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Why Is My Hp Laptop Running Slow

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Cleaning Up Virus Or Malware


Is your laptop suddenly slow, unresponsive or unable to access the internet? Then it could be that your computer has become infected with malware, spyware or a virus. Always make sure you have an up-to-date virus scanner installed to avoid these problems.

Windows 10 has a very reasonable virus scanner as standard, which usually protects your laptop. However, this does not mean that your laptop will never be able to become infected with a virus or other malware. If your PC machine is significantly slower than when you bought it, Go ahead and scan your system for viruses. The faster you discover and eliminate malware, the less damage it can cause to your computer.

You also want to go ahead and download fast browser such as Google Chrome. Look for drivers and updates. If youve done all that, restarted your machine, and yet it is sluggish it is possible that that your RAM or the hard drive may be defective. However, before you jump to that conclusion, its a good idea to format your system once and see if that fixes things.

Fix : The Annoying Windows Updates

If your computer is running on Windows 10, then you need to keep your system updated. The folder which you use on daily basis, you should update this for the security sake of your computer system. It’s quite boring and we ignore it by simply clicking “remind me later” but this is not a smart or good decision. You must check the updates by yourself.

Trick : Add More Ram For Your Hp Pavilion If Possible

RAM, random access memory, plays an important role in you HP Pavilion high performance. If you have installed the memory-heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop in your HP Pavilion, you should ensure there is enough RAM for you to handle several programs running at the same time. Generally speaking, 8GB of RAM is enough for the common people to deal with several tasks. If you needs more RAM for the professional software to run, you can upgrade the RAM to 16GB or 32GB.

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Why Is My Hp Laptop Running Slow

This question hits in the mind of every HP user. Isnt that so? Well, below are the following core reasons because of which most of the Windows PC becomes vulnerable and sluggish.

  • Due to lack of storage space.
  • Windows Registry issues.
  • Launching too many applications at once.
  • The PC is clogged up with junk files.
  • Maybe, third-party applications are demanding more system resources.

Now that when you know what makes your HP laptop slow. Its time to know how to speed up the overall PC performance.

New Laptop Running Very Slow

HP Laptop Running Slow? Here

03-29-201906:58 AM

Hello everyone. I recently bought a New i3 8th gen hp laptop. I am very disappointed with it as it runs very slow and is unusable most of the time. Even if i am running just running chrome it crashes

Please help

With a Win10 PC, you’re almost always going to experience a very slow PC at times because Windows Update is hogging your PC, searching for, downloading, and installing updates — to bring your PC up to the most current version of Windows.

If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: NOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one — it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 857-1501.You can also try contacting Tech Support directly using 1 474-6836.

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With a Win10 PC, you’re almost always going to experience a very slow PC at times because Windows Update is hogging your PC, searching for, downloading, and installing updates — to bring your PC up to the most current version of Windows.

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Fix: Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow

There are many reasons for your HP laptop running slow. If your laptop is old, then theres nothing much we can do about it. But in most cases, its software issues and improper user behaviors causing your laptop to run slow. In this article, well introduce a few working fixes you can try to get your HP laptop back to speed.

New Hp Stream Extremely Slow

06-21-201707:34 AM

I unboxed my HP Stream yesterday and connecting to the internet is extremely slow. i checked my internet and also used my old chromebook to make sure i wasn’t having connection problems. My chromebook connected instantly…within 2 seconds.

I noticed that there are a lot of random apps and programs installed on this computer that I’m trying to remove to so the computer will be quicker…but i’m not sure if it will make a difference. I’m going to play around with it for a few more days, but if it does not improve, i’m returning it to the store.

I’d appreciate any advice as to what i can do to make my computer faster.

i look forward to reading your responses

> I unboxed my HP Stream yesterday and connecting to the internet is extremely slow.

The first time that Windows 10 can connect to the Internet causes it to launch Windows Update, to download all the latest security-fixes between the date that Windows was factory-installed on the computer and today’s date.

This update consumes significant resources, including CPU, disk-drive, RAM, and network bandwidth, leaving less resources for you to use.

> What can I do to make my computer faster?

Open the Windows Task Manager, and switch to the “Performance” tab, to see which resources are being consumed by Windows Update.

Note that some applications will not open, while Windows Update is running.

It’s very difficult to change an automobile tire while the automobile is moving!

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Why Is My Laptop So Slow At Running Games

The main reason why games run slowly is because your computer doesn’t have the right hardware to keep up with the game. As the game develops, the hardware will adapt to the needs of your PC, meaning you need to have at least the minimum hardware to play.

