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Which Laptop Is Good For Video Editing

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Best Laptops for Video Editing | Video Editing Laptop Buyers Guide

Screen quality is crucial in video editing. If you edit high-resolution video footage that viewers will watch on HD devices, you need to make sure you see an accurate depiction of the footage on your screen as you edit, including crisp imagery and color accuracy.

Most laptop screens are LCD screens that use the RGB system to display their color gamut, or the full array of colors they can successfully mimic. The brightness of your display is measured in nits, and the definition is measured by the number of pixels contained in one column of the screen.

A high-quality display on your laptop is important, but the size of it matters less. Because youll likely plug into a larger external monitor for editing work, shelling out extra money for a bigger screen on your laptop isnt wise.

High-definition monitors

Many cheaper monitors display at full HD or less , which can be just fine for a secondary monitor. However, a UHD display, as found on many premium laptops, offers crisper video resolution and is a good tool for video editors.

UHD is the equivalent of roughly 4,000 pixels in a column and is sometimes referred to as 4K UHD. Slightly more high-definition than 4K, Apples trademarked Retina display is named for the fact that it claims to make pixels undetectable to the human eye.

Connectivity, battery life, and add-ons

What To Look For In A Budget Laptop For Video Editing

If you want to become a video editor, you should buy a laptop, depending on your projects complexity and professional skills.

If you want a laptop on your budget, you must pay more attention to particular components.

It should provide good performance

To get better performance on any laptop, you must purchase a powerful processor and dedicated graphics card.

Are you a beginner?

Invest a lot of money to obtain a higher clock frequency, a powerful processor with more cores and threads.

In addition to the processor, if you want to edit videos better than ordinary creators, you also need a dedicated graphics card.

The CPU sent some tasks to the GPU this reduces the load on the processor.

When choosing a GPU, you should pay the utmost attention to the clock frequency because you can get a better output if everything goes well.

Memory and storage problems!

You need 8GB of DDR4 RAM in the budget price you should choose a laptop with more RAM.

In addition, you must look for the latest and more SSD storage.

The memory and SSD together will make your laptop very fast, and you will be able to edit video in a pinch.

Other components also need attention too

Video editors also prefer laptops with bright, color-accurate displays and higher refresh rates.

In addition, professionals who wish to connect an external monitor need high-speed ports . If you have these ports, you can use drill rigs and data repositories to increase the efficiency of the process.

The Perfect Combination Of Features For An Exceptional Experience Anywhere

Verified designs for:

  • Boundary breaking 11th Gen performance with Intel® Iris® Xe graphics
  • Remarkable responsiveness
  • Premium visuals and sound quality
  • Built-in Intel® Wi-Fi 6
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    Best Laptops For Video Editing

    Do you need a new laptop to edit videos on with ease? If so, check out our list of the best laptops for video editing that you can find in 2021.

  • Battery LifeUp to 7.5 Hours
  • Summary List

    When it comes to video editing, you need a laptop that can keep up. As footage and picture quality become more and more advanced, a laptop that has adequate RAM becomes a necessity. Long battery life is also vital for long editing sessions. Nobody loves a scramble to grab their laptop charger when theyre in their creative zone. The high-quality picture on screen also helps ensure accuracy when it comes to factors like effects and color correction, and depending on the scope of your editing project, could prove to be extremely important. If audio is of prime importance in your project, reliable high-quality speakers are also an important feature. Laptops themselves are an investment, and more so for one that is properly equipped to edit video. So, having extensive research done ahead of said purchase gives you peace of mind that your money was well-spent. Heres a list of the best laptops for video editing available on Amazon today. You can review the key features of each product and see what’s best for you. Once you finish this guide, you’ll be knowledgeable enough to find the best laptop for video editing for you!

    • Battery Life: Up to 11.5 Hours
    • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
    • Brand: Microsoft
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics
    • 1TB Storage


    Lenovo Thinkstation P340 Tiny

    Top Best Laptops For Video Editing To Buy In 2018

    Small but powerful: A workstation wonderfully shrunken down

    Reasons to avoid

    Lenovo dubs it ¨The industry’s smallest workstation¨ and it is. Powered by the deca-core Intel Core i9-10900T Processor that is more than apt for video editing thanks to its discrete GPU -a NVIDIA Quadro P1000 with 4GB of video memory- its ample RAM at 32GB and 1TB of fast SSD storage with room for another.

    Many might be tempted to go the “Mini PC” route for video editing but as soon as you target a high-end Intel i9 CPU you´ll face either the lack of discrete GPU graphics card or lack of i9 processor as is the case with Miniforum´s PCs or with the Intel NUC11 Extreme which ships as a DIY kit and looks like a mix between a heater and a toaster designed for teens with an engraved skull plus led lights. Lenovo´s offering on the other hand speaks “professional” from every angle.

