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Who Makes Laptops

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What Should You Look For When Buying A New Laptop

How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer, a Computer?

There are certain things you can look out for when buying a new laptop in 2021 that can ensure you get the best laptop for your money.

Make sure you take a look at the specifications of a laptop before buying. This is a good way of quickly seeing how powerful a laptop is, and what it is capable of as long as you know what youre looking for.

First of all is the processor. This is essentially the brain of the laptop, and a laptop will usually have a processor made by either Intel or AMD. Intel is by far the most popular CPU maker for laptops, though were seeing an increasing number of AMD-powered laptops as well.

As a general rule of thumb, Intel processors offer better performance, but AMD processors are better value.

To make things more simple, both Intel and AMD have numbered their processors to give you a rough idea of what sort of tasks a laptop with that processor can perform.

If youre after a budget laptop for simple tasks like browsing the web or watching Netflix, then a laptop with an Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3, processor will do that job without making the laptop too expensive.

If youre after something with a bit more oomph perhaps to do more complex task like editing your home videos or playing games then go for a laptop with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor as a minimum.

A newer processor performs better and is more power efficient so battery life will last longer. They are more expensive, though.

History Of The Computer

The first digital computer and what most people think of as a computer was called the ENIAC. It was built during World War II and was designed to help automate the calculations being done by human computers. By doing these calculations on a computer, they could achieve results much faster and with fewer errors.

Early computers like the ENIAC used vacuum tubes and were large and only found in businesses, universities, or governments. Later, computers began utilizing transistors and smaller and cheaper parts that allowed the ordinary person to own a computer.

Father Of The Personal Computer

Henry Edward Roberts coined the term “personal computer” and is considered to be the father of the modern personal computers after he released of the Altair 8800 on December 19, 1974. It was later published on the front cover of Popular Electronics in 1975 making it an overnight success. The computer was available as a kit for $439 or assembled for $621 and had several additional add-ons such as a memory board and interface boards. By August 1975, over 5,000 Altair 8800 personal computers were sold, starting the personal computer revolution.

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Father Of The Computer

There are several people who can be considered the father of the computer including Alan Turing, John Atanasoff, and John von Neumann. However, we consider Konrad Zuse as the father of the computer with the advent of the Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4.

From 1936 to 1938, Konrad Zuse created the Z1 in his parent’s living room. The Z1 consisted of over 30,000 metal parts and is considered to be the first electromechanical binary programmable computer. In 1939, the German military commissioned Zuse to build the Z2, which was largely based on the Z1. Later, he completed the Z3 in May 1941, the Z3 was a revolutionary computer for its time and is considered the first electromechanical and program-controlled computer. Finally, on July 12, 1950, Zuse completed and shipped the Z4 computer, which is considered to be the first commercial computer.

The Best Windows Laptop

The Vaio Z Mercedes

Its hard to come up with a single complaint about the Spectre x360 14. Its a drop-dead gorgeous machine with a sturdy build and a premium look and feel.

But the Spectre x360 14 isnt just pretty to look at: its also a pleasure to use as a daily work driver. Intels latest 11th Gen processors and Iris Xe integrated graphics deliver snappy performance with no slowdown or freezes that we observed. And we got an average of 10 hours of battery life out of the device one of the best results weve ever seen.

On the outside, the Spectre includes a roomy 3:2 display, and if FHD resolution doesnt suit your fancy, there are OLED and 1,000-nit options available. Theres even a packaged stylus, which attaches magnetically to the side of the Spectre handy if youre using the device as a tablet. Pretty much every other aspect of this laptop, from its comfortable keyboard and smooth touchpad to its bass-heavy audio and practical port selection, rivals or exceeds the best convertibles on the market.

Such an exceptional package of features doesnt come cheap, and many customers will find everything they need in a less expensive product. But the Spectre x360 14 is the new gold standard of Windows convertibles. Overall, its the best Windows laptop you can buy.

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Best Laptop Brands: Who Are The Most Trusted Names

Know where to look for the kind of laptop you need

The best laptop brand for your specific need is likely going to be less important than any given machine’s specific hardware, but when it comes to finding the best laptop or the best chromebook, the name or logo on the lid does go a long way.

Some laptops, like the Apple MacBook Air have a reputation for stylish design and quality performance, while the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 is the hardcore PC gamer’s go-to for gaming on the go.

So the question of the which is the best laptop brand comes down to what you need a laptop for, so we’ve gone through the trouble of breaking the best laptop brands down into their specialties so you know the best place to start in your search for a new system.

This isn’t to say that a company that doesn’t appear underneath a specific heading doesn’t make a great product for that market, but this list should be seen more as a place to start and you can make a more informed decision about what you should look for in a given use case and make a better comparison across all laptop brands when making your purchase.