My computer is slowWhat should you do if your computer is very slow?Disable background apps. Click the Start button and then click the gear icon to open the settings window.Deactivate almost everything in the ‘Privacy’ section. Click the Start button and then click the gear icon to open the settings window.Disable the search indexing process on your PC.High efficiency energy saving plan.Delete temporary and unnecessary files

Does Ram Speed Up Boot Time


The capacity and speed of your computer’s system memory, or RAM, can have a noticeable effect on your computer startup speed. However, the effects are only substantial to a point and apply to the law of diminishing returns. Faster RAM can improve communication speed with the processor and decrease load times.

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Fix : Perform Hard Drive Cleaning

A hard drive full of space-hogging unnecessary programs and files makes the HP laptop startup slow. Therefore, you need to clean the hard drive regularly to keep your laptop in a pristine state and its performance smooth. You can follow any of the below methods to do it.

Clean Hard Drive using Disk Cleanup

Below is how to free up disk space through Disk Cleanup, i.e., an in-built tool in Windows to remove unnecessary files.

  • Input Disk Cleanup in Windows search and choose it from results.
  • Let Disk Cleanup scan all files thoroughly.
  • Review the results that come up.
  • Click on Clean up system files.
  • Checkmark all the files that you need to remove from your computer.
  • Click on OK and then choose Delete files.

Use a PC Cleaner

You can also use the PC cleaning tools to get rid of unwanted files and other junk to give your hard drive breathing space.

Note: If you do not want to delete files permanently, then you can also transfer them to cloud storage, i.e., .

If You Are Using A New Hp Laptop

Step 1: Wait until Windows 10 Update is Complete

Most new HP notebooks come pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. When Windows 10 is setting up the initial update, your laptop will take a bit longer to boot up. And there doesnt seem to be an effective way to get around with this yet.

Windows 10 periodically checks for updates so you dont have to. When an update is available, its automatically downloaded and installed, keeping your device up to date with the latest features.

Step 2: Remove Auto-Run Programs or Services

Dont be surprised! All new PCs are pre-loaded with bloatware, in other words, programs that have been installed by default. However, most likely you will never need them.

Even worse, some programs sneak into the startup list and run automatically when your HP boots up.

According to this finding from ComputerWorld on how much bloatware can slow down a PC, it says:

Computers that are free of third-party softwareon average, start up 104% faster, shut down 35% faster and have 28 minutes more battery life than the same laptops with bloatware.

How to fix that? There are a lot of manual fixes out there, but they either require time or technical skills to implement properly. If you are a computer person, youll be able to sort that out on your own. If you are new to computer, I recommend using CleanMyPC to handle them for you.

Furthermore, you can use the program to uninstall the bloatware in batch, saving time doing so one by one.

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Fix : Upgrade Hardware

There is this effective way to speed up your old HP-type laptop. As we all know a hard drive can become corrupted any time/any day. Still, the RAM has to run a large number of programs without any difficulty. If you replace the hard-drive disk SSD, it’s better for the overall performance of the computer. For HP laptop-compatible SSD upgrades, HP SSD S700 2.5ââ¬Â³ 500GB is the best option to upgrade.

Fix : Fix Windows Register

HP Laptop Running Slow? Here

There is also a concept of registry errors which makes your laptop very sluggish. When you install or uninstall any third-party programs this error occurs in such conditions. Information on errors like these is kept in the registry. This makes your computer working very slow and sometimes the computer isn’t even capable of shutting down.

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How To Fix Slow Startup On Windows 10 Hp Laptop Issue

“Recently, my HP Pavilion laptop takes forever to start up Windows 10 each time, which makes me crazy when I need to use it for emergency. How can I fix this trouble slow startup on my Windows 10 HP Pavilion?”

Slow Windows 10 startup can be caused by various factors, such as insufficient boot disk space, malware, etc. Here, we will introduce 4 common but useful ways for you to fix slow startup on Windows 10 HP laptop issue. Let’s move on now.

  • 4. Migrate Windows 10 to SSD
  • How To Fix Hp Laptop Running Slow

    A step-by-step tutorial to guide you on how to fix the HP laptop running slow issue.

    Whether you have acquired a brand-new HP laptop or using a resemble one, after a certain time, it starts to hang up, lag, crash now and then, and runs slower than usual. We understand witnessing these PC issues is so frustrating. But, guess what? You can fix this issue with the easy solutions shared in this tutorial. But, before we roll forward, here is what makes HP laptop laggy.

