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Which Laptop Is Good For Gaming

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Best Gaming Laptop Brands

10 Tips for Buying a Gaming Laptop! (2021)

Most of the biggest laptop companies operate gaming-specific brands, and there are some niche players as well. Here are the names you should be watching for:

  • Acer: Acer sells gaming laptops under both Acer and Predator brands. Acer-branded gaming models typically end with the letter G, while Predator laptops are all for gamers.
  • Asus: Asus has two gaming sub-brands, called TUF and RoG . TUF models are generally mid-range gaming laptops while RoG represents higher-specification gaming laptops with more bells and whistles such as coloured lights and aggressive designs.

Gigabyte Aero 15 Oled Xc: A Workstation Capable Of Doubling Up As A Gaming Laptop

Price: £2,499 | Buy now from Currys

Although this laptop is primarily aimed at creatives, it packs enough power to play games at 4K resolution if you’re willing to drop the settings down a little – we managed to hit a steady 62fps at 4K while playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood with Ray Tracing turned off. That’s all thanks to its incorporation of Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3070 graphics chip working in combination with 10th-gen Intel silicon.

The Samsung-manufactured OLED display is absolutely stunning and covers 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut but is limited to a refresh rate of 60Hz. If you want a 144Hz display there’s a model available with one, but it’s FHD rather than 4K so you’re going to have to make a sacrifice somewhere along the line.

The Aero 15 OLED CX’s keyboard feels a little cramped for typing on, but for gamers that favour a mouse and keyboard setup, the close proximity of keys may actually prove a boon. Our other gripes with the Aero 15 are its middling battery life and poor webcam, which captures images and video at an unflattering angle and in murky mage quality is lacklustre, too. But neither of these factors detract too much from its gaming credentials – most of the time you’ll be playing while hooked up to the mains, far too engrossed in the on-screen action to care about how you look on Zoom.

Read our full Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED XC review for details

Price: From £1,499 | Buy now from Lenovo

Read our full Lenovo Legion 7 review for details

Are Gaming Laptops Inferior To Desktop Gaming Computers

Gaming laptops are sometimes criticised as being inferior to traditional desktop gaming PCs, but gaming laptops are advancing at a fast rate. So theres a growing number of gamers who are moving on to laptops.

As gaming laptops are smaller, the internal components of a gaming laptop are usually slightly less advanced and more expensive than similar parts for a desktop PC. Laptops are definitely more difficult to upgrade compared to desktop PCs due to a combination of lack of component variety and limitations with space. On the plus side, gaming laptops are portable, which is a huge benefit.

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How To Choose The Best Laptop For Gaming

In brief: Consider the games you want to play, as well as your budget. Some are more strenuous for laptops than others.

You cant just buy any old laptop to play games on. The more you spend, the more games the laptop will be able to run smoothly. Just because a game works, doesnt mean itll be an enjoyable experience.

How much you should spend very much depends on the game that the laptop is going to be playing. Minecraft, for example, can be played on practically any laptop while a game like Fortnite will only work on more powerful and thus more expensive machines. Keep in mind that almost all games have adjustable settings turning down the graphical fidelity helps less powerful laptops play advanced games by making them look much less realistic, less shiny and with fewer special effects such as explosions and dust, for example.

This doesnt mean you have to spend a lot to get what you need, but you should realise that spending less might result in a laptop that doesnt do everything you want it to do. With that in mind, read on to learn some general rules of thumb on what to look for, and after that well dive into a few very popular games and provide some checklists of what to look for when buying a brand-new laptop.

The Best Gaming Laptop

HP Omen X: Laptop Review: The Best Gaming Laptop ...

Asuss ROG Zephyrus G14 was our top gaming laptop pick for quite a while. It did just about everything right, and we werent sure whether Asus could ever replicate its resounding success. But somehow, the company managed to make the G14 just a bit bigger, and a heck of a lot better. In doing so, its created the ROG Zephyrus G15, the best 15-inch rig you can buy.

At just over four pounds, the Zephyrus G15 is one of the lightest 15-inch gaming laptops you can buy. But youre not making any compromises on performance for that portability: its powered by the top mobile chips that AMD and Nvidia have to offer, and includes a fast 165Hz QHD display. Together, those components can handle even the toughest AAA titles at QHD resolution. The panel has excellent color reproduction as well, so your games will look great.

But its not just the gaming almost everything else about the G15 is great, too. The audio has strong percussion and bass, the keyboard and touchpad have a satisfying click, the port selection leaves little to be desired, and the battery can last for a whopping eight and a half hours.