Surface Laptop 4 Performance

We expected the transition to AMDs excellent Ryzen 4000 Mobile series would translate into dramatically increased performance, and we werent disappointed. Microsoft also promised significant battery-life improvements and generally delivered there, as well.

In the week or so that we reviewed the Surface Laptop 4, we noticed very little that would slow it down. We were able to perform Office work, stream audio and video on the web, and more, without a hitch. One of the more demanding tests we run is to stream a 4K video from YouTube at 60 frames per second across a Wi-Fi connection, and note any drops in frames. The SL4 dropped an imperceptible 4 frames per 10,000, which is just about perfect.

As well demonstrate below, the Surface Laptop 4 accommodates gaming at moderate levels of image quality, even at native resolution, which is really handy in a world where GPUs are nowhere to be found. Still, those tests revealed that the Surface Laptop 4s CPU outclasses its integrated GPU by a significant amount, offering room for future improvement.

While we limited our first Surface Laptop 4 performance estimates to a subset of Surface PCs, weve expanded our comparison here to include rival laptops. Take a look at the $1,200 Acer Swift 3X, the $1,715 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 9310, and the $1,210 HP Envy 14 for comparisons sake.

The Surface Laptop 4s day-to-day performance is largely middle-of-the-road, until you rev it up.

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The Best Macbook Pro For Everyday Users

If youre looking to buy an M1 MacBook for heavier workloads, youll want to look at the late-2020 MacBook Pro. It starts at $1,299, which is $300 more than the late-2020 MacBook Air.

The MacBook Pro has a slightly different design and look than the Air, as well as a few additional features like the Touch Bar. But the two have the same processor. The main difference is that the Pro includes a fan , which means it can sustain heavy workloads for a longer period of time without needing to throttle its performance. But you wont notice much of a performance difference between the two MacBooks unless youre routinely pushing heavy tasks for long periods of time.

If thats you, though, go for the Pro. We were able to run a number of hefty Premiere Pro exports and didnt see a dip in times. The Pro also achieved a significantly higher score than the Air in a 30-minute loop of Cinebench R23 the scores were closer together after a single run.

The Best Laptop Deals This Week*

Who Invented the Computer?

*Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains

Increasing your budget to around $1,000 will unlock access to nearly all of the cutting-edge features modern laptops offer. These include slim, sturdy aluminum chassis, brilliant touch-enabled 4K displays, powerful processors and graphics chips, and batteries that will last all day and well into the night. The major caveat in this price range is that youll have to pick and choose which features are most important. You might be able to land a laptop with a beautiful 4K display or a cavernous terabyte of solid-state storage at this price, but probably not one with both.

If your piggybank has $2,000 or more, you can choose almost any combination of features you want. Even the most powerful laptop that money can buy, though, must still obey the laws of physics. Powerful hardware generates heat, and the cooling mechanisms that such components require take up space. Hardcore gamers who want a 17-inch display and a screaming-fast graphics processor that requires bulky cooling pipes and fans cant expect to find it in a thin, light laptop.

IT-manageable, security-conscious business laptopsmodels made primarily by Dell, HP, and Lenovohave their own pricing dynamic, and they tend to cost a bit more, all else being equal. Thats because of their premium warranty or support plans, enterprise-specific silicon focused on manageability or security, fingerprint or face-recognition login features, and more rugged build quality.

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Which Operating System To Get In My Laptop

Most laptops youll run across in-store or at your favorite online seller will run Windows 10 , but Microsofts best-known product isnt necessarily the best operating system for everyone. Thanks to the ascendance in recent years of up the ranks of budget laptops, theres now an alternative to Windows at every price level. The tipping point for non-Windows laptops is around $1,000 above a grand, your main alternative to a Windows 10 machine is a MacBook below it, its a Chromebook.

Today, laptops based on Chrome OS are the primary alternatives to budget-priced Windows 10 laptops. A Chromebook could be a fine, value-minded choice for someone who needs a laptop just to watch movies, create text documents, write emails, and putter around in basic spreadsheets. With a Chromebook, the main features you will really need from your laptop are a decent screen and a comfortable keyboard, since cloud services like Google Drive can handle most of your storage and processing needs. And, if you still insist on key creature comforts, you can find midrange Chromebooks with full-HD displays and comfortable keyboards just as easily as you can find bargain-basement ones these days.

Higher-end MacBook Pros also suit content creators, with the option for a 16-inch Retina display and for CPUs up to Intels Core i9. One of the most significant Mac-laptop drawbacks is a total lack of touch-screen support, which is an option in various Chrome OS and Windows 10 machines.