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    Use The Disk Cleanup Tool

    The Disk Cleanup tool is a Windows built-in feature, and its easy to use. Heres how:

  • In the search bar next to the Start button, type disk cleanup and click Disk Cleanup in the results.
  • The Disk Cleanup tool will scan your files and show you what can be removed. Make sure you go through the files carefully before you delete them.
  • How Do I Fix A Slow Hp Laptop

    HP Pavilion Laptop Running Slow | How to Speed Up HP Laptop Windows 10
  • You can put your computer into sleep mode by restarting it. Having the ability to do so is one of the many blessings that frequent PC users enjoy.
  • Make sure youre up to date.
  • Make sure all old programs and files are deleted.
  • Cloud storage is a great way to store data
  • Viruses can be found in your system
  • Your RAM needs to be upgraded.
  • Your hard drive needs to be upgraded.
  • Make sure you are monitoring your internet usage.
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    Hard Drive Is Getting Full

    Sometimes, your HP laptop runs slow simply because it doesnt have much room left to breathe. When the hard drive is more than 85 percent full, your computer will lag more often. How to find if you HP has enough free storage space? Click the Start or Windows button on left corner, then go to This PC on Windows 10 . Right click on your hard drive, select Properties and youll see a chart detailing how much space is available.

    How to Fix It: Deep cleaning

    Theres no better way for the job than CleanMyPC the program has a collection of tools that can help clean out all the clutters and unused apps, and keep your PC clean automatically.

    If you have time and dont mind getting a bit into technical stuff, you also do this manually. First, run Disk Cleanup to eliminate the temporary files that your computer accumulates over time . Then, uninstall any programs that you dont use any more. Still your HP hard drive is above 85 percent full? Its probably a good idea to start transferring those large old files that you dont need any more to to an external hard drive. Items like old family photos, past projects, redundant backups are probably not the files you access on a daily basis that makes them perfect for storing on an external drive.

    How To Speed Up A Slow Hp Laptop

    Like any computer, an HP laptop will run slowly over time especially when it shows its age.

    But if you are using a brand new HP laptop and it starts to lag or hang up, runs slow to boot up, freezes now and then, theres definitely something wrong out there.

    Actually, that just happened to a friend of mine, she bought a new HP notebook from a local store. Back to the apartment, she pressed the start button, guess what? It took her nearly 30 minutes to reach the desktop screen of Windows 10.

    She brought it back to the store for advice. Well, it turned out that Windows 10 was the culprit the annoying Windows Update took much longer to complete.

    In this article, we are going to explore the possible reasons why HP laptops can run slow, and hopefully, youll walk away with a number of ideas on how to make your HP laptop faster AGAIN.

    Note: we assume that youve already known and tried the restart solution, which is often the quick fix for many PC issues. So well first go through the potential causes, followed by solutions and tips that would help speed up your computer.

    The fixes and tips introduced in this post should apply to all HP laptop models such as Envy 13/15/17, Pavilion 15/17, Spectre, and Stream Notebook as long as its running Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, or latest Windows 10.

  • Additional Tips
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    Close System Tray Programs

    If your computer is off to a slow start, then its possible you have too many programs starting up at the same time as Windows itself. Items in the system tray often launch at startup and then stay running while you use your computer.

    To access these items, click the upwards arrow toward the right side of your taskbar.

    If there are any programs you dont need to have running, right-click them and close.

    Fix : Clear Browser Cache

    Why Is My Laptop So Slow Running? Here

    If your laptop runs slow especially when youre browsing the web, its likely a result of excessive cache. It only takes a few simple steps to clear your browser cache. Below is an example to do it on Chrome, but the steps for other browsers should be similar.

    Hopefully this article helps and your HP laptop is running smoothly now! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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    Reasons Your Windows Laptop Is Running Slow And How To Fix It

    If your Windows laptop isnt as fast as it used to be, there are lots of ways you can get it working like new. It could have been infected with malware, or you might have an outdated operating system. Also, there might be too many startup programs or too many temporary files. If you have an older laptop, you might have to replace your hard drive or memory cards. Here are the most common reasons your laptop is running slow, and how you can fix it.

    Update Windows Drivers And Apps

    Youve probably heard that keeping your software up to date is a good idea for security. This is true and it can help performance too. Windows will automatically send you a notification when an update is available. You just need to make sure you dont keep putting it off.

    If you think you might have missed an update, you can always check. Go to Start and click Settings or the settings icon. Then go to Updates & Security > Windows Updates.

    Aside from your Windows operating system, drivers and apps should be kept up to date too. Again, this is good for both security and performance. If you think you might have missed an update, a quick online search should tell you which version you should be using.

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