The G15 wont be the laptop for everyone. Theres no webcam, which is a significant oversight, and some may prefer something more affordable, or with a flashier aesthetic. But as a package, the G15 is the one to beat. Not only is it the best gaming laptop you can buy, but its also one of the best laptops you can buy, period.

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Affordable And Best Laptopsfor Gaming And Work

Today there are things like CPU, GPU and RAM these are particularly built in a smaller design so makers can use them on laptops with the advanced computer technology. Because of this you are getting some of the bestaffordable gaming laptops in the market.

Lets put some light on the primitive days of movable computers as well as the technical ability of the latest gaming laptops. It all started in 40s when a machine named Nimatran was designed by a physicist it was exhibited at the New York Worlds Fair in 1940 where the attending people played the game of Nim.

It was a mathematical strategically game and people played against the machine itself. The machine won about 90,000 games out of 100,000 games that it played.

It was tall and big machine and you cant compare that with the machines that we have today. But you can say, that machine was a vital piece of technology in the history of computer technology.

Things started to change and flourish in the gaming industry by the end of the 70s. Games started to have their own particular space in video arcades packed with game cabinets. The problem with these machines was they could play only one game.

But they were much colorful and fun and they had characters like Pac-Man and the iconic Space Invaders. The basic element of these machines was a printed circuit board sustaining the data for the games to run which associated with a display output.

How Much Do Gaming Laptops Cost

In brief: £500 can get you a good gaming experience, but £800 is a safer bet

If you dont have time to read our in-depth advice below, here are some very broad recommendations for popular games, the amount you could spend on a laptop to play those games and the specification you should look for. Keep in mind that theres lots more detail and jargon explained further on in this article.

Laptops for Minecraft and retro games: You can probably spend as little as £300 on a basic laptop that should be able to handle the popular game Minecraft. If youre looking to dig out some of your old game collection from the mid-2000s you could buy yourself a second-hand laptop with a dedicated graphics card for under £500.

Laptops for Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, FIFA, Rocket League and similar: For these games, you can spend around £500 on a new laptop. Look for an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor and integrated Intel HD 620 graphics, or AMD Ryzen 3 with Vega 3 graphics. These wont offer a brilliant experience youll have to turn down all your graphics settings and resolution to get something even remotely smooth, but they will be playable. Look to spend around £600-£700 on a laptop with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD RX 560 for a good-looking and smooth-playing gaming experience.

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Top 7 Best Gaming Laptop For Fallout 4 Usa 2022

Topic: Gaming laptops that can run fallout 4 smoothly

If you want to play a single-player action role-playing game then Fallout 4 which was released in 2015 is one of the top picks for many PC gamers.

The game is available on all platforms yet a video game like this is enjoyable on windows, I know many gamers still prefer playing on PC.

Yet gaming laptops are still portable options, but not every laptop can run fallout 4, as every video game requires certain resources to run it smoothly.

In this article, we have curated some of the best gaming laptops for Fallout 4 with detailed buying tips.

This post will help you to choose a top-rated device to run this amazingly optimizedvideo game, as we have done long hours of research before listing out the product from multiple options.

Can You Use An Ultrabook As A Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Is It Good for Graphic Design and Video Editing?

The term Ultrabook is a tricky one, seeing as it was essentially drawn up by Intel to suggest that any slimline machine running an Intel processor and an SSD should be considered premium. The times have changed since then, and some super cheap machines can technically slide as ultrabooks these days which means the term generally covers expensive laptops running powerful configurations with a small form factor – like the Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre.

Unfortunately, these machines do often still ship with standard Intel graphics chips, which means they likely won’t be running the Nvidia and AMD GPUs that tend to set gaming laptops apart. An ultrabook gaming laptop can still be built – should you wish to configure an XPS 13 with an RTX graphics card, for example – but it will cost far more than the comparative spec sheet in a purpose built machine.

We’re also rounding up all the best Razer laptops and cheap gaming laptop deals if you’re looking for more savings. Or, check out all the cheap Alienware laptop deals currently on sale for some serious discounts.

You can also get prepped for upcoming Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals and Black Friday laptop deals with our handy guides to the discounts we expect to see.

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Asus Rog Strix G15 Software And Warranty

You wont find much bloatware on the Strix G15 outside of your standard Windows 10 fare. You also wont find very many third-party utilities as Asus has bundled just about everything you need into its Armoury Crate hub. Not only can you adjust how the display looks and the zone lighting on the keyboard and light bar, you can monitor key system specs, set performance modes , create game or program-specific profiles and access your games. You can even enable or disable the Win key, touchpad or the boot up sound if you dont have a flair for the dramatic.