What Brand Of Laptop Lasts The Longest

Mostly Apple and Lenovo are the first brands that weve mentioned to last a long time. Theres a lot of good reasons for this. Theyre some of the more expensive laptop brands because theyve been spending more money on marketing the last few years.

Before we go into the reasons which one is the longest lasting consumer laptop brand, you need to know that both laptops are a great choice.

Just you so you know I dont take any side, I own an HP laptop.

I can honestly say that it was hard to do this research because there are a lot of people whove had the same laptop brand for years.

Meaning, all laptops can last a long time if you take good care of them. But some last longer, with more ease than others.

Apple will easily last the longest out of all laptop brands.

Because Apple only allows their OS to run their laptops, its very secure for malware and viruses. Apple also regularly comes out with updates for even the oldest MacBooks.

With an Apple MacBook, your updates will run in the background and require no downtime.

What about reliability? What about it? With an Apple MacBook, you know what to expect if youve ever owned any Apple product.

The materials that they use are always tough enough to protect your laptop.

All this together means that Apple MacBooks have a good chance of lasting a longer time than a regular Windows laptop.

You wont get any third-party software on your laptop when you purchase it. Third-party software is always risky.

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Brand Pros And Cons :

  • Baseline model offers spectacular performances
  • Devices are extremely fast and responsive
  • Excellent battery life
  • Apple has a global laptop market share of almost 6 percent
  • Retina display supports unmatched color reproduction
  • MacBooks have excellent speakers
  • Allows users to install Windows via dual boot

Tips For Choosing The Laptop:


However, if for some reason you find several viable options for your purchase within a brand or within a price range, you can also look at specific characteristics to ensure that you choose the best of all of them. But the most crucial question is that what brand of laptop lasts the longest? These are details that may go unnoticed by many but that are important.

When youre in the market for a laptop, there are many factors to take into account: screen size, battery life, memory. The MacBook Pro is pricier than other budget friendly laptops for video editing but one of the reasons to select this brand is its reliability and the many options it offers. You can do basic edits on a Mac with just a few minutes set aside each day. These machines were made for video editing and they come with high processing power which means not only can you do hardcore editing but also create content while away from your home or office without worrying about waiting too long for files to upload because its unlikely that will happen as quickly when working offline

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The Quest For A Good Cheap Laptop Continues

If you’re willing to give EVOO a second try, the 15.6″ laptop with Ice Lake i5-1035G1 seems like an obvious pick. It’s pretty inexpensive at $500 but offers 16GiB of RAMtwice as much as the more expensive Creator Series modelsas well as a solid CPU. But at only $350, the Ryzen 3200U model grabbed our attention even harder.

Last year’s Ryzen mobile CPUs aren’t as great as this year’s Renoir, and the 3200U is only a dual-core part. But its per-core performance is just about on par with the i5-1035G1. We expect the 3200U will be powerful enough to make for a decent overall experience for folks who need “a real laptop” but have serious budget constraints.

This, of course, overlooks the elephant in the roomthe EVOO connection. And “connection” probably isn’t even a strong-enough wordboth EVOO- and Gateway-branded laptops come from the same supplier to the same receiver in the same shipments.

We’ve heard people say decent things about EVOO’s higher-end laptops, so it’s possible that some of these will turn out to be a good deal. We intend to test and review at least one of them here soonbut in the meantime, we’d advise some caution with the new “Gateway” brand.

Who Makes Dell Hp Toshiba Acer Apple Laptops

Have you ever wondered who makes that laptop you own? Well, wonder no more, because Im going to tell you.

Many people, and understandably so, believe that Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple or Acer make their own laptops. This actually is not true. In fact, they dont even design them in most cases. There are three main Chinese ODM manufacturers and one smaller manufacturer that design and make them for all five.

Compal Electronics Inc, based in Taipei, Taiwan, designs and manufacturers laptops for Dell, Toshiba, HP and Acer. They currently manufacture 45% of all Acers shipped laptops. 50% of Dells outsourced notebooks come from Compal. In June they recorded sales of $43 Billion according to their posted sales reports.

You can view some of their current laptop product lineup here.

Quanta Computer is the worlds largest designer and manufacturer of notebooks. Quanta is headquartered in Taiwan, with factories in several continents. 25% of all Acer notebooks are made by Quanta. If you look on their notebook product page, you may recognize the basic design.

It is also not well known that Quanta Computer is now manufacturing the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer.

In June of this year, Quanta Computer recorded sales of a whopping $62 Billion.

Compal and Quanta are designing and manufacturing a fascinating new product for Acer that will dual boot Windows XP and Android. You can look for that product to hit store shelves any day now.

Some other major players:

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