    It measures an impressive 7 inches wide and it´s thin at 1.4 inches . Of course, if you stack it vertically it takes virtually no desk space due to its 1.4-inch by 7.2 inch footprint. Being an enterprise product shows at it sports security features like an onboard TPM chip and Windows BitLocker to encrypt data and a chassis intrusion switch. Internally it can fit up to two M.2 PCIe SSDs.

    Expansion is provided via USB 3.1 ports but sadly no Thunderbolt and it features connectivity via wired Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi 6.

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    Asus Tuf Dash 15 Laptop For Video Editing Under $1000

    If you are just starting out as a video creator, getting a good quality laptop is key.

    The last thing you want is to be stuck with a slow device that doesnt yield the best editing results for you.

    The ASUS TUF Dash 15 is hands down the best option currently, especially when discussing about the budget-friendly option.

    The device is equipped with 15.6 FHD IPS-type display with a refresh rate of 144Hz with a screen resolution of 1080p. It is also powered by the 11th generation i7-11370H processor along with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti GPU for effortless performance without any discrepancies.

    For a device that is packed with such amazing features, it is 0.8 in thickness and is ultra-portable.

    It is also equipped with 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD for storage along with 8GB DDR4 RAM for smoother multi-tasking. The ROG Intelligent Cooling further enables better thermal management for enhanced performance.

    Q: Why Do So Many Vloggers Use Apple Products

    Apple products like the MacBook Pro are built for creative endeavors. While it is possible to produce and edit flawless content on competitive laptops, Apple makes it fairly easy for creative types of any kind to effectively use their products. MacBooks also offer several different types of editing tools, which gives vloggers the ability to choose between programs. Additionally, Final Cut is only available on Apple products. As a popular vlogging program, many creative videographers gravitate towards MacBooks and other Apple products because of their ability to offer Final Cut. Some beginners vloggers have also been known to use the iPhone for the basics because they have camera and lens attachments that make them a little more versatile than competitive phones.

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    Asus Proart Studiobook 16 Review: Dial

    Nestled in the deck is aptly-named “Asus Dial.” It is embedded within the palm rest so the top of the dial is flush with the deck. The dial is slightly larger than a quarter and has a textured outer edge for gripping and rotating with one finger.

    Asus told me I didn’t need to worry about accidentally pressing or rotating the dial because it’s located in the gap below your knuckles that is created when you rest your fingers on the keyboard. Asus was correct — for the most part. Once my hands were positioned on the home row, they never touched the dial. However, I accidentally brushed the dial a few times as I moved my fingers to and from the keyboard. And depending on the laptop’s orientation, I could feel the bottom-right edge of the dial against my thumb pad.

    As a sucker for tactile inputs, I really enjoyed having this dial around. I found myself using it to change screen brightness and volume instead of reaching up to the shortcut keys. It showed how the dial can be useful for anyone, not only editors who need to flip between tools.

    So, how does it work? Pressing down on the dial brings up a virtual version in the top-left corner of the display . It looks like a pie chart cut into equal parts, each with its own function. Turning the dial highlights a different tool which you can enable by pressing the dial again.

    Can A Laptop Handle 4k Video Editing

    Best Laptops For Video Editing in 2018 – Which Is The Best Video Editing Laptop?

    4K, or UHD, video is super-high quality footage. For video editors, having a machine that can handle this type of footage is essential. Most laptops with a powerful processor and sufficient RAM can do this task but not all of them will be able to display the footage at full resolution. If being able to see 4K video footage at the quality intended is important to you, youre going to want to pick a laptop with a screen capable of displaying 4K resolution.

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    Whats The Best Laptop For Video Editing On A Budget 2022

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    If you dont have time to read the article, then the best laptop for video editing on a budget is the Lenovo Legion 5.

    Finding a budget laptop for video editing can be tricky. Its a more involved affair than simply buying a laptop for general home use. It requires more forethought and a deeper look at the laptop specifications. With the sheer volume of choice available it can be overwhelming.

    You might not be able to find a cheap laptop for editing video for cinema-quality VFX and similar processing, because that requires equipment going into the thousands of dollars, but the best budget laptop for video editing is suited for simpler video editing tasks like editing, cutting and trimming, as well as lower-level visual FX.

    I have used laptops and desktops for both complex video editing and , and thus understand what is needed to pull out the best performance for your videos. In this guide, I share that knowledge to give you six of the best budget laptops for video editing currently available.