Armoury Crate also houses a few AMD settings such as Radeon Chill, a power-saving feature that allows you to cap your framerate based on in-game character and camera movement. If youre stationary, or your movements slow, the framerate drops, lowering GPU temperature and saving power. Radeon Anti-Lag is pretty self explanatory. Designed to combat input lag, it ensures the CPU doesnt queue up too much work ahead of the GPU.

Radeon Boost delivers extra performance and smooths out some of those rough edges via variable shading. So when youre performing a quick turn, you dont get those jarring jaggies. Lastly, theres Radeon Image Sharpening which creates cleaner, crisper images. But is best used for downsampling images running on high-resolution displays for better performance without sacrificing the pretty.

Best Laptops For Gaming And Video Editing In 2021 Reviewed

Video editing and gaming both are the task that requires to have access to high-quality display and enough computing power to process massive games and large video files. From the first brainstorming state to scriptwriting, when you are filming, there is a lot of work to do.

The last thing you will be doing at the end of the working session is to wait for your video to be rendered and ready to share with the world.

The latest processor doesnt mean that your laptop is speedy for video editing, its a video editing and gaming requires more.

For gaming and video editing, youll need a fast processing GPU that can speed up the export and keeps the game running smoothly, but often, that means youll give up some probability. Although, thats not it all about. You will see below.

If you do video editing mainly and are fed up with hanging the laptop around while working on your edit, then you need to upgrade to one of the best laptops for video editing and you will get a fast rendering of video and quick exports.

Table of Content

Thanks to its fast potent processer power and lots of memory that makes it easy for you to make the best edits.

A higher resolution screen and quality screen and you are all perfect to go for video editing. These performances wont come easy and cheap, but working with high-res footage is worth it if you dont have a budget problem.

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What Is The Cheapest Gaming Laptop

Finding the cheapest laptop is simple. Just use our gaming laptop search filter and choose by price.

At JB, were proud to offer great deals and top prices on all our products, including our big gaming laptop range. But when it comes to buying a gaming laptop, cheap may not mean the best value for you. A good gaming laptop can give you a heap of extra value through:

  • Quality accessories. Buying a good mouse, keyboard or other gaming gear can make a big difference.
  • Big brands. We know big brands, and we know the difference they can make to the value of your gaming laptop.
  • Great warranties. Make sure you get a gaming laptop that has a warranty that adds value.
  • Toughness. Extra value can be added by buying a gaming laptop that will last the distance.

What Do Specific Brands Offer

The 7 best cheap gaming laptops under $200

Each gaming laptop brand has a bit of special sauce. Some have specific hardware designs that stand out while others focus on custom software.

Here are a few to note:

Alienware – Alienware has gotten into the thin-and-light game with the Alienware m17, but also made its own desktop-class powerhouse wit the Alienware Area-51m. Dell also makes its own entry-levle machines.

Asus – Asuss Republic of Gamers brand has some slick designs. Its ROG Gaming Center software shares device information including temperature, storage and RAM usage, while the Armoury Crate program allows you to customize RGB backlighting. Asus also makes the Zephyrus G14, the best AMD laptop we’ve seen.

Acer – Acer is known for having affordable hardware, though it has wowed us with innovation like its ridiculous Predator 21X featuring a curved display and mechanical keyboard. The PredatorSense app lets you monitor your CPU and GPU usage and customize fan speeds.

HP – HPs Omen lineup has a classier design as of late, but maintains a gamer aesthetic. Its app is the Omen Command Center, which details GPU and CPU use, RAM utilization and a network booster that lets you prioritize bandwidth.

Gigabyte & Aorus – Gigabyte and its sub-brand, Aorus, offer some variety. Gigabytes tend to be lower-end with more color options, while the Aorus models are sleek and thin. Whichever one you go with, youll get Fusion software for RGB customization. Aorus machines have Command and Control for easy overclocking.

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A Gaming Laptop With A 4k Screen

Theres finally a laptop that can deliver an enjoyable gaming experience in 4K as long as youre prepared to fork over some real cash. The Alienware X17 can run all kinds of modern titles at playable frame rates at its native 3840 x 2160 resolution. It could even stay close to 60fps with ray tracing on.

The X17s power isnt its only standout quality. Dell has also managed to cram that power into an impressively thin and sleek chassis. Its just 0.84 inches thick, with an RGB keyboard that isnt too obnoxious and a touchpad that lights up when you press it. And its quite cool and quiet, even under heavy gaming loads.

On the other hand, the X17 would not be a good choice to double as a daily driver . The webcam is mediocre, and the touchpad is a bit small, especially for a 17-inch notebook. Battery life only averaged around four hours in our testing. And while the chassis is compact, its still not light, weighing in at over six pounds. But if youre looking for a 4K laptop that is, first and foremost, great at running games, this device should top your list.

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