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Which Laptop Is Good For Graphic Design

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Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2021 – How to Choose a Graphic Design Laptop?

If you are working as a graphic designer, and need a new, more powerful computer, these are great choices for you. They will allow you to work in an office or abroad, and keep up with your workflow without missing a beat.

These are also good options for hobby artists, as they are well specced for running programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Audodesk Sketchbook. So if you enjoy drawing or making digital art in your spare time, these laptops will keep you happy and drawing all the time.

Samsung Galaxy 116 Chromebook 4

Last but not least, we have a Samsung galaxy Chromebook 4. This one is great for those looking for a lightweight device that offers reliable performance at an affordable price. With its slim profile, you wont feel like youre carrying around a heavy laptop.

It comes equipped with a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor paired with 4GB RAM. That allows you to multitask without any lag or hiccups.

One of the best things about this model is its 11.6-inch HD LED-backlit LCD. Thats perfect for browsing the web and watching YouTube videos.

Samsung galaxy Chromebook 4 has a microSD card reader, so you dont have to worry about running out of memory when you want to save some photos.


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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about graphic design laptops and our answers to them.

How Do I Choose The Right Graphic Design Laptop?

If you are looking for a graphic design laptop, you should consider your personal needs. What speeds, screen size, memory, ports, and accessories do you need? Can the laptop you are considering help you improve your graphic design skills or showcase them?

Are Graphic Design Laptops Expensive?

Why Should I Use A Laptop For Graphic Design?

Laptops are an excellent option for graphic designers because they are so portable. You can take them with you to work or school and then use them at home. You have all your work with you at all times and dont have to worry about sending it from one computer to the next.

Best Computer For Graphic Design

In this guide, youll discover the best computer for graphic design for Mac and PC users.

Whether youre a professional graphic designer or a hobbyist, well show you the top models of the year.

Apple iMac 27

Powerful, reliable and excellent value for money – the number one choice for professional and amateur graphic designers.

Laptops and tablets might be convenient, but desktop computers are the top choice for most graphic designers due to their all-in-one setup.

Desktops also provide the best bang-for-your-buck, and some even include pre-calibrated monitors that make the most of all the most popular graphic design software.

The best graphic design computers also need to handle the myriad of other tasks that come along with being a creative professional, including video editing.

Lets dive into the recommendations!

Apple has long had a reputation among professional graphic designers for producing reliable, high-quality computers, and their flagship Apple iMac 27 is no exception.

Straight out of the box and the quality of this all-in-one PC is clear, sporting Apples customary elegant and sleek design, and the minimalist wireless look for those who prefer their desks uncluttered.

The Apple iMac 27 comes with the Magic Mouse 2 and Apple Magic Keyboard along with the computer, and theres also a 1080p FaceTime HD camera with a studio-quality triple microphone array included in the package.

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Acer Aspire V17 Nitro

Acer is one of the leading Computer brands in this era. Acer Aspire V17 Nitro is an excellent laptop with many advanced technology and facilities. It has Intel Skylake Core i7-6700 High-quality quad-core processor. It is one of the latest processors from Intel having 2.6 GHz clock speed. It can be up to 3.5 GHz in overclocking.

It uses Intel HD 530 graphics card as built-in GPU and has a Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB as external GPU. GPU is one of the most important hardware for a graphic designer. GTX 960M is a latest Graphics Card from NVIDIA and performs very well. You will have the best graphic experience from this GPU.

With 16 GB DDR4 2133 MHz RAM this laptop is very fast. You can easily work with multiple apps at the same time. It will make your works fast and you will never find trouble. You can easily work with the large graphics software. It has 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD as its storage. You will never have to think about your storage.

17 inch 4K screen will give you an excellent experience in graphic designing. Clear view good brightness will help you to make your works more perfect. It has 52 WH battery. You will have up to 3 Hour battery backup.

It is a decent Laptop with a good outlook. Keyboard and trackpad are quite good. 4K and 1080P screen is a big advantage for a graphic designer. Price for 256 SSD version is $1699 and for 512 GB SSD is $1899. You can also buy it for 8GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and FHD display at $999.

What Is The Best Laptop For Graphic Design In 2022

Best Laptop for Design and Art

Graphic designers tend to have a specific list of requirements for laptops. But rarely can you tick all the boxes on the list. More likely, youll spend hours researching all the different options and trying to find the best price-features combination.

The Apple MacBook Pro remains the #1 preferred option for many designers due to its stunning design and top performance. But other brands are also catching up with high-performance offers, that are no less pleasing to the eyes.

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Asus Proart Studiobook Pro 17

  • Best for: 3D rendering and CAD
  • Price: $2,000

The ASUS ProArt Studio Pro 17 laptop is an excellent choice for designers who wish to perform CAD and 3D-modeling tasks. It comes in a flexible and sleek design, making it a portable device. It is a 17-inch laptop with a 1920x 1200 NanoEdge display, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 graphics, and 6GB of RAM. It also has a 2.6GHz processing speed to keep up with demanding tasks.

Best Laptops For Graphic Design In 2022 Good For Students Too

Are laptops of regular use good for graphic designing? Our answer to this question is NO. If you are a new graphic designer, then you would think of using a regular laptop for graphic designing in order to save a few bucks. But believe us this will not work at all.

Now when you are reading this post, means definitely you are keen to be a graphic designer and so start looking for the best laptops for graphic design and animation that support 2D as well as 3D designs. Picking up the right laptop for graphics is a tricky job, unlike picking up a gamers laptop. The correct laptop model for graphic design students is the one that offers proper display size and screen resolution. It should also meet your CPU and RAM requirements.

Were usually quite adept at picking out gaming laptops and putting together gaming PCs. We know what types of games we want and what sort of specifications the device needs to have but unfortunately, we arent as skilled at picking out laptops for design. Even though they follow almost the same criteria as gamers, picking out laptops for designers can be a bit tricky as the display size and resolution also come into play along with the regular RAM and CPU requirements.

The graphic design applications are intensive and to successfully run them over a laptop, you need a device with enough processing power. Have a look at the technical specifications related to the graphic card and also take care of the screen size.

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Best Laptop For Graphic Design 202: Get Creative

Apple has traditionally dominated the creative markets, but there are now dozens of Windows PCs designed for content creation, too. Here’s a selection of portable devices.

Apple’s professional users — especially those working in the creative industries — have welcomed the company’s renewed focus on its professional Mac products, following the long-awaited introduction of the 2019 Mac Pro desktop, and the 16-inch revamp of its flagship MacBook Pro laptop. But there’s no doubt that Apple took its eye off the ball in the Mac market while it spent years concentrating on the iPhone, and that has given rival PC manufacturers a real opportunity to capture a slice of Apple’s creative pie.

So creative users are now spoilt for choice, with dozens of laptop and desktop systems now vying for their attention. Here, we’re focusing on ‘creator’ laptops. Check out our companion list of the best desktops for this use case.

Best Performance Option: Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2018 – Which is The Best Laptop For Graphic Design?

Image-Credit: ASUS

The no-compromises laptop. If you have money burning a hole in your wallet, this is what you should get. This ZenBook has all the bells and whistles you could ask for and a price tag to match at $3000.

This top-of-the-line creator laptop comes equipped with a jaw-dropping 15.6 inches, OLED, UHD 4K screen with 100% DCI-P3 coverage. Colors will simply pop on this screen and any color accurate work would be a breeze.

Along with that heavenly screen comes an RTX 3070 GPU thats more than ready to handle all those pixels and pretty much everything else you could possibly throw at it.

Coupled with the 8 core i9-10980HK that can boost to over 5.3GHz, this laptop is a veritable powerhouse that will chew through anything.

Image-Credit: ASUS

And thats without even mentioning the morespecial aspects of this laptop. You see, this laptop doesnt just come with one screen, it comes with two!

A multi-monitor setup on the go. Its definitely something thats hard to let go of when you get used to it. You can put references, toolbars, music players, videos, and all sorts of things on the secondary screen and free up valuable space on the top screen.

Oh, did I mention that its also a touch screen? It comes with a stylus out of the box that allows you to draw, write, doodle, take down notes, or do whatever else you want to do.

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is one of, if not the best possible laptop you could get for graphics design.

Image Credit: Apple

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My Top Branding Courses And Kits:

Many people ask me what’s the best laptop for graphic design, so I reviewed a range of brands to give you my recommendation as a designer.

Graphic design is a serious job that requires good hardware and software to get the job done.

With so many brand available on the market, there is not shortage of good laptops for graphic design these days.

When choosing a laptop, you need the right balance between performance and weight, large screen and portability, battery life and affordable price and so on.

Which laptop is best for graphic design?

What laptops most graphic designers use?âMost creatives I know use Apple products e.g. I work on my Macbook Pro .

Itâs no secret that most creativeslove Apple products, but in case youâre not an Apple fan, in this article I cover a variety of other great laptops that will certainly do the job.

So without further ado, hereâs my list of the 10 best laptops for graphic design.

Why Graphic Designer Laptop

You would often be asked to unplug the screen and take it around to show a client what youve been working on. A laptop allows this type of flexibility without compromising performance.

If youre working for someone else, youll be able to set up shop anywhere with your laptop. Working away from the office brings its own challenges, but it sure beats waiting until you get back before pitching ideas or showing off new work.