    Microsoft Surface Book 2 8th Gen Touchscreen 2

    The Microsoft Surface Book is a powerful laptop that also doubles as a tablet. It’s one of the most flexible laptops, with a fast 8th Gen Core i7 CPU and an Intel HD 620 Integrated GPU that improves your whole video editing experience. Its 3000 x 2000 display is bright and brilliant, making it ideal for painting, video editing, and video watching. It also features a 17-hour battery life, so you can edit all day without worrying about running out of juice. Its 13.5-inch display enhances your overall watching and editing experience. The greatest part is that this laptop is also available in a variety of alternative configurations at various price points, providing you with a wide range of options to select from depending on your budget and requirements.

    • Price – INR 2,23,973

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

    Video editing is an extremely tedious work, one that requires a highly responsive processor. If you are looking for one, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is a pretty good choice for you to consider looking into.

    Besides the fact that it comes with a stunning design with narrow edges to experience the visuals in real-time.

    This is one of the most powerful laptops from Microsoft and is fueled by the 11th Gen Intel Core H Series processors with RTX 3050 Ti GPU that enables users to design, animate and edit their content without any kinds of delays or setbacks.

    It enables you to handle complex workloads, especially the ones that come with the series of video editing applications.

    The device is equipped with a 14.4 touchscreen display with narrow bezels for seamless transitions and making the device a portable creative canvas. It is further integrated with 512GB SSD of storage and 16GB RAM for superior responsiveness.

    The 10 Best Laptop For Video Editing 2022

    Best Laptops for Video Editing (Updated 2020)

    If you are a professional video editor, a film-school student, or just someone passionate about A/V, you can derive immense pleasure from owning a best laptop for video editing.

    A laptop that understands the needs of a video editor goes a long way in keeping you from harrowing post-production sessions.

    It is all very well to tell yourself that any video editing you require can be done on a regular laptop it is just about tying in small clips together, right?

    But it is when you stare at distorted imagery, fiddle with an uncooperative touchpad, and tear your hair apart over an unresponsive processor that you begin to lose faith. The footage you shot in the first place seems to be without any potential whatsoever.

    For satisfying and productive video editing, THE most important thing does not come as a surprise: a mighty processor. But along with a persevering CPU, you also need a display that does justice to your content.

    A user-friendly operating system is essential too. It is true that video editing has conventionally been associated with a Mac laptop that lets you use software like Final Cut Pro.

    But, unless you are a hardcore loyalist, you can also opt for Windows 11 or Linux. Some other important considerations include a specially designed keyboard. Video editing involves precise, repetitive movements, and a keyboard that gets this is going to be vital.

    You can also explore convertibles, devices with 17 screens , and desktop-replacement laptops.


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    How We Test The Best Laptops For Video Editing

    To find the best laptops for video editing, we run every machine we review through a rigorous suite of benchmarks and real-world tests to gauge how it will perform during everyday use.

    We measure the average brightness and color quality of each laptop’s display using our in-house light meter and colorimeter. For general performance, we run laptops through a series of tests that include Geekbench 5 , as well as various 3DMark tests to measure graphics capabilities. We also run a file transfer test to measure how fast a machine’s hard drive is, and a custom battery test that has the machine browse the internet over Wi-Fi until it runs out of juice.

    Most importantly for video editors, we also benchmark the video editing capabilities of every laptop we review by timing how long it takes them to transcode a 4K video down to 1080p in Handbrake. Most laptops accomplish this in 6-20 minutes, and for the purposes of this list we only included laptops that could do it in less than 10.

    Finally, when testing dedicated gaming laptops we also run benchmarks for popular games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry: New Dawn.

    Asus Proart Studiobook 16 Review: Software

    Asus does pre-installed software right. Everything you need can be found in a single app called MyAsus. It is an attractive, modern program that is easy to use and actually helpful.

    On the home screen are Live Tile-like icons showing battery capacity, display mode , and the status of the noise-canceling speakers and mic. On the same page is a link to system info, while a Customer Support tab shows CPU load, fan load, memory usage and hard disk space. If you don’t need any of that, keep MyAsus if only to download the latest software and BIOS updates.

    And as previously mentioned, the ProArt comes pre-installed with ProArt Creator Hub where you can customize the dial. But that is only the start. The homepage shows your CPU usage, frequency and temperature. You get similar stats about the memory and storage. If things don’t look so good, this is where you can change from Standard to Performance or “Full Speed” mode. The Color Calibration tab is another nice tool for ensuring you’re seeing the most accurate colors while editing.

    Our ProArt Studiobook 16 runs Windows 10 but is compatible with Windows 11 if you prefer the newer OS version. Asus didn’t go too heavy on third-party apps with only McAfee Personal Security muddying an otherwise clean Start Menu.

    The Studiobook 16 comes with a one-year warranty. See how Asus fared in our Best and Worst brands and Tech Support Showdown special reports.

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