in its hinge, meaning that no matter how its positioned, the speakers face outwards. You can expect clear, booming sound whether youre using the 9i in tablet, tent, or clamshell mode.

    Theres a lot more to like as well. You get an excellent 1080p touch display and a built-in stylus for easy artwork and note-taking. The 11th-Gen processors deliver satisfactory performance and all-day battery life. The audio quality, screen, and convertible form factor all add up to an unbeatable machine for multimedia entertainment.

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    Dell Vs Hp Laptops: Which Brand Is Better And Why

    For ages now, we are discussing Dell vs HP laptops, which brand is better, and why? Whenever we think about buying a new laptop, these two brands pop-up in our minds, Dell and HP, the tech giants. There the discussion starts off Dell vs HP laptops. Apples MacBook is not an immediate choice for everyone as its expensive and has software update issues that mess up the users experience.

    Furthermore, Lenovo has also been running the race for the past many years now and is producing great laptops, PCs, and many innovative smartphones. Although these brands had made a significant difference in the market since people used the brands Dell and HP for so long now, these brands had become their choices to go for. But then a question arises, is Dell or HP better?

    These brands have a wide variety of laptops, making it difficult for a user to find just the right one. This is why you go on Google and start comparing every laptop machine that comes in front of youlooking at specs, size, prices, durabilities, software and trying to hunt for the best laptop that meets your demands.

    Before you narrow down a laptop of your choice, the first thing that you should establish is which one is better? Dell or HP? Well, let us compare the two brands and see which one suits your demands better.

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