Graphic designers need good processing power to keep up with fast-moving projects like image editing and animation. The modern laptop is equipped with the latest hardware to make sure you can still work without missing a beat.

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Best Laptops For Graphic Designers Faq

How much RAM do you need for graphic design?

Ideally, you should aim for at least 16GB of RAM for graphic design devices. However, if you find a good laptop with only 8GB of RAM space, it can also work but extra storage space will lead to faster performance.

Is a gaming laptop good for designers?

Yes, you can use a gaming laptop for graphic design. Laptop brands like Razer Blade or MSI gaming laptops are excellent options for all types of designers. Most gaming laptops are optimized for speed and powerful performance. As such, youll find the graphics features and core speed suitable for your design tasks.

Is a Core i5 good for graphics design?

Yes, an Intel Core i5 is good for graphic design, as long as it has up to four cores and a processing speed of up to 1GHz. However, this core level may not be suitable for most complex computing such as 3D designs and CAD tasks.

Is Mac or Windows better for graphics design?

Both Mac and Windows operating systems are excellent options for graphic designing. They both support a bunch of graphic design apps and can be easily optimized for incredible performance and speed. However, the macOS is restrictive as it is only found on Apple laptops, whereas most of the laptop brands youll find in the market use the Windows operating system.

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What’s Next?

Best Laptops For Graphic Design: What To Consider In 2022

Best laptops for graphic design 2020: top picks for graphic designers ...

One of the main components you want to prioritize is the CPU. Graphic intensive applications need a nice strong CPU to run smoothly, so getting a laptop with the newest Intel or AMD offerings is a must.

Another thing these programs tend to use a lot is memory. Making sure you have at a bare minimum of 8GB, and preferably 16GB, the more you can get the better.

Do you already have a drawing tablet? If so, you may not need a laptop with a pen input. However, if you are looking to draw right on the screen, make sure the laptop you are buying has an active display and a pen included.

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Top 5 Laptops For Graphic Designer

All of these laptops are capable of handling all the work like Video Editing or Photo Editing or playing casual games. some of them are gaming laptops, as gaming laptops are bulky and have below-average battery life therefore I have not included them in this list.

Lets check out the top laptops for a graphic designers as per their need and budget, we have not kept any budget boundary for these laptops as we have kept for best laptops for engineering students under 70k so in this list, you may find some laptop ranging above 100k.

Asus Zenbook Duo: Best Casual Gaming Laptop For Graphic Design

Asus didnt design Zenbook Duo only for gaming, but it has everything a gamer needs. The brand managed to develop one of the most popular, extremely flexible laptops on the market. For this reason, it would be a deficiency if we didnt include it in our list. The Zenbook DUO is one of the best solutions for both amateurs and professionals when it comes to graphic design. One of the devices best features is the fantastic 12.6 ScreenPad Plus. This secondary touchscreen is on the top of the keyboard, and its perfect for designers, as you can use it for drawing with an active pen. Asus includes the brands advanced active stylus, a stand, and a sleeve. Thus, by purchasing this device, you automatically have everything you need to draw on Illustrator or Photoshop edits. Performance-wise, this laptop has the same powerful i7 processor as Razer Blade,16GB of RAM, and a vast 1TB SSD.

When it comes to the GPU, the GeForce MX250 isnt as powerful as other GPUs on our list, but it can easily handle all illustration, 3D-modeling, or animation software demanding games . Thus, if you consider yourself a casual gamer, this Acer device is perfect for you.

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To sum up, Asus Zenbook Duo is the best solution on the list for people who want an innovative, unique drawing and designing experience. Thus, if you think that graphic design is more critical for you than gaming, the Zenbook Duo offers everything you need and more.

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Which Operating System Is Good For Graphic Designing Mac Or Windows

Macbooks by Apple are extremely popular among the graphic designers due to the user interference, huge amount of power, speed and excellent battery life. Whereas, the Windows OS is a widely used operating system with a variety of tools and softwares dedicated to a number of fields.

To be very honest, the answer to this simplest question is, people with experience on Mac love to work on MacBooks and those with hands on Windows OS do not bother to make any experiment in their profession. Nevermind both the systems are equally good than the other and have their own reputation in the professional ground.

Though comparing both the systems with their respective hardwares, demanding in graphic designing specially, Macbooks allows no more than memory upgrading sometimes. Whereas, if your Windows PC or laptop is outdated, you can swap it with the latest configuration including the memory and graphics card .

However for the people who are looking for a budget laptop for this purpose, a Windows PC/ Desktop or a laptop is comparatively cheaper than a MacBook. Thus for starters, you dont need to spend thousands of dollars on a MacBook, but can do great with a Windows laptop instead. If budget is not a constraint for you then get the latest MacBook for yourself to splash the workflow in the exciting way ever